Healing Holistic Therapeutic Treatment




If you are here, there is a reason.

If you feel your heart is calling you on a journey to discover yourself again, grow in synergy with the universe, you are on the right path.

Self- Development
The Core of these Treatments

“Heal yourself, heal the world.

It all start within”

You will be guided on a journey to discover who you are, what you want, what can make you achieve the peace and tranquility you need.

A path based on uncovered, covered, visible, understandable and inexplicable emotions

A guide for who what really change , find , take care yourself and explore all the levels

of our existence.

You will restore your sense of intimacy with your soul , your truest self.





The sessions are based with a holistic approach

to heal the psychological, spiritual , and physical in a gentle way,

like a Mother or a Grandmother.

It encompasses a wide range of methodologies, from holistic humanistic and somatic psychology to contemplative eastern healing practices.

Sessions may also be online.

Chakra Balancing

Reiki Treatment – in in person or remotely –

Reiki Massage

Therapeutic touch&pressure points emotional cleansing

 Conscious Cooking: Food Meditation

Treatment Yin Yang – hot / cold stone

Sound Healing: Treatment with Tibetan bowl 

Inner Journey : Drum healing 

Treatment Art – Paint with your soul–  

Fashion advisor for your soul – work on yourself from outside to inside –

Natural World Energy Experience – working with Nature in connection with the Earth –

Aroma Therapy

Ancestral Journey

Rainbow Journey



 The practice of healing our ancestral memories is traditionally found in most native civilisations.

I have personally worked on it and these introduced me to the Nature medicine practices of the Eastern Himalayas .

From working with archetype animals to drum journeys, water ceremonies and much more.

All the Teachings that i received and I practised around Europe brought me to help everyone to renew themselves and literally turn themselves inside out in a gentle way.



A single treatment , Workshop , Retreat can be combined with multiple. 
Online or in person.
Treatments from those mentioned above, based on each person’s particular need at the time.
Please Ask more information if you are interested and write us what are you looking for and will find the right solution for you.
At the end you will find all the Program , Workshop, Retreats for Free.

“Go home, go back to the primordial energy of everything, feel the unity, peace and love that encompasses the whole of this wonderful experience called life.”

Moon Eye’s Treatments

Bring yourself back to feeling, listening and more… 
An experience of the senses at the various stages of being:
“You can’t change the world by fighting it. Change yourself, to change the world”



You can write to us or make an appointment for :

A session which interweaves a combination of different treatments, depending on your particular need at the time.

This will reconnect you with the deep harmony of your inner nature by accessing the oldest and simple patterns of life.

All sessions are designed to bring you pure, simple empathy experienced in natural and comfortable environments .

You will decide how long a session should be.

Single treatment means a single meeting. The standard session takes 1 hour:
I offer also :

  • Workshops of 3 sessions related to each topic
  • Retreat online that include 21 days of self-discovery with activities, meditations and much more.

We will release and shift old energy and patterns in a loving and gentle way.


The first session will be Free.

If you are interested to some Program for Free :

I will offer Just for NOW, until 21st March one of this ‘formula” for FREE.

Choose yours!

  • To a meditation personalised ,
  • The program : Connect with your soul – 28 days to go more deeper with yourself
  • The Ho’oponopono technique  – the practice of forgiveness allows us to heal our emotional wounds and find balance and happiness with our loved ones.
  • Mandala , that you will find at The end

We can meet or have a call and speak about :

What do you need , what is right for you, what we will do , what are the different options.


Price one session : 55 euros

Price Workshop: 233 Euro

Price Retreat : 610 euro


This is a very special experience:

By regaining your emotional balance, gaining an inner peace and connection with yourself that will allow you to make whatever decision is right for you.
Take back your power ! Come back home, be unique just the way you are .

Gently letting life come back with new senses that are like soft sound vibrations in this beautiful experience .

The purpose of this personal development is to aim at creating a state of mental, emotional and physical well-being and balance.

The ultimate goal is to gain awareness of your body, knowing the sore spots, your talent, empower yourself , redesigning the perception of yourself and leaving the mind free. 


Our motivation can be in how we want to appear, but it can also be self-discovery and listening to our body which urges us to see life differently.

There are times in life when we feel lost, under pressure, in confusion and panic.

All negative emotions produce negative effects on our body and urges it to return to balance.

Which requires learning and growth.


‘We have forgotten that we are children.

