Natural Elements Journey

Explore the dimension of the Natural Elements!

A way to connect with Nature and your Soul in a simple way. The Elements still form the basis of creation for many currents of thought related to nature and the mystery sciences, and permeate the life of the human being, appealing to the knowledge of which the elements are the guardians in order to evolve.

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“The earth proper, the pure earth, hovers in the limpid sky, where the stars are, in that part called ether by those who are in the habit of discussing these things; that which continually flows in the hollows of the earth is but a sediment of it.

We who live in these pits are not aware of this and believe that we are high up on the earth, like one who, being at the bottom of the sea, believes he is on the surface and, seeing the sun and the other stars through the water, mistakes the sea for the sky.”

– Plato, Phaedo, LVII

What is the Journey of the 5 Natural Elements

The mystery science behind the theory of the Elements considers man as part of nature, so the Elements would be outside, but also inside us. The so-called Microcosm and Macrocosm.

From this point of view, the work carried out by the ancient alchemists, the shamanic practices, the cultured wisdom of the East, would consist in bringing the Elements together within oneself, harmonising them to release their supreme essence: the fifth Element, the Spirit, the Anima Mundi, the Lapis, the elixir. Each culture has given this wisdom a particular form, but all of them require that the work done on the outside is a reflection of the work done in our inner self. We can feel and perceive the voice of nature around us every day, listening to the nature we embody.

We are made up of memories, beliefs and emotions that have definite meanings, but sometimes we do not know how to see the right perspective. Working with the natural elements has an effect on our psyche. Each element has its own meaning, its own way of helping and understanding our emotions, especially those we cannot understand, and therefore also our memories.

An Indian proverb says that each of us has four rooms: one mental, one emotional, one physical and one spiritual, but until we enter each room every day we are not complete. In fact, each element represents a part of ourselves

  • Air – the mental
  • Water – the emotional
  • Fire – our shadows (fears, harmful emotions) that need to be purified
  • Earth – our physical part

When we begin a process of self-awareness every cycle of nature is set in motion.

How it happens / What results I get

Nature is made up of elements: Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and none of them can exist without the other. The course aims to purify and restore the balance of the 4 elements within us using resources, tools and ancient practices linked to Mother Nature’s Medicine.

  • Connecting with oneself
  • Purify inside and outside
  • Learning to listen to oneself through the natural elements
  • Transforming our shadows
  • Understand and acquire knowledge and tools useful in everyday life.

The goal is to be fully connected with ourselves and bring our most SELF-authentic selves to life, restoring balance and a sense of well-being and deep peace.

What might we discover?

Life, the essence that permeates every living thing in the world, the spark of life, the divine presence, the Anima Mundi within us.

“A patient’s health depends on the balance of the four elements within him”.

– Hippocrates , father of medicine



What I can say is that this experience has changed me in a deeply unexpected way. It made me feel complete. I decided to undertake the Journey of the Natural Elements. I felt lost, empty, as if something was missing, I didn’t know what to do anymore, I needed a direction, but everything I encountered in front of me didn’t convince me. Then I met Giuliana, smiling, joyful, and I was struck by the energy she transmits. Every step we took was enlightening and practical, the feeling of small things, the attention to oneself in connection with the outside world, brought me into contact with my soul, with my unconscious and to find everything I needed.
Giuliana is a guide to get back in touch with your soul with simplicity and authenticity. Thank you!

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