Fashion Advisor for your Soul

– work on yourself from outside to inside –

A way to feel good about yourself and the world.

An innovative and fun approach with smiles and advice.

Bring who you are out into the open, immerse yourself in this experience.

From the outside in

From the inside out


What Fashion advisor for your soul means

– work on yourself from outside to inside –

A fun journey to discover the colours, their meaning and what you convey about yourself on the outside. To improve self-esteem, working from the outside to get to the inside of yourself, and discover the thousands of potentials you hide.

Every dress has a memory, a memory that is attributed to it.

But even the colour of each dress has its own meaning.

When you wear something you can do it for yourself or for others – when you want to.

or for others – when you want to give a certain impression of yourself.

But in the end it is always something that makes us feel good about ourselves, regardless of whether it comes from outside or inside.

Healing will take place as long as we feel good about what is happening.

This is a course in which I will listen to your needs and understand what you need, what you want to achieve and the style you want to pursue.

I will provide you with tailored advice on individual pieces, whole dresses, colours, styles and fabrics that suit your preferences, style, body type and price range, as well as the occasion for which you are dressing.

You will be supported and accompanied every step of the way and everything from colours, their meaning and what they convey will be explained to you.

How it happens. What results I get.

In these meetings I will teach you how to connect with yourself, and how to look for the right colours that will enhance you externally but at the same time help you express who you really are, without fear, with courage and pride.

I will help you to improve your professional and/or personal image.

This course can give you a serious dose of much needed confidence if you are preparing for a job interview, trying to impress the love of your life or simply lacking in the self-confidence department.

Your style can do wonders for your self-esteem.

This is because how others think and feel about you depends entirely on how you think and feel about yourself, and this is greatly influenced by how you look.

I will help you express yourself for who you really are, by showing you as AUTHENTIC and UNIQUE as you are!

The sessions can be done in person

Single session : 65 euro

Course – 21 days – 4 meetings 2 h : 230 euro

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