Fashion consultant Soul Style Healing

A Journey of self-awareness based on the Self True Expression of Your own beauty and uniqueness. An innovative and fun approach that combines style with mindfulness. A therapy style. Experiencing our 5 senses. From the inside to the outside and vice versa.

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Don’t follow trends. Don’t let fashion own you, you decide who you are, what you want to express in the way you dress and the way you liveGianni Versace

What Soul Style means

Soul Style Healing

A fun journey to discover yourself with style . To improve self-esteem, working from the outside to get to the inside of yourself, and discover the thousands of potentialities you hide.

Every dress has a memory, a memory that is attributed to it. Memories that possess an energy. In this journey we will move through memories, energies, styles and more, unlocking, transforming, honouring and connecting back to ourselves and to the most authentic part of us.

In this process I will listen to your needs and understand your goals and your authentic sense of style that is often hidden under layers of external influence, distractions, or a disconnect from the self. I will help you and teach you to express your style, to bring out the inner and outer beauty you possess. I will provide you with tailored advice on individual pieces, whole dresses, colours, styles and fabrics to suit your preferences, style, body type and price range, as well as the occasion for which you are dressing. You will be supported and accompanied every step of the way with the resources and tools you need to achieve your goals.

A therapy of style – In undertaking various life transformations, we should reflect outwardly as best we can our core self. The clearer you are about who that core self is on the inside, the more impassive you can be about how you appear on the outside.

How it happens / What results I get

Fashion consultant Soul Style Healing

In these meetings I will teach you to:

  • Connect with yourself and express who you really are, without fear, with courage and pride.
  • I will help you to improve your professional and/or personal image.
  • You will gain great self-confidence if you are preparing for a job interview, if you are trying to impress the love of your life or if you simply lack self-confidence.

Combined with wardrobe cleaning, personal shopping and styling, we will release and let go before embracing the new.
Sessions can also be combined with reiki sessions to relax and immerse yourself more in this experience of the senses.

Fashion consultant Soul Style Healing

: Your style can do wonders for your self-esteem. This is because the way others think and feel about you depends entirely on how you think and feel about yourself, and this is greatly influenced by your appearance. I will help you express yourself for who you really are, showing you as AUTHENTIC and UNIQUE as you are!



Unique experience! I have always had problems with self-esteem, but even more so after my pregnancy. I looked at myself and I didn’t like myself, I suffered continuously in silence, conditioning those around me.
Giuliana read me inside, as no one had ever done, she understood what made me feel bad, and through her Soul Style Sessions she helped me find a new me, her way of perceiving colours and of letting you enter a real but new dimension changed me a lot. She taught me to choose the right shapes, the colours that enhance me, she made me reborn with her energy. I highly recommend this experience.


Thank you for everything! I had lost vitality, I felt empty, lost. By chance, even though it was explained to me that nothing happens by chance, I decided to embark on a path with Giuliana.
I had opted for Soul Style , driven by something deep inside me. I can only say that my life has changed. Giuliana supported me at all times, choosing for me what gave me value, she taught me how to go on alone and how to light that fire inside me that I had lost. I felt pampered and regenerated. My path was personalised with other chakra balancing techniques and art treatments. It is an experience to be lived.

Prices live sessions

    From € 75
    1 hour session
  • PERSONALISED Journey Soul Style
    From € 350
    based on WHAT DO YOU NEED IN YOUR PATH – 4 meetings + 1 free + weeks of exercises to combine with your personal growth
  • Soul Style with Reiki
    From € 535
    4 meetings + 2 reiki relax sessions +  4 Weeks of exercises

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