The Happy Rainbow Journey

A fascinating experience in the colours of the rainbow, where dreams come true.

Where self-awareness, facing our fears, pain, and rediscovering our talents brings us back to dreaming as if we were children to achieve everything we ever wanted but didn’t know how to achieve.

What does Happy Rainbow Journey mean.

Connected to the work of the ancestors, it represents all the memories passed down from generation to generation. Through an in-depth analysis of certain dynamics, we will unlock and transform all those parts that are linked to mental habits, harmful customs that no longer have any reason to exist, if our ultimate goal is to achieve psychophysical well-being.

A way to deepen our fears, listen to our emotions.

To transform those thought forms that have become ingrained over time and that have convinced us that we are not enough, or that we are not capable of doing something on a material but also emotional level. With this journey you will discover various aspects unknown to you and you will notice how it is possible to reprogram your mind and your memories in a positive way.

How it happens. What results do I get .

The practice of the Rainbow Pool is traditionally found in most native civilisations.

I have worked on it myself and they introduced me to the natural medicine practices of the Eastern Himalayas.

It is an inner work, made of memories, listening, practical exercises, colours, creativity, writing exercises, breathing exercises, yoga positions, meditations, visualisations, understanding of symbols and their use, mantras, In connection with the chakras, their balancing, their sound,

JourneYs (i.e. meditations with visualisations) to get in touch in a deep way with our unconscious where everything is revealed.

Like a gateway to questions, the answers to which can only come from within us.

Each exercise will be explained to you so that you can be fully aware.

A way to let go of everything you no longer need.

A new way of feeling and perceiving the world around you.

The experience will be unique and different depending on how you carry it out and how involved you are.

Return to simple, genuine, ridiculous things, but made of joy, laughter and smiles.

The course can be done ONLINE

You will also receive something written by email, so that you can repeat the experience when you need to. A tool always at hand.

Inner Path -2 ½ months – 10 sessions : 810 euro

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