Reiki Certifications

Love Energy provides courses to achieve the three reiki certifications.

If you are new to reiki, or if you want to take your practice to the next level, these courses are specifically developed for you.

By letting go, developing your intuition, learning, understanding and moving through this sensory journey you will also have the opportunity to heal with relaxing reiki sessions and grow further through the combination of personalized inner-growth courses.

More than 153 women

have already taken this courses


The word ‘reiki’ is made up of two Japanese words: ‘rei’ meaning ‘life force’ and ‘ki’ meaning ‘energy’. So we translate ‘reiki’ as ‘universal life-energy’.

Reiki therapy is a natural healing method that improves your health by bringing mind, body and spirit into balance, your personal balance.

These courses are designed so that everyone can find their own path to higher  consciousness, returning to your individual true nature and create a happy reality aligned with your soul.

Reiki Certifications

Are these courses for me?

– If you are curious about getting in touch with your healing energies: yes!

– If you want to explore and deepen other aspects of mind-body-soul by being guided on the path in search for your true self: yes!

– If as a woman you want to connect deeply with your feminine inner essence and truly be able to listen to yourself, your children, partner, loved ones, colleagues, and experience a fundamental connection and a loving exchange: yes!

– If you sense a calling to embark on a longer journey of learning to become a reiki master and therapist, creating something that expresses beauty and is aligned with the unique tone of your soul: yes!

Each course will be created specifically for each individual student, reflecting their unique personality and aligned with their soul.


Treatments and courses are done on various yoga locations.

Please send me a PM and will tell you about all the options, dates and times.

Each course is structured over a period of 21 days, with one session per week, plus daily individual exercises.  We will work 1:1 to make space for new energies, open your channels, practice, acquire, digest, experiment and create your future. Each course will have the same basics but also offers additional tools to make your journey unique: the tools will be in alignment with your soul, allowing you to express yourself in the world in all your personal light and beauty!

If you wish to do your Reiki Certificate in less than 21 days, please choose the 2-day or 3-day formula.

The more time you spend growing, the more you will learn, improving your tools, intuiting suggestions, realizing changes and developments in your energy practice.

Make the choice that best fits your needs of this moment!


Distance healing is a technique where it is not necessary to be physically present to receive healing. Through the ability to channel energy and the intention to heal sent by the healer, the recipient receives instant healing transmission.

The healer can then access the recipient’s energy information and transmit the healing in real time.

This is explained by quantum physics, it is called entanglement theory, where two particles can instantaneously share information or mirror each other even though they are separated by time and space.

We can have video sessions using your preferred platform: Skype, WhatsApp or GMail.

If you prefer a voice-only session, of course this is also possible.

When booking your appointment simply indicate your preference.


People of all levels of experience are welcome. You will learn to work with reiki energy, giving you the wisdom to treat yourself and others with reiki.

During the course you will have the opportunity to relax, align with yourself and your primordial energy through personalized reiki sessions.


In Reiki 1 you will learn everything you need to treat yourself and others with Reiki energy and other energy practices that will make your path unique and aligned with your soul.

The initiation accompanied by a path of inner growth will strengthen your intuition and help you in your spiritual development.

You will be supported in your personal development and your body’s self-healing abilities will be activated on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

In Reiki 2 you will deepen your spiritual development even further.

You learn the function of the chakra system and the chi energy. In addition you will be creating balance through yin-yang energy and other techniques of release and circulation of the nervous and lymphatic systems.

You will also learn how to perform a remote treatment and new symbols will be assigned to you.

To keep your process interesting, other tools will also be added according to your needs.

In Reiki Master the Reiki Master Initiation is an important step on your Reiki path. You come to understand the deeper essence of reiki. You also learn how to guide others on their path. And here too, even more tools will be provided according to your needs.


  • Week 1: Reiki 1 – Feel the energy around you
  • Week 2: Reiki 1 – The ways of vital energy
  • Week 3: Reiki 1 – Reiki art therapy
  • Week 4: Reiki 1 – Reiki 1 Attunement – Certificate (going deeper into this amazing experience + movement symbol)



Reiki 1

Thank you so much Giuliana for this wonderful experience! I am very happy to have signed up for this special Reiki1 course. These 21 days have been incredible and I have been able to learn so much. I have been able to practice these wonderful energies with my family with effects that are nothing short of amazing. Now I practice it every night on myself and my children when they are agitated. It has become a way to connect with them, to listen to them in a different way. I can’t wait to sign up for Reiki2 and find out more.



Giuliana is a teacher with a big heart full of light.
Her way of connecting with you, inspiring you for the future and bringing light into you is a true gift.
She encourages the search for the essential, she allows what is inside you to come to light in an extraordinary way. Her sessions are a caress for the soul.
She has taught me how to find the authentic part of me, how to develop my intuition, always supportive at all times. She has stimulated in me the power to trust my healing abilities, making me discover my uniqueness and how to exercise it in the energies of Reiki.
Thank you again, I am looking forward to the next level!

No Refund
Path Awareness – Course:
Please be advised that Paths cannot be refunded, as time is spent creating the material and the path that will be designed specifically for the client.

Payment is made the day before. You will be sent a link through which you can conveniently pay. If payment is not made the day before the session, the booking is automatically canceled. If the payment is made and on the day of the session you cannot participate. The session can be moved, but there will be no possibility of a refund.

Choose your option: Reiki 1 Certification ONLINE

    € 350
    Certification REIKI1+ Basic Information Material Mentoring  +  Attunement + 1 Treatment distance
    € 895
    Journey of Inner Growth +Certification REIKI 1 + 10 Sessions RELAX + 4 Session Training + Weeks of exercises + Material Mentoring  –  WHAT DO YOU NEED IN YOUR PATH.
  • 1h30- 2h Single treatment Online
    € 65 - € 120
    1h30  From € 65 to  € 120 2h. (per session)

Reiki 1 Certification LIVE – Amsterdam – Price can change based on the location – Write a PM and choose your Yoga Location

    € 480
    Certification REIKI1 +  3 Sessions  + Material Mentoring for reiki – € 480 – € 550 – € 600  – PRICES CHANGE BASED ON LOCATION
    € 1000 - € 1350
    Journey of Inner Growth : Certification REIKI 1 +  Material Mentoring + Healing practices  +  Attunement + 10 relax session + 3 training sessions + 4 Special Outdoor session + 3 Fashion Advisor for your soul +  1 day of a  Sensory Journey Food.   Price can change based on the location- € 1000 – € 1350
  • 1h30- 2h Single treatment Live
    € 95 - € 130 - € 155
    1h30 from € 95 –   Other Locations: € 130 – € 155 (per session) 2h

SPECIAL OPTION PRICE – The Price that you NEED – Book your private consultation so that we can meet your needs

    Each programme is individual and this also applies to the price you want to spend.
    In this case, book your private consultation so that we can meet your needs. Price can change based on the location, time , type of work etc.. Make Your Special

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