Restrained Emotions


“Life cannot be possessed. You Can’t hold her in a fist: if you want to have her, you have to keep your hands open.


“You Can’t hold the Wind in your fist.” One day an essay said. In fact, the human being often tends to restrain, to refrain, to try to possess everything for fear of letting something or someone escape. We Hold The tears sometimes for years, we hold back the anger, the resentment, the emotions we deem negative.
We keep everything inside and we suffer in silence. Let’s Keep the screaming, the weeping not to disturb others, not to worry them. Let us Hold ourselves in that clenched fist, not only the wind: we hold back our essence, our life, what we are.
What if I didn’t keep you from living?
How Much of our lives do we keep on a leash? Just Think for a second. Often, behind the tendency to retain everything (and all) there is the fear of loneliness, abandonment. He holds back because he is afraid of emptiness, of that inner emptiness that hurts and makes us feel unwanted, unloved; Then we hold back everything that could alienate people, emotions in the first, and we hurt ourselves.

“Retaining anger is like holding back a burning charcoal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; You’re the one who gets hot. ”

And in this, forcibly keeping something that hurts us, we prevent ourselves from freeing ourselves, making room for the new and therefore accepting change in our lives. We prevent ourselves from flowing, to savor the freedom of being.
In the long run, holding you back will make you sick
Holding back your emotions can make you sick in the long run.

“To list just some of the most recent results, it has been found that those who repress their emotional impulses are less able to solve mental tasks and have more difficulty remembering the details of emotionally significant experiences. And in the long term, the tendency to suppress emotions seems to be linked to greater pessimism and a tendency to depression and a lower ability to make friends. Then there are physiological effects. An experiment by Stanford University showed that, in front of the vision of repellent images, in subjects who had been asked to keep their faces impassive, a violent reaction of stress was unleashed. And another study, investigating people affected by heart attack, would have identified a risk of death five times higher in subjects with a propensity for negative emotions and their repression. ”
(Taken from “Holding back the emotions it hurts that’s why it’s better to let off steam”)


Besides having a negative effect on your psycho-physical balance, suppressing emotions can compromise your interpersonal relationships; the most glaring example is perhaps that of anger suppressed like a pressure cooker, and I don’t think you need explanations to understand it.
But even beautiful emotions, if they are repressed, can have negative consequences: think of the love that is not expressed, think of the joy that is repressed to avoid looking too enthusiastic, think about your creativity that you keep at the bottom of the drawer for fear of being judged or not included, etc.
Don’t hold back: why should you live a life only in black and white?
By dint of being afraid of expressing yourself, it is your life that you do not live; stay hidden from the world, avoid to emerge, to bloom, to come out into the open. Stay like a seed under the ground who dreams of becoming a tree but is afraid of giving up the darkness, who is afraid to show himself for what he is and then remain alone. But what happens to the seed that does not come out?
What would the world be like if flowers held back their perfume? How would the world be if the trees held back their fruits; the birds, their songs? What would your life be like if you chose to retain all those creative energies that are in you?

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and they will come out later in a worse way. ”
(Sigmund Freud

Some time ago I read a very nice thought that I would like to share to conclude this article:

“Do not hold back Anger but welcome it to understand what it is communicating to us.
Don’t hold a person but let her go and wait with confidence for the gift that his absence can offer us.
Do not hold back any Emotions because they are wise and trusted messengers of our Soul.
Do not hold the Weeping because it waters our hearts and renews it with a vital force that only it can give us.
Don’t hold Hugs, Smiles, Kisses and Caresses because they are the limbs of our Soul that wants to expand in the world.
We do not hold back on ourselves: let us allow ourselves to bring out that side of us that we keep so secret and that has the power of the extraordinary to emanate beauty, truth and pure joy! ”