Moon Eye is a woman with an explosive energy.
Brief info

Originally from southern Italy, she has knowledge in psychology and sociology that allowed her to deepen the aspects of the human being from a psychological point of view.
After having finished her Law degree in Rome, she was looking for more peace of mind and for TRUTH. Life learned her a lot for example by having a serious Endometriosis.
When nothing seemed to be working healing treatments helped Moon Eye overcome the effects and how she could heal her own body.
Experiencing physical illness, brought Moon Eye on search to find answers behind her medical treatment.
She wanted to understand the reason behind her illness. Her answers brought her on the path of self - realisation. This inspired her special interest in the therapeutic application , and the natural self healing properties of the body.
She followed many workshops and tranings in which she received teachings and learnt to understand her own purpose.

Moon Eye therapy style is positive, with emphasis on achieving your full potential by getting in touch with your heart and obtaining more insight into the way your body functions.

She helps people discover new insights about their souls, so they can embrace their spiritual and energetic state wholeheartedly. Humour, devotion Connect with yourself, feel yourself and “grinta” (the Italian word for “intent with a smile”) are important ingredients in her working style. She creates an atmosphere of warmth and kindness in her individual meetings which encourages people to relax into their bodies and minds to find the true self to make a good choice. The intention is all the same: connecting with your true self and follow your heart.

She has a lot of empathy and she can understand you quickly and deeply. Sometimes we need empathy, we need that someone listens to us that understand without any judgment and can help in daily life, in each face of our life.


An experience to feel

Experience the various states of presence

 Bring yourself back to feel, listen


Experimenting with various stages:

a journey between listening to ourselves as a vital essence, personal, mental and sensational journey, between hot and cold, concluding with that material of the body, like a caress, taking care, nourishment, body, soul.

An experience of the senses at the various stages of being:


VITAL  VIBRATIONAL                        SOUND RELAX   


ENERGY BALANCE                                                JOURNEY


You can’t change the world by fighting it.

Change yourself, to change the world



You can write to ask information or make an appointment for:  An experience to feel session:  which interweaves a combination of different treatments, for what you need in that time.

This will reconnect you with the deep harmony of inner nature by accessing the oldest and simple patterns of life.

All sessions are designed to bring you pure, simple empathy experienced in natural and comfortable environments that draw you closer to the real-life made of trees, grass, fresh air, waters and sun. You will decide how long a session should be. The standard session takes 1hour.


                                The engine of Everything is changing!


Personalized valuable treatments are the remedy for frequent annoyances of daily life:

– It’s a great help to reduce the side effects of medicines

– Reduce pain in the case of medical treatments

–  Reduce the effort, helping to increase the sense of optimism that benefits the care as a whole.

– Get to know yourself

– It helps to deal with changes, inside and out.

– Have relaxing, draining and detoxifying effect



The tree stays there even though it is overwhelmed by a tornado. Because he planted his roots well. Breaks? It grows and even stronger and breathes them, and alive and majestic in all its green beauty and flows with the rest of the surrounding nature.”




  • Energy balance chakras
  • Reiki Treatment
  • Personalized treatments for endometriosis
  • Treatment Yin Yang – with stonescold/hot
  • Treatment with Tibetan bowl
  • Treatment Art – Mandala – heal your soul
  • Fashion advisor for your soul

The single treatment can be combined with more treatments than those mentioned, based on what is most right for the person at that time. These treatments are a complementary remedy to medicine.



If you are selfaware the rest will come by yourself.


Go home, go back to the primordial energy of everything, feel unity, peace, love that encompasses the whole of this wonderful experience called life.



This is a very special experience: Regain your emotional balance, elevate loneliness and trauma and gently let life come back into senses through soft sound vibrations, breathing, and direct experience of empathy.

The purpose of this personal development: it aims to create a state of mental and emotional and physical well-being and balance. The ultimate goal is to gain awareness of your body, knowing the sore spots, resume the perception of yourself and leave the mind free, with beneficial effects perceptible physically.


Balance is the key to life


Can be in how we want to appear, but can be also how much we want to know about ourself and listen to our body that always ask us attention to see life differently.

There are times in life when we feel lost, under pressure, in confusion and panic. All negative emotions produce knock-on effects on our body, which asks us to listen to it and return to balance


This requires learning to get to know us


Know yourself!
More info Moon Eye:

“I come from the south of the Italian peninsula, land with an olive flavour and sea salt. My spiritual gifts are innate, but when I was a child I needed to close them because they were not recognized. After completing my studies in Psychology and Sociology, my curiosity to deepen the human race began to push me far. Gradually awareness, health, spirituality and intuitive development slowly entered my world. I graduated in law, at the University of the Vatican, taken by a spirit of research of justice and truth. During that time he discovered the illusions of the world, but this gave me the opportunity to see things from another point of view. Also in that period, I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I began to heal myself through medical specialists, but everything tended to get worse until what was destined for me came as a first sign. That was the first contact with energy therapies, which brought me into contact with the deepest part of me. I began to wonder who I was, what I wanted, what I felt.”Finding out who I am and what I feel” is the guiding thread of my life. It was the reason for making important decisions during my life and nothing is as curative as following what’s best for you. But apparently, before I had to take a few side steps. Only after graduating did I decide to travel and start my personal journey. The knowledge I acquire comes from various places.

London: here I deepened the studies on the energy fields that surround us, other religions, the untold story, the shamanic power of women attended training on Soul Coaching; Energizing Body, Mind and Spirit with the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Stonehenge: I was able to deepen experimenting and learning different meditations on the energies of the earth, healing through numbers and symbols.

Glastonbury: point of the chakra of the heart of the Earth, wonderful place, full of compassion for those who know how to listen and hear. My studies have focused on Mandalas, the meaning of colours and their application to promote healing, the moon phases, the use of oils and herbs for healing treatments.

 Amsterdam: I was able to obtain the Reiki I and Reiki II degree, by attending shamanic workshops, and on women.

The combination of the two worlds, the academic and the spiritual world, are my “strength”.the combination of all this made me complete.

We are one.

What do people who come to me have in common? The will to take the next step and the feeling that there is more to discover about yourself. Sometimes the answers are hidden from us.

Working with me we will try to bring them to light and let go of what is not useful.

Since everything has to do with energy work, I call myself a personal Energizer. As a Personal Energizer, I can help you through a variety of ways to get back on track in your energy and strength levels, have autonomy and increase your power. ”