Confetti Mucci®

since 1894 a simply unique story!

It all started back in 1894, when Nicola Mucci started the first factory in the historic center of Andria, where the “Giovanni Mucci” Confetti Museum is currently located, recognized by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and counted among the Italy.

Since then, he begins to produce chocolate, candies and sugared almonds, using the delicious Apulian almonds for the latter.


In 1920

He invented “Mandorla Imperial”, a new, unique sugared almond made with the fine peeled almond “Fra Giulio”, known as “Avola di Puglia”, covered with a layer of white and lightly sugared chocolate.

Its evolution led, in the 1930s, to the creation of the famous “Tenerelli Mucci®”, still processed according to the original recipe, with Almonds from Toritto (BA) and “Hazelnuts from Piedmont IGP”, covered with dark, white and from a light layer of colored jam.


For an ever increasing production, the enterprising Nicola has a first large factory built, equipping it with brand new systems for the manufacture of chocolate, sugared almonds and candies. This new factory has over eighty employees, three quarters of whom are girls involved in the decoration of sugared almonds, in the wrapping of candies, chocolates and Easter eggs.

In 1934, due to the crisis of ’29, production was reduced and Nicola was forced to downsize the company and move back to the first factory.

Giovanni Mucci inherits the factory, started by his father Nicola, developing the current Mucci Giovanni brand since 1894.

SINCE 1894
Soon the products cross regional and national borders becoming famous for inimitable goodness and taste. In 1975 the company passed into the hands of Giovanni’s children who, with unchanged passion, took care of and handed down not only the family secrets, but above all the love and enthusiasm for their work.


The current Mucci heirs, Giovanni’s sons and grandchildren, inaugurate the modern factory in Trani, where, still today, simply unique sugared almonds and dragées are produced, according to the canons and craft methods of the high confectionery tradition.
“Quality” is the categorical imperative of a family that has always dedicated attention, passion and research in the creation of small masterpieces of confectionery art to offer in the happy moments of life.
A family that cultivates a noble and elevated ambition: to increase the emotion of a party.

With over 120 years of activity, the company continues to receive awards, which attest to the high quality of its products.

Refined and original combinations, entrepreneurial creativity and professional honesty are the basis of the preparation of the countless specialties, all made with carefully selected raw materials among the best in the world.

The current heirs are jealous keepers of the secrets that contain stories of sweetness and pleasure, capable of generating intense emotions.

A wonderful list of delicacies, capable of satisfying not only the most demanding connoisseurs, but all those who believe in quality without compromise. Within each sugared almond soul, uniqueness and knowledge are contained.


of the confetti


Where it all began in 1894, rediscover the first laboratory for the production of confetti, chocolate and candies, in the heart of the ancient village of the city of Andria.

Since 1894 Certified Goodness. The Mucci company, which has always been a leader in the Italian market in the high quality Confetti and Dragées sector, experiments and creates new sensations thanks to the continuous research and enhancement of excellent raw materials, the combination of the most refined ingredients, the improvement of production techniques . Mucci Giovanni constantly promotes staff training and periodically carries out rigorous checks on the entire production system, investing in machinery innovation, but preserving the craftsmanship of the various processing stages. Great effort is constantly made in the internal management of the various production and packaging departments, in the commercial organization and in the sales network. These are significant commitments which have enabled the company to achieve prestigious goals and which will allow it to consolidate its position not only on the Italian market but also internationally. The company has applied a self-control system according to the HACCP principles, since 1998, according to the FSSC22000 from July 2019 and has obtained important food sector certifications: registration in the AIC handbook since 2012, FDA certification since 2015, HALAL certification since 2016 and KOSHER certification since 2018. The company Quality Management System is constantly checked, both during the renewal of certifications, and during the frequent inspections of the most important customers. Third party audits are an opportunity for discussion with experts from other companies and constitute a significant growth and drive towards the achievement of ever higher quality standards.