It is necessary to return home.
The one where everything is possible.
The one where we find ourselves.

We respect ourselves and others.
The one where change has already happened.
Where there is no sadness, pain, anxiety but only love.

The change starts with you

When you decide to change yourself, you set in motion the Universe that plays in your favour and change the world around you.

Like a pebble in the water, it reverberates in all its radiance to other small circles that resonate around you, giving off a vibration.

Love for yourself
to improve oneself leads to great changes

It is love that moves the world,
the beautiful things,
the true things, the sincere things
The things that make you smile.”

– Giuliana –


The engine of Everything is transformation !


Personalized treatments are a valuable remedy for frequent annoyances of daily life:


– It offers great help in reducing medicinal side effects

– Reduces pain during and post-medical treatments

– Increase in vital energy

– Helps one  to get to know themselves: body, mind & soul

– Teaches one how to deal with changes – inner and outer.

– Personalized treatments offer a relaxing, releasing and detoxifying effect




As in the myth of Platone’s Cave,
I invite you to follow the truth , who will follow it will have a pure and concrete concept in every occasion,

The ones that pursues the opinion will have only a subjective view of things.

Know yourself and get out of the cave.
Know the truth.



My story…


Moon Eye 

The woman with an explosive energy

My name is Giuliana , but in this special path is Moon Eye.

Originally from southern Italy, a land of great gifts, of Mediterranean flavours and aromas.

I am here to share with you my knowledge of the healing aspects of human nature from a psychological point of view and help others in need.

During my period of study in Law in Rome I got diagnosed with Endometriosis, a serious physical illness.

I could not eat , sleep or stand up.

Even after several medicines nothing seemed to work and my situation only got worse.

It was a really low point in my life.

But then something happened, like a glimpse of the sun on a gloomy day one of my friends told me about energetic therapies.

Part of me said “Like the people who put one hand on you and claim to heal you? It almost sounded funny”.

But part of me was calling out to me to choose this path.

And so I went to my first session of healing and all my world changed.

I stopped my medication and yet I healed and I could finally finish my University.

And then I was put through a second test, something had happened again.

I was diagnosed with early level cancer. I couldn’t believe it.

I went under multiple clinic analysis and the result was always the same.

Tired and overwhelmed I remembered my previous experience of getting rid of endometriosis with the help of energetic therapy and decided that is my destiny.

I decided it was time to prove my faith and follow the path of spiritual healing.

I decided to jump and follow my Intuition, my Soul, my Inner Guide.

After that decision, all the analysis of the cancerous mass came out negative.

And my belief in the path became stronger than ever.

Spiritual healing treatments helped me overcome the effects of a  painful illness and I  finally found a way to heal my own body.

I wanted to understand the reason behind such illnesses.

This question brought me on the path of self-realisation and to know more about who I am.

It inspired a special interest in studying the ancient knowledge of therapeutic sciences, and the natural self healing properties of the body. 

In this way I started my personal Journey and travelled to different places and I studied and experience various modalities.

I attended many workshops , trainings, courses and achieved certifications in which I received ancient knowledge and a deep understanding of the human body and psyche.

I meet also very special people, and for this I am really grateful.

In this way I came to realise my own purpose in the world.

– Moon Eye’s therapy style is extremely positive, with emphasis on achieving your full potential by getting in touch with your heart and obtaining more insight into the way your body functions. –


“I help people discover new insights about their souls, so they can embrace their spiritual and energetic state wholeheartedly.”

– Humour, devotion, connecting with yourself, feeling yourself and “grinta” (the Italian word for “intent with a smile”) are important ingredients in her working style. –


“I create an atmosphere of warmth and kindness in my individual meetings which encourages people to relax into their bodies and minds to find their true self to make a good choice. T

he intention is all the same: Connecting with your true self and following your heart.”

“My empathy and skills permit me to understand people quickly and deeply.

Sometimes we need empathy, we need someone that listens to us, who understands without any judgment and can help us in different phases of our life.”

At the end you will find my personal gift to you.

It’s something that help me a lot.

Find more about Mandala and how they can help you .

I will offer also

  • To a meditation personalised ,
  • The program : Connect with your soul – 28 days to go more deeper with yourself
  • The Ho’oponopono technique – family constellations – the practice of forgiveness allows us to heal our emotional wounds and find balance and happiness with our loved ones.

If you need more information do not hesitate to contact me.

I wish you a lovely day