Chackra balancing

Balance Your Chakras – Treatment or Course – Choose your Option!

Treatments Art

Paint with your soul – Self Exploration and Healing

Ancestral Journey

Discover Your Origins – Heal Your Roots – Discover Your Hidden Talents

The Happy Rainbow Journey 

A fascinating experience in the colours of the rainbow, where dreams come true.

Healing Yourself with Mother Earth 

A Path to learn how to heal Yourself and the Earth through Energy. A Mother Earth Healing!  To be more connected , to be in tune and harmony with the surrounding world.
An ancient and now forgotten way of feeling and perceiving.

 5 Natural Elements Journey

Explore the dimension of the 5 natural elements. A way to connect with Nature and your Soul in a simple way.

Fashion advisor for your soul


A path of self-awareness based on the Self True Expression of Your own beauty and uniqueness . An innovative and fun approach through fashion and much more. Experiencing your 5 senses!
From the inside to the outside and vice versa.

Sound Healing Treatment

 Tibetan bowls – Singing bowls:

Relax with the magical sound vibrations of these bowls.

Inner Journey: Drum healing

A mystical journey, an inner listening, a connection with one’s soul that communicates through our unconscious.

Conscious      Cooking: Food Meditation

Cooking with love for yourself or others is an art.


A moment to disconnect
A moment of peace and relaxation for your mind, body and soul.

Womb Experience

Deepen the connection to your Womb, Soul and Emotional self.

To listen your womb deeply, to smile with her.     To regain your power of vitality!

To be connect with your Sacre Divine Feminine , with Mother Earth and Mama Moon.

The power of Feminine Energy


The indicated therapies may be combined with medical treatments. They provide a valuable and effective aid to relaxation of the body and mind, and we therefore disclaim any liability for alleged