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The Quanta in Philosophy and Culture

The Quanta in Philosophy and Culture But quantum mechanics is not only strange and complicated. It also forces us to revise the mental patterns to which we are accustomed, testing our beliefs and offering new answers to the questions that philosophers have been asking for millennia. Does the universe exist independently of us? Esse est […]

Quantum mechanics – Particles-energy field-vibrations-Thoughts

Quantum mechanics – Particles-energy field-vibrations-Thoughts Quantum mechanics, or theory of quanta, is a theory that its creators did not fully understand, but which proved to be the only one capable of explaining the behavior of matter in the microscopic world. A blackboard wedge of symbols may seem indecipherable even if it exposes simple concepts. In […]

Restrained Emotions

Mind-Body “Life cannot be possessed. You Can’t hold her in a fist: if you want to have her, you have to keep your hands open. “ (Osho) “You Can’t hold the Wind in your fist.” One day an essay said. In fact, the human being often tends to restrain, to refrain, to try to possess […]

The fennel

The fennel has a fragrance that smells of Mediterranean smudge. It is believed to be native to Asia minor, but it was widespread throughout the Mediterranean area: in fact it was known by the Egyptians, Greeks and Arabs. Today the major production areas are represented by India, Egypt, Pakistan, China, Indonesia and Argentina. Few calories, […]

AURA and seven bodies

The aura and the seven levels “You are energy beings. Your consciousness, the experience of being, what you really are, is energy. For now, let’s call it “vital energy.” Your consciousness is connected with every cell of your body. Through the consciousness you can communicate with each organ and every tissue.” Martin Brofman The Aura […]


What is the aura? THE ORIGIN OF THE AURA The aura is that luminous energy that surrounds every being. To really understand why we are talking about aura, we must go far back in time and find out how thousands of years ago, although men had no scientific tools to do research, still had the […]