Recioto della Valpolicella docg classico


The name Recioto, was spontaneously created among Veronese winemakers during the past century,

It owes its meaning to the word in the local dialect “recia” (ear), indicating the outermost part of the grape bunch, being the most exposed to the sun, and used to produce a sweet wine from dried grapes.

The Recioto wine requires special attention and dedication:

it is the product of accurate processing that begins with the selection of grapes during the harvest and ends with the pressing of bunches that have been preserved (dried) with great care, in the grape drying facility called “fruttaio”.

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AGING: in oak barrels. Maturation in bottle.

GRAPES: Corvina, Rondinella, and other autochthonous grapes.

PRODUCTION AREA: our vineyards spread out on the hillsides and foothills in the heart of the Valpolicella classica area on silty, clay soil.

TASTING NOTE: Deep ruby red colour, garnet red when aged. Intense bouquet with hints of fruits and spices. Smooth, sweet, full, velvety harmonious flavor.


SERVING SUGGESTIONS: ideal with desserts, especially pastries, or with spicy strong and blue cheese. You can also try it served with wild berries or dark chocolate, or simply by itself.

SERVICE: should be served at a temperature of about 16 °C.

BOTTLE: 0.50 liters.

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