Ancestral Journey

Discover Your Origins

Heal Your Roots

Discover Your Hidden Talents


I will guide you to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your generations
That still condition your life today.
An awareness of your ancestors through circles that define recurring themes that want to be transformed, released for your well-being and that of your line.

What does Journey of the Ancestors mean


Knowing one’s roots helps to understand who we are, where we come from and what we can do with our lives.

This journey aims to explore the paternal genealogical line and the maternal genealogical line, because very often situations, family dynamics and talents are passed on genetically in this sense.

The basis of our whole existence is based on a concept of birth and death.
Both of these events have to do with the metaphysical aspect of one’s existence. This in turn opens the door to the world of the invisible, where everything is created before manifestation on this earth.
In the seed of life, which science cannot fully understand, there is all our past history, which we carry with us, and naturally this history can also write the future history, the life that each of us will go on to lead.

Through the knowledge of the past, of one’s lineage, of one’s origins, it is possible to work to shed light on and gently transform all the darker and more repetitive parts of our lives.

One can also value the talents and gifts that our Ancestors have left us.
Honouring one’s gifts and talents is what allows man to live his life in full freedom and expression.

How it happens. What results do I get .

The practice of healing our ancestral memories is traditionally found in most native civilisations.
I have worked on it myself and they introduced me to the natural medicine practices of the Eastern Himalayas.

With various practices of Great Mother’s Medicine, you can acquire resources and tools that will enable you to :

  • Understanding and awareness of your origins
  • Learn how to Be free from Family dynamics
  • Rediscover your Talents
  • Learn how to Heal your Traumas

With this journey you will be able to ‘free’ what still ‘stuck’ in these events and who consequently block our entire bloodline.

Very often we feel stuck in our lives without fully understanding why, for example problematic relationships with men or women, issues of violence, or other problems or dynamics that come into a family for no apparent reason, but if you dig deep, you may find that you are merely repeating patterns and behaviours that our Ancestors had already done and have therefore imprinted in our bloodline.

It is possible to heal these aspects, to release the cords that still bind us to our Ancestors, it is possible to transform these aspects that have plagued your family for decades or centuries.

But Not Only ….

Another interesting aspect is that it is helpful and inspiring for each of our lives.

To reconnect with one’s Ancestors is to reconnect with your deepest, rooted powers, it is to help your own soul and the soul of the community to remember the purpose for which it returned to this earth.

The expression of one’s origins, with the help of the Ancestors, through the manifestation of talents and predilections, leads to a life that is prosperous, complete, and finally full of meaning.



The course ONLINE

Working 1:1



  • PERSONAL GROWTH JOURNEY : 8 months – 1h each session + Weeks of exercises : 65 Euro per session
  • COURSE  – 8 months + Weeks of exercises + Material Mentoring : 85 Euro per Session


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