Treatments Art : Paint with your soul – Self Exploration and Healing

Art is an unstoppable impulse that reflects the spiritual interiority of a human being overwhelmed by the need to bare one’s soul. This process becomes an inner journey, a profound discovery of oneself.

What it means to paint with your Soul

Various forms of art help to externalize what is deep inside, self-healing and self-discovery. The freedom of imagination is vigorously released in art, which, since ancient times, has shown how much is inherent in our being, although it does not satisfy any material need.
And that disruptive creative force that leads to an impromptu act with no purpose and aimed at representing in various forms things as they are perceived within us, giving life to the creation of a work, whatever it is, whatever it means.

How it happens. What results do I get.

This course will allow you to have an always open door to express yourself freely, encouraging and promoting a healthier and happier life.
You don’t have to be a great artist, or consider yourself particularly creative.
But simply be open to exploring yourself through creative acts.
This online course allows you to connect deeply with yourself, your emotions, your unconscious through painting, meditations, visualisations, colour psychology, mandalas, connecting with your inner child, creating connections with your dreams and much more.

The therapeutic and creative process of self-expression can improve our physical and mental health, as well as our emotional well-being.

* It helps us manage our feelings in a more positive way.
* It can give us the confidence to face and solve problems from the past and present.
* It shows us the connection between the present and the past and allows us to overcome some issues by confronting them in a more gentle way.
* Developing greater self-awareness through a deep connection with our soul.
* Feeling more mentally relaxed
* Lowering the stress level of our hormones
* Helps us with insomnia

Expression of the deep, without judgement, an externalization of your feeling, a way of communicating with your inner self, with your soul.

The course can be done ONLINE

You will also receive something written down by email, so that you can repeat the experience when you need to. A tool always at hand.

Course – 8 meetings – 1h each : 630 euro

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