Holistic Treatments

A balance for MIND BODY SOUL
Experience healing energies of reiki in combination with other holistic techniques.

Treatments offered are based on Reiki, an alternative holistic medicine, a Japanese form of energy healing & other Holistic Healing Practices ,  as special meditation, emotional release points, shamanic ancient healing practices of Mother Earth Medicine, healing stones, healing oils with aromatherapy & sound healing 

Relax &Release

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Holistic Treatments

You will received what it is right for you in the present moment.

Each side of your body can be treat in a different way, based on the energy that circulate in that present moment between a feminine & masculine energies.

Treatments are always unique and special.

Every person who comes for a treatment can find what they are looking for.

From a simple relaxation session to inner emotional and psychophysical healing processes.

Every experience and every person is unique.

Knowing ourselves deeply allows us to be masters of our gifts and mysteries.

The body is able to restore the balance of mind, body and spirit.

This balance creates a natural harmony from which a healthier lifestyle is born.

What many people love about these sessions is that it allows them to feel lighter.

Within a couple of minutes of pure relaxation, the recipient can clear their head and release the tension and stress of the day.

This process allows one to get in touch with one’s inner self and reflect clearly on one’s life.

Where are the sessions going to be?

At Sento, Giuliana will offer Reiki Treatments mixed with Sound Healing to help you release accumulated tension and stress which will lead you to relax the fullest.

The results will last  for a few days.

Based on your need, you will get a tailored treatment that will help you achieving your goals.

For Special Rituals location can be different.

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Holistic Treatments:


Reiki session

No touch directly on the body.

From the concept of “Chi”, the vital life force energy, is pivotal.

“Chi” flows through a network of energy channels (“the meridians”) throughout the entire body. Obstructions in this flow can cause blockages that can give rise to health problems.

During a session the hands will be placed a few centimetres from your body and you will be guided in each chakra, if necessary a pressure is put on certain points on the meridians to make your energy flow.

Eucalyptus & Lavanda or other therapeutic essences will relax and give vitality in your personal journey.

This session will be greatly ease stress and tension.

It improves digestion, harmonises the nervous system and boosts vitality.

Reiki Sound Healing Session

Relaxing. A massage inspired by serenity, depth & tranquillity.

An exclusive treatment to relax accumulated tension and energy.

A ritual that will stay with you for a few days.

Reiki with Massage, sound healing , emotional points release, aroma therapy.

Gentle movements, soft touch and slow going.

The different movements have a calm and regular rhythm which slowly adapts itself to that of your breathing.

Giuliana starts working intuitively using various techniques, depending on what you wish or what your body needs. 

You will be asked to feel the effect your breathing and the massage has on your body. 

This allows you to become aware of the tensions in your body.

Not only will you relax physically, but your mind will also unwind. Feelings may be unleashed, helping to restore balance in the body, mind and emotions. 

Once the energy starts flowing again you will notice that you feel more ‘at home’ in yourself.

If you have several reiki treatments you can enjoy the different way to received the benefits you needs with Crystals and stones sessions, eucalyptus vital fresh reiki or hot oils with therapeutic essences and sound for mind body and soul. 

Reiki EVO

Dedicated to the ancient Puglia’s Olive Trees  .

A massage with deep movements with medium and strong pressures softened by olive oil from Puglia and goes on to use stones and lavender oil to promote total relaxation.

Anxiety stress and insomnia

Holistic Treatments : SOUND THERAPY



Go deep in yourself :


which communicate with us through pain, tension, feelings of heaviness. Make it free with your breathe when the sound vibe in your body.


when it repeats negative thoughts, disturbs our peace and blocks us from living fully and happily. Use the breathe and synchronise with the sound to calm your brain. Always in movement.


dreams make us aware of something that is happening within us.

Sound frequencies brings in a REM phase. Dreaming awake. A deep release.

When we are aware of what is happening within us, we can change.
We can love ourselves and create an inner balance.


Effects on well-being as a whole:

  • Deep relaxation of mind & body
  • Perfect remedy for fatigue & jet lag
  • Reduces stress (mental & physical)
  • Boosts energy levels; refreshing and rejuvenating
  • Improves motivation; alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety

Holistic Treatments : SPECIAL RITUALS

Forest Bath Reiki

Deep healing for the body, mind and soul.

A heart connection. We will work with shamanic meditation and healing practices of the Ancient Mother Earth

Cacao Reiki Healing 

Starting your day with vitality. Location can be in Nature or in the spa.

We recommend this session in the morning.
A reiki meditation to start the morning with new energy. An energy boost to help you through the day. Accompanied by a special pure cocoa drink. A moment to start the day connected to you

About Giuliana, the Therapist:

Giuliana started her journey in 2012 by studying Reiki, Sound healing , Coaching to heal her own body. After taking care of herself, she developed the interest of sharing her knowledge with others to help people healing their bodies and create a great balance between body, mind and soul.

alt About me

Get inspired and Choose what you feel called


  • Reiki Sound Massage
    € 85 - € 150
    60 minutes

    90 minutes

  • Reiki Session
    € 85
    60 minutes
  • Reiki EVO
    € 90 - € 160
    60 minutes

    90 minutes

  • Chakras Alignment
    € 734
    8 session – 90 minutes each

    We will work on different Chakras to balance them

    We will use stones, reiki energy  , shamanic healing practices , Sound Healing, daily practices & rituals


  • Energetic Therapy - 1h
    From € 40
    60 minutes : 40euro first session

    normal price 65 euro

    90 minutes: 85 euro

    The healing session will be done with distance , with meditations and others techniques for psychophysical well-being

  • Energetic Therapy Online - 2h
    € 85
    90 minutes: 1st session – 65 euro

    Normal price : 85 euro

    The healing session will be done with distance , with meditations and others techniques for psychophysical well-being

Special Healing Rituals

  • Reiki Ritual Special
    € 154

    90 minutes

  • Ritual for Mothers
    € 75 to € 120

    60 minutes

    90 minutes

  • Cacao Reiki Session
    55€ to €90
    Park or other location:

    40 minutes 55€

    60 minutes 60€

    90 minutes 70€


    40 minutes: 70€

    60 minutes 75€

    90 minutes 90€

  • Forest Bath Reiki
    € 55 to € 150

    In Forest – 55 euro – 60 minutes  / 90 minutes – 75 euro

    Yoga location forest 

    60 minutes – 95 euro

    90 minutes – 150 euro

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Reiki treatments are helping me to maintain a personal balance and serenity that I had lost. It brings me to a really high level of sensitivity, empathy and compassion for myself.
Giuliana’s treatments are unique, make you feel at home, and deeply liberating. Many times I felt a weight in my heart, I felt so anxious that I couldn’t breathe. Giuliana freed me, brought serenity to my heart, relaxation to my body, connection to my spirit. Thank you so much!


I was stressed, and my body was tense, stiff. The Reiki treatments I had a session, that relaxed me deeply. Entering into meditation and with the gentle and delicate touch brings refreshment to body and soul. I have felt energetically embraced and safe. I feel more ‘grounded’. I feel less rigid, more fluid. I feel more at ease, with myself, with life. I recommend Reiki treatments.

No Refund
Path Awareness – Course:
Please be advised that Paths cannot be refunded, as time is spent creating the material and the path that will be designed specifically for the client.

Payment is made the day before. You will be sent a link through which you can conveniently pay. If payment is not made the day before the session, the booking is automatically canceled. If the payment is made and on the day of the session you cannot participate. The session can be moved, but there will be no possibility of a refund.

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