Art Therapy: Paint with your soul – Self Exploration and Healing

Art is an unstoppable impulse that reflects the spiritual interiority of a human being overwhelmed by the need to bare one’s soul. This process becomes an inner journey, a profound discovery of oneself.

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What it means to paint with your Soul

Art Therapy

This journey leads you to an inner knowledge of who you are and how you can implement self-healing, learning resources and tools. A step towards yourself through art towards that knowledge of the soul, of consciousness. The various forms of art help to externalise what is deep inside.

Art Therapy Rediscover your freedom by expressing your inner beauty, rediscovering yourself! The beauty of a work of art, its hidden meaning and what it conveys. That way of getting in touch deeply with oneself.

How it happens / What results I get

This course you will be enable to get tools and resources always available so that you can use them later and deepen yourself.

A door that is always open for you to express yourself freely, encouraging and
encouraging and promoting a healthier and happier life.

You don’t have to be a great artist, or consider yourself particularly creative. This course allows you to connect deeply with yourself, your emotions, your unconscious, your soul. Feel light-hearted having created something unique, representing who you are, what you need to know for your life journey.

By being master of your emotions, by understanding yourself fully, you will be able to use the tools in your life.

To find that original vitality, that beauty within us, to express it, to know how to listen deeply, to learn to read the messages, to open your mind.

The therapeutic and creative process of self-expression can improve our physical and mental health, as well as our emotional well-being.

Art Therapy

  • It helps us manage our feelings in a more positive way.
  • It can give us the confidence to face and solve problems from the past and present.
  • It shows us the connection between the present and the past and allows us to overcome some issues by confronting them in a more gentle way.
  • Developing greater self-awareness through a deep connection with our soul.
  • Feeling more mentally relaxed.
  • Lowering the stress level of our hormones.
  • Helps us with insomnia.

Expression of the deep, without judgement, an externalisation of your feeling,
a way of communicating with your inner self, with your soul.



I started doing sessions with Giuliana when I was going through a horrible time in my life, I was very stressed and couldn’t sleep or eat. I had started the Treatment Art course because I have always been drawn to painting and I dove into this experience.
What I can say about this experience is that it has helped me so much to get my blocked emotions flowing, to listen to myself, opening up to personal insights and discovering a part of me, so deep and magical, that I never imagined I had. Giuliana has a simple, direct approach and is always there to support me when needed. Her presence, when I needed it, helped me so much because it made me understand that I was not alone. Healing myself in this way has been a wonderful journey, sharing my joys, sorrows and fears and feeling more free, fulfilled, unique and happy.

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  • Personal growth journey
    € 634
    8 weeks:  8 sessions + weeks of exercises + tools + Personal Growth + Reiki Sessions
  • Single Session
    € 85
    1h- Based on what you need

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  • Personal growth journey
    € 834
    8 weeks – OPTION PRICE – The Price that you NEED – Book your private consultation so that we can meet your needs : Each programme is individual and this also applies to the price you want to spend. In this case, book your private consultation so that we can meet your needs. Price can change based on the location, time , type of work etc.. Make Your Special

  • Single Session
    € 95 - € 120
    1h – 2h

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