Personal Development Journey

Personal Development Journey

are for women who feel the call to return to their Authentic Inner Power through different empowering practices, inner analysis, rituals , deep connection with the high self ,  feel body mind and soul align. An inner awakening, perceiving the divine and vital connection within you.

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What is a Personal Development Journey ?

A Self-Awareness Journey  is a personal inner quest, a connection with the inner sphere, discovering one’s personal light and bringing that inner beauty out into the open to create a life aligned with the soul’s purpose.

Connecting with the inner wisdom hidden within you will guide you towards a balance of Mind, Body and Soul.

On your Personal Development Journey:

I will show you life tools and the way to go deep inside and find your inner healing connection. I will guide in a  a self-knowledge, in a conscious and subconscious dimensions.

You will understand how your mind works, you will see lies in your thoughts and how make you free. You will notice your unhealthy beliefs and how you can reprogram them.

Letting go old patterns.

Transform your past traumas

Regain your Personal Power & Return to your Original Essence”

The process starts:

from a minimum of 4 weeks to a maximum of 10 weeks for longer journeys or traumas to be resolved,  one session per week online or live depending on your choice, plus weekly practices, practical life tools, meditations, rituals and more depending on your goals.

( 21 days is the minimum to change an habits)

Each of us is special and unique and each of us is here to shine with our own inner light and beauty.

We are rarely ourselves.
We are the product of the projections and expectations of others, starting with those of our parents, teachers, family members, and then moving on to those of the society in which we live.

In reality we are a construction of others’ minds and our own!
When this happens we need to be aware and make a change.

Sometimes one feels the sense of wanting to make a change within oneself, but is held back by fear, by judgement, so one continues one’s life unaware of everything that happens inside and outside.

In other  case it becomes a call driven by synchronicities sent by the universe that take us exactly where we need to go, and inside our hearts we know that it is right, that we are in the right place.

Often it will be a crisis of identity and values that will initiate it, a depression, an illness, a loss or some other painful event, that will lay us bare, taking us on a journey in search of the famous

“who am I really?”

questioning the ideas we have formed about our relationship with our loved one, children, work, finances, health, death, God, Science, Art, to name a few.

The beliefs, stereotypes, models, labels we make about ourselves play a decisive role in our success or failure, they dictate when we should enjoy and when we should suffer in the ‘right measure’.

Once we drop the illusory veils, the beliefs with which we have created the fiction in which we live, we realise that there is more.
We find something infinitely luminous, clean and vital, animated by the throb of Universal Love.

Embarking on a Self Development Journey of seeking the truth of our own depths that give us the possibility of entering into that sacred space of our true nature, obtaining tools to nourish everyday and guide us in this journey called life.

Reprogramming to return to our own authentic happiness, understood as inner peace knowing that we are connected to something greater.

With the awareness of having tools that allow you to navigate through the experiences and phases of life, always on the move, with unexpected surprises, returning to being free to express yourself in all your beauty

Personal Development Journey

The Personal Development Journey I offer are customised, with different main topic, depending on the goals you want to achieve.

A healing of the relationship with the self, with the authentic part of you




We are all connected .

Each of us by raising the vibrations through the awakening of our inner vital essence, can do so much for the community in which we live,  for planet Earth and for this reality.

with love,
Giuliana Suriano
Reiki Master and Change Life Coach

Why let me lead?

Let yourself be guided on an adventure of self-discovery

Regain your psychophysical balance during life’s stages of change.

Being guided allows you to let go


It is the wonderful, positive feeling you have when you simply surrender.

It’s stepping out of all limitations, expanding beyond your usual conditioning, and opening to infinite possibilities. 

It’s offering up the small self or personal identity to that of the absolute.

When you surrender spiritually, you stop forcing solutions on situations you can’t control and instead trust and have faith that there is a Divine force taking care of everything in a perfectly orchestrated manner.

If you want to start your own change and reconnect with your true essence, email me with your goals, what you want to achieve, and I will be happy to guide you along the right path. 

The Therapist:

Giuliana Suriano, Reiki Master & Change Life Coach 

She specialises in bringing you back to the inner truth, by a Self Development Journey of rebirthing you in all your inner beauty, reconnecting you to your soul through the language of the subconscious.

Sound healer through sound healing vibrations with gongs, Tibetan bells , shamanic drum and other magic instrument from all over the world.

Expert in ancient healing practices of the Great Ancient Mother Medicine, connection to the cycles of nature, release of blockages, old patterns reprogramming with a positive set of mind, guided meditations, shamanic journeys and much more.

You will be re- connect with your soul with all the tools you need for your life journey. A guide for women who want to connect with their True Ancestral Nature in a unique way.

“Aligning ourselves with our life purpose, the awakening of our authenticity, the truth about who we are, our potential, talents.”





  • Do you need to change something deep inside you but you cannot afford the course?
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Prices Live – At Delight Yoga

  • PersonalDevelopment Journey
    From € 634
    Personal inner growth of 21 days : 4 healing weeks,  4 sessions reiki healing  + weeks of exercises + life tools + sessions in nature + healing bath gong + personalised meditations . Personal inner growth Journey – more than 21 days  : 8 healing weeks,  8 sessions reiki healing  + weeks of exercises + life tools + sessions in nature + healing bath gong + personalised meditations
    Programs design on what are your goals

    At Delight Yoga – Amsterdam :

    • Nieuwe Achtergracht 
    • De Clercqstraat

Prices Online

  • Personal Development 21 days
    € 300
    Personal inner growth Journey – 21 days: 4 sessions  + weeks of exercises + life tools
    Program design on what are your goals

Prices Live – in Nature –

  • Personal Development Journey
    From € 434
    Personal inner growth of 21 days : 4 healing weeks,  4 sessions reiki healing  + weeks of exercises + life tools + sessions in nature + healing bath gong + personalised meditations . Personal inner growth Journey – more than 21 days  : 8 healing weeks,  8 sessions reiki healing in nature + weeks of exercises + life tools + healing bath forest  + healing bath gong + personalised meditations
    Programs design on what are your goals

No Refund
Path Awareness – Course:
Please be advised that Paths cannot be refunded, as time is spent creating the material and the path that will be designed specifically for the client.

Payment is made the day before. You will be sent a link through which you can conveniently pay. If payment is not made the day before the session, the booking is automatically canceled. If the payment is made and on the day of the session you cannot participate. The session can be moved, but there will be no possibility of a refund.

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