Conscious Cooking – Food meditation

A meditative experience that awakens our senses, a fun way to be in the present moment while enjoying food that is much more than preparing a meal: it becomes a pure act of pleasure for the body and mind.

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What is Food Meditation?

When we talk about Food Meditation, we are referring to a way of tasting and perceiving food in a completely new way. Food, a source of energy and nourishment for all of us, if prepared with the right attention, can become an excellent tool for the mind and body.

This informal meditation practice is called Sati, which means ‘awareness’, ‘attention’ or ‘full mental awareness’ and is based on living fully each moment, moment by moment.

With this course you will be taught how to awaken your senses so that you can immerse yourself in this experience of taste.

Cooking can become a unique sensory experience for you.

You will discover how emotions can influence the preparation of a meal, and how you can benefit more from the choice of food you make.

How it happens / What results I get

Through online meetings I will guide you through simple cooking meditations.

Each meeting will feature a simple or more complicated dish that we will make together.

Touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing are all involved when you cook, which is why it becomes a meditation. By concentrating on your sensations and perceptions, you let go of thought, you are present in what you are doing, you perceive your body and you are no longer confined only to the sphere of thought.

During this rather special meditation, you only have to concentrate on your sensory perceptions. You will also be sent a kit of Apulian products from our website to make your experience special.

Each step in the preparation of our dish will activate certain responses in the body and what you will have to do is simply grasp them and live them fully.

The course can be done online. You will also receive something written down by email, so that you can repeat the experience when you need to. A tool always at hand.


  • Course
    From € 330
    4 meetings – 2 h each session

Plus mini pack of Apulian products:

  • one bottle of extra virgin olive oil,
  • one bottle of wine,
  • one bottle of sauce,
  • Leccino olives,
  • chocolates – sugared almonds

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