About me

I was born in Trani , Puglia in the year 1988 under the sign of Taurus.

Close to the famous Castel del Monte.

Since my birth, a smile and humour have accompanied me. When I came here on this Earth I opened my eyes and ‘looking’ around me, I took my first breath, giving birth to my first laugh.

Radiant and wise at the same time, I already had the aptitude to conciliate in family discussions. When my mother had cancer I was there, beside her, comforting her with my hands. She called me and she still calls me her angel.

When I was little I felt the desire to bring my imaginary vision of love and beauty into the world, helping people to find themselves, to rediscover that sense of the true, the authentic.

Always driven by enormous curiosity and a sense of justice. I have always distinguished myself by my reserve for my deep feeling, always very shy but most of the times remaining silent and observing what each person emanated and waiting for what they would do instead. 

The sense of Coherence, of authenticity, the sense of the True, being aligned with one’s soul.

My personal energy light and positive attitude (positive means smile with the heart, caring with compassion, deep self-care feeling,  learning&understand the deep life lesson) allowed me to look at the world with different eyes, to scrutinise myself in depth and to learn, studying, taking courses, chosen by my deepest feeling.

Because choosing to go deep and throw yourself into the void, beyond the comfort zone also means choosing without the mental, following inspiration, the unknown.

Listening to the dimension of the heart to open up to something new , authentic , that cannot be explained with the mind but perceived by all the rest of our senses and that feeling of happiness and joy of finding oneself inwardly.

I have always believed that life had an important value and that it was necessary to live every single day, every single moment to the full, whatever that might be, wherever our soul, instinct, heart’s desire might lead us to experience it.

Laughing, crying, or both at the same time, remaining true to ourselves, living every single moment with gratitude, and the joy of having learnt important lessons for personal growth.

There have been many events in my life that have pushed me to make a series of decisions that have led me to get to know myself and to live fully according to the desires of my heart according to the purpose of my soul.

There is always a reason. Each of us has our own Journey of  Inner Growth

In 2012, I was diagnosed with the chronic disease Endometriosis.

During my time at university in Law, the study of theology and comparative religions ignited in me from the very beginning a fundamental curiosity for seeking the True , deepening my knowledge exploring, through to my personal experience.

This is where my journey of awareness and awakening begins.A leap into the void and a following what my soul was asking of me.A journey, that would lead me to meet countless masters, teachers, courses that appeared before my eyes, like a library of the Universe. 

A wonderfully perfect synchronicity of events that show me my path, my inner purpose.

My contribution in this world is to introduce women to a new vision of reality , connected to their own authentic nature by awakening that ancestral wisdom connection.

A self love healing journeys, where open up to yourself, express your beauty and create a new life.

There are so many ways of living life, of feeling life, of seeing life, of savouring life deeply. And my task is to show that connection to one’s soul and to give the opportunity to receive tools that allow one to navigate through the various stages of life. 

We are all unique and we all deserve to live in the highest respect of ourselves, of our own needs in relation to society and not subservient to society.

We are all connected and each of us by raising our vibrations through the awakening of our inner power, can do so much for the community in which we live, for planet Earth and for this reality.

I send you much love,
Giuliana Suriano
Holistic Therapist

Diploma Social Psychological Pedagogy, Andria.

Graduated in Law at LUMSA, Rome

Certificated Master Reiki, Amsterdam

Certificated Sound Therapist, Amsterdam

Certificated in Transformative Coaching, Amsterdam

Diploma in Reflexology (feet), Amsterdam

Various Courses:

Womb awareness, Mother Nature practices, London

Jin Shin Jyutsu course, 3 weeks, London

Acupressure, Meridians, Theory of Yin Yang, Ki- Chi flow process course, 1 month, London

Art therapy (mandala, painting with your unconscious, emotions expression) course 3 weeks, London

Rome, London , Glastonbury, Stonehenge , Amsterdam , Norway and Malta , give the opportunities to have been able to study, learn and practice on myself and others, healing techniques and re-connection to the soul, making Journeys Of Awareness for Women