who feels the call to return to their Authentic Inner Power through different practices, inner analysis, rituals , deep connection with the high self,  feel body mind & soul align.


An inner awakening, perceiving the divine and vital connection within you.

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What is a Personal COACHING ?

THE COACHING IS a Personal Development Journey  you will be guide to get clarity about yourself.

It is a personal inner quest, a connection with the inner sphere, discovering one’s personal light and bringing that inner beauty out into the open to create a life aligned with the soul’s purpose.

You will be helped to understand what is blocking you from finding real confidence in yourself. You will be focused on what you really want in life.

We all need a little help sometimes, especially when it comes to self-discovery. Whether is your goal or situation , it can be quite difficult to figure out the way.

Connecting with the inner wisdom hidden within you will help you to find your personal way to balance  Mind, Body and Soul.

On your Personal COACHING Journey:

What we do?

In personal development journey we focus on what is happening right now, finding out what you want next, and how that gap can be bridged.

You will be help to identify the obstacles that are blocking you, finding your motivation back, see your creativity in explosion, feeling deeply connected, happy to express your inner true self.

This journey it’s about an inner transformation that brings a new life for you.

If you want:

Break your negative patterns

Transform your Traumas
Be aware of how mind sabotage yourself
Adopt thoughts and behaviours that are good for you
Figure out what your passions are
Boost your self-confidence
Empower yourself
Make difficult decisions
Communicate more effectively
Improve relationships
Change Career
Start your own business
Get in contact with yourself

You will understand how your mind works, you will see lies in your thoughts and how make you free. You will notice your unhealthy beliefs and how you can reprogram them.

The process starts:

from a minimum of 4 weeks to a maximum of 10 weeks for longer journeys or traumas to be resolved,  one session per week online or live depending on your choice, plus weekly practices, practical life tools, meditations, rituals and more depending on your goals.

( 21 days is the minimum to change an habits)

Each of us is special and unique and each of us is here to shine with our own inner light and beauty.

 I don’t have a predefined program because every person and every situation is different & so special.

My aim is to use all my knowledge at my disposal to support you to find clarity , understanding and real change in & out.

An adventure of self-discovery

Regain your psychophysical balance during life’s stages of change.


We are rarely ourselves.
We are the product of the projections and expectations of others, starting with those of our parents, teachers, family members, and then moving on to those of the society in which we live.

In reality we are a construction of others’ minds and our own!
When this happens we need to be aware and make a change.

It’s stepping out of all limitations, expanding beyond your usual conditioning, and opening to infinite possibilities. 


Giuliana started her journey in 2012 by studying Reiki, Yoga, Life Coaching to heal her own body. After taking care of herself, she developed the intere

st of sharing her knowledge with others to help people healing their bodies and create a great balance between body, mind and soul.

“Aligning ourselves with our life purpose, getting to know ourselves, awakening our authenticity, the truth about who we are, our potential, our talents”.”

Change AREAS

Self-esteem & confidence, Emotional Relief& transformation, Life purpose & career direction , Self-sabotage Mind , Relationship issues & breakups , Stress management , Work-life balance & well-being , Limiting beliefs, Womb Problems, Ancestor Healing, Inner Child Work

Heal the relationship with yourself, with the authentic part of you




We are all connected .

By raising the vibrations through the awakening of our inner vital essence, can do so much for the community in which we live,  for planet Earth and for this reality.

with love,
Giuliana Suriano


  • Do you need to change something deep inside you but you cannot afford the course?
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Prices Live COACHING

    From € 634

    FROM 21 days : 4 healing weeks,  4 sessions  + weeks of exercises + life tools + sessions in nature + healing bath gong + personalised meditations .

Prices Online COACHING

    From € 350
    FROM 21 days: 4 sessions  + weeks of exercises + life tools
    Program design on what are your goals

Prices Live COACHING – in Nature –

  • Personal COACHING Journey
    From € 450
    FROM 21 days : 4 healing weeks,  4 sessions reiki healing  + weeks of exercises + life tools + sessions in nature + healing bath gong + personalised meditations .
    Programs design on what are your goals

No Refund
Path Awareness – Course:
Please be advised that Paths cannot be refunded, as time is spent creating the material and the path that will be designed specifically for the client.

Payment is made the day before. You will be sent a link through which you can conveniently pay. If payment is not made the day before the session, the booking is automatically canceled. If the payment is made and on the day of the session you cannot participate. The session can be moved, but there will be no possibility of a refund.

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