WORKSHOP: Inner Journey Release

A mystical journey. An inner listening.

A connection with your soul that communicates through our unconscious. The cycles of the Nature. The rhythm of your heart. Everything is connected and brings us home. The home of the heart. To explore your unconscious through the healing vibes.

To immerse yourself in an atmosphere that brings you deep into connection with your higher self

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WORKSHOP: Inner Journey Release : What means

Places are limited so don’t let go this opportunity!

A small online experiential journey of awareness, correlated with small weekly practices to bring you closer to yourself & release the energy.

Follow the cycles of Nature, the seasons .
Work on yourself consistently but with fun and joy.

We are here to enjoy learning from our experiences

How it happens / What results I get

WORKSHOP: Inner Journey Release

Start 1 October

It is essential rediscovering our connection with Mother Earth, and this is made possible through a personalised e-book based on what you want to achieve this month.

Each week you will receive personal exercises to guide you in this

re- connection with your True Self.

Please write us what are your goals, and you will receive what you need related also to the energy of the Month.

Be in tune with Universe, with the Nature , make us more stable and in harmony with the world around us.


  • Early Bird Price
    € 65
    Valid until 25 September ( incl tax fee)

    4 weeks of personal exercises

  • Normal Price
    € 120
    After 25 September

    4 weeks of personal exercises ( incl tax fee)

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