Natural World Energy Experience

– working with Nature in connection with the Earth –

It will take you on a step-by-step journey, teaching you how to be aware of the subtle dimension of nature and how to communicate and listen to the messages that nature sends us.

We are part of nature and it is important for those who often live far away from it to immerse themselves in it in order to find themselves and their inner harmony.

Most of the discomforts and illnesses of modern man are due precisely to this distancing from nature. Man has lost the connection with himself and in order to find it again he must re-establish a relationship with Nature.

What does it mean to make an inner journey in connection with Nature and the Earth.

We are disconnected from the natural dimension.

Often, wrapped up and entangled in the challenges of every day, in work, in thoughts that oppress us, we forget that we are an integral part of nature.

Reconnecting with nature means rediscovering a communion with the divine in all things, and therefore also with the Divine in each of us.

Reconnecting with nature means reconnecting with one’s own heart, one’s own deep inner self, one’s own primordial being. It means rediscovering your own soul.

Taking a walk with a friend and chatting about our life in a park can bring us closer to nature, benefit from the air it gives us, but it does not mean reconnecting with it. In reality, as always, we take what we need without ever being present and grateful for all that nature has been offering us constantly for centuries.

That is why it is sometimes necessary to open ourselves up more to the beauty of nature and reconnect with the source of our being, that divine spark within each of us.

How it happens. What results do I get.

I will show you how to awaken this dimension with nature so that you can consciously communicate with everything around you.

Every expression of life on this planet has its own vibration that embraces both the physical and spiritual level.

We are all subject to certain frequencies, energetic resonances, each with its own consciousness, each playing its part in the dance of life.

Everything can be revealed if we are truly open to knowing it.

Nature is part of us, and we have forgotten how to listen to it,

We have forgotten how to relate to it.

With this course I will show you how to access a new level of awareness so that you can experience a deep connection with the earth and the natural world, experiencing the qualities, and bringing you to a deep level of appreciation and deep relationship with our planet.

Every place in nature has its own vibration, full of experiences, with unique qualities.

Get connected with Mother Earth.

* Understand the connection with the earth on multiple levels.

* Connect with nature

* Rediscover and be aware of your intuitive powers and healing gifts.

* Establish a harmonious relationship with the earth

* Restore the vital process of your psychophysical health.

The course can be done ONLINE or in person in nature (park – beach)

You will also receive something written by email, so that you can repeat the experience when you need to. A tool always at hand.

Course – 21 days – 4 sessions : 330 euro

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