The Sacred Yin Yang Dance Healing

A way to change
a way to balance the energies of the masculine and the feminine
a way to transform wounds into gifts
a way to stimulate your deep intuition in connection with your body

Be present
Heal yourself

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Letting one’s self express and allowing one to listen and experience one’s multidimensionality and awareness through dance.

The Workshop is developed in various group meetings, designed and structured in order to guide and support the process of rediscovery of the body, deep feeling , expressing its authenticity beyond any external conditioning, to change the perspective of our reality with a transformed quality of freedom, well-being, responsibility, self-determination, a journey through different “lands”, guided by the multiple keys that in our journey we will encounter, although we have never had experience in this field.


A workshop to experience your Self in dance, let go of the mind and meet your Inner Self (Inner Awareness) through the free movement of the body, allowing the Spirit to express himself. You don’t have to be a dancer or dancer, and there are no age limits. Just allow yourself to be aware, present and to give yourself a chance to live themselves as real gods incarnate. Dance also serves to move stagnant energies and release emotional blocks, allowing potentials to enter our lives

The creation of a sacred space , the importance of breath , reiki energies, shamanic meditations will open new energy to every meeting of intuitive dance.

The meetings are structured in 4
Each of which will be with a different theme
1 Movement & Reiki
2 Healing Symbol Movement
3 Movement & Art
4 Movement & Sound Gong Healing

It’s aimed at all those who are interested in working with the body, starting from the breath and the intuitive impulse to discover, renew and expand the expressive and creative possibilities.

Dance is the best method to make everything flow in harmony and to go beyond the mind, to flow into your Moment Now, without thinking about movements but allowing the natural movement of your body.
This causes a natural expansion of oneself. One is helped by rhythm and conscious breathing. It’s a surprising tool in which you can then let the body express itself, where the energy goes into a profound change. Give yourself permission to go into your own sacred space and move as the Spirit suggests.
Let your mind go and… dance in your awareness.

A workshop between reiki , shamanic dance healing, art and sound healing.

In this workshop you will be accompanied by yin and yang energies bringing you back to the center of your authenticity.

Places are limited book your spot today

GROUP: 4 – 6 women

LOCATION: Amsterdam

DATES:  14- 21 March  / 02 – 9 April

Early Bird Price – Valid until 9th April : 160 Euro

Regular Price : 200 Euro

If you are interested please send a PM and reserve your spot

The Sacred Healing Dance of Yin Yang Price

  • Early Bird Price
    160 Euro
  • Normal price
    200 Euro

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