A moment to connect with your true nature.
A moment of profound peace and relaxation for your mind, body and soul.
A session to experience the energies of reiki in combination with the vibrations of
Tibetan bells and gongs

Relax Enjoy Release

More than 100 women

have already taken this session


Reiki therapy is a natural healing method that improves our health by bringing mind,
body and spirit into balance.
The sessions are based on the principle that the therapist can channel pure energy
into a person through touch, activating the natural healing processes within the body
and mind.
Through various healing techniques, such as special meditations, emotional release
points, massage, shamanic and ancient healing practices of mother earth medicine,
energetic stones, and sound healing, you will find your way to come back to your
true nature. A gift for your Soul.
Reiki can treat both minor and occasional ailments as well as more severe and
chronic ones, and also mental states such as stress, anxiety and worrying.
Everything is made up of energy. This means that the things that we think are solid
are actually energy moving at a slower speed. It all depends on frequency. Matter
resonates at a lower and slower frequency than light or sound.
Our physical bodies and aura (the energetic layer that surrounds us) are also made
of energy vibrating at a particular frequency. Therefore when an intuitive healer
channels light and reiki, they bring through a high frequency and this energy is used
to shift and clear out old, stuck or blocked energy, leaving the recipient feeling
‘lighter’, relieved, centered and balanced.
Activating the points from head to toe and working with the central energy points
(chakras) of the astral body, reiki can restore and connect physical and emotional
wellbeing by releasing any blockages, so you can feel lighter in life and more


This session helps you to heal and release any blocked energy .
At the end of the session you will experience a tingling sensation, caused by energy
in motion, or you may feel relaxed but a bit drained, the energy cleansing that is
carried out, like after a day at the beach where you have left all the nagging worries
behind you.
Reiki is about connecting the body and mind by improving the natural flow of energy
between the physical and astral bodies.
In Reiki Sound Healing Sessions, your chakras are rebalanced and the energy as a
whole, possible blocks of past experiences or beliefs that could hold you back are
You will receive exactly what you need.
This healing works on the body and mind, on emotional and spiritual levels.
Here are some of the things you may experience in a session:
– cleansing, balancing and realignment of chakras
– healing of emotional, mental or physical blockages
– stimulation of the energy system as a whole (nervous and lymphatic system)
– release of anxiety and stress
– moving into a state of peace and relaxation of body, mind and soul
– spiritual guidance and support
– connection to the genuine purpose of your soul
– tools to help you on your healing journey
– feeling protected and nurtured
Each session is unique and can include many different aspects of healing, growth
and change.
I work with sound healing, aromatherapy oils, stones and crystals, and healing
practices of Great Mother Earth Medicine.
A journey of the soul that leads to experiencing a state of love and high-frequency
enlightenment, enhanced by the unique combination of instruments and the
channeling of the moment for the individual person.
Reiki treatment is done with the recipient lying down for even more comfort and
relaxation. During the treatment points are unlocked on from the head downwards to
the feet, then treated throughout the body. Where necessary we stop if we encounter
any energy blockages that prevent the healthy flow of energy, causing physical and
emotional problems.
Instead of in-person, treatment can also take place at a distance online


Distance healing is a technique where it is not necessary to be physically present to
receive healing. Through the ability to channel energy and the intention to heal sent by the healer, the recipient receives instant healing transmission.
The healer can then access the recipient’s energy information and transmit the
healing in real time.
This is explained by quantum physics, it is called entanglement theory, where two
particles can instantaneously share information or mirror each other even though
they are separated by time and space.
We can have video sessions using your preferred platform: Skype, WhatsApp or
GMail. If you prefer a voice-only session, of course this is also possible.
When booking your appointment simply indicate your preference



Reiki treatments are helping me to maintain a personal balance and serenity that I had lost. It brings me to a really high level of sensitivity, empathy and compassion for myself.
Giuliana’s treatments are unique, make you feel at home, and deeply liberating. Many times I felt a weight in my heart, I felt so anxious that I couldn’t breathe. Giuliana freed me, brought serenity to my heart, relaxation to my body, connection to my spirit. Thank you so much!


I was stressed, and my body was tense, stiff. The Reiki treatments I had a session, that relaxed me deeply. Entering into meditation and with the gentle and delicate touch brings refreshment to body and soul. I have felt energetically embraced and safe. I feel more ‘grounded’. I feel less rigid, more fluid. I feel more at ease, with myself, with life. I recommend Reiki treatments.

No Refund
Path Awareness – Course:
Please be advised that Paths cannot be refunded, as time is spent creating the material and the path that will be designed specifically for the client.

Payment is made the day before. You will be sent a link through which you can conveniently pay. If payment is not made the day before the session, the booking is automatically canceled. If the payment is made and on the day of the session you cannot participate. The session can be moved, but there will be no possibility of a refund.

Choose the option you feel called

  • Balance your Chakras - 7 Sessions LIVE
    € 680
    1h each session + 7 session+ 1 free session + total 8 session
  • Reiki Healing Massage
    €120 - €155
    1h- 2h

    Reiki with Massage + emotional points + stones or crystals

Reiki Sound Healing Session ONLINE – The healing session will be done with distance , with meditations and others techniques for psychophysical well-being

  • 1h Single Treatment ONLINE
    € 40-50
    1h : 40euro first session / 50 euro After the first
  • 2h Single Treatment ONLINE
    € 60 - 70
    2h : 60euro first session / 70 euro After the first.

Reiki Sound Healing Session LIVE – Send a PM to choose you Yoga Location – price can change based on the location

  • 1h Single treatment LIVE
    From € 85
    An hour to relax with Tibetan bells and reiki energies
  • 2h Single Treatment LIVE
    € 95 - € 120 - € 150
    Two hours to feel light, reborn through various energy healing techniques

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