A journey in contact with the sea Discover traditions, ancient flavours, history, tastings and much more!

All your senses are fully stimulated in this magical land. You will experience everything more intensely in contact with the element of water and its flow. The scents, colours, the sunset that we will enjoy every evening from the terrace. We will stay in a place between Trani and Bisceglie, in a beautiful location overlooking the sea, we will discover enchanting places with delicious food, we will do meditations on a magnificent beach with a sound that enchants and invites us to let go of what we no longer need. You will be guided by Giuliana. Holistic Reiki Master Therapist. Be pampered with local food as you savour every moment of this magnificent experience.


5 days surrounded by in front of priceless panoramas. A journey through which meditation and deep listening to everything and being able to deeply savour small pleasures  A journey in contact with the sea, in contact with the element of water and his flow.

Experimenting with the 5 senses with tastings and workshops. Participating in a journey from the material to the immaterial. From the 5 senses connected to the material part of our lives, food, contact with the earth to the analysis of ourselves, our inner processes, meditation, reiki sessions and much more. A special connection, a Yin Yang Process through the 4 natural elements.


During this Sea Retreat, fully equipped for all your needs, you will be accompanied in this experience that will allow you to work on yourself through the various activities that will be proposed to you.

Everything is linked to the element of water. With its flow, it dissolves blocks and makes you lighter. We will perceive everything from a different perspective. The place overlooks the sea, with its scents of seaweed, its healing sounds. Between meditations and insights into what we are going to visit, genuine things, history and simple beauty are hidden.

Staying in this magnificent location you will benefit from various activities:

Workshop 5 elements:

Each element represents a part of ourselves:

  • Air – the mental
  • Water – the emotional
  • Fire – our shadows (fears, harmful emotions) that need to be purified
  • Earth – our physical part

To rebalance and connect with the natural elements that complement us, helping us achieve a state of balance between body and mind.

  • Different meditations
  • Sound healing
  • A Reiki treatment

In addition to these activities there is much more to come and visit various characteristic locations to discover their history and energy field, including Monopoli, I Trulli di AlberoBello, and Selva Reale, Dolmen’s Bisceglie and a little Boat tour.

We will also visit nearby places such as Trani and its cathedral, a UNESCO heritage site;
Bisceglie with and its Dolmen, and a walk along the seafront, but you will also have time to relax reading a book with a view of the sea.

And of course Aperitifs – Happy Hours with fresh fruits and typical local sea food – with a view of the sea. During these days you can decide to indulge even more with a massage in total relaxation in this magnificent place. Let yourself be delighted by meals of ancient flavours – dinner by the sea


Dates 2022 – 5 participants-

Price per person

Single room with private bathroom en-suite € 2000
All rooms have a private bathroom en-suite, a private terrace
The above prices are per person.

A deposit of € 650 per person is required for bookings. The remaining amount must be paid no later than 8 weeks before the start of the retreat.

All Inclusive

  • 5 nights in luxury accommodation
  • Workshops
  • Guided meditations
  • meals and snacks. Meals may include fish, meat and vegetarian all from organic products.
  • Tea and water all day, coffee, smoothie or juice in the afternoon
  • Room with private bathroom, air conditioning
  • Your bed is made for you and towels are ready for you
  • Transport from Bari airport to your accommodation
  • Transport for visits and further transfers
  • Visit Monopoli, Trulli of Albero Bello, Selva Reale
  • Dolmen – Bisceglie – Energy Field Workshop
  • 1 Reiki Massage
  • Molecular swab for return
  • Transport from the location to the airport
  • Insurance for any inconvenience , coverage.


  • Airfare
  • Cancellation fee
  • Massage Reiki treatment extra

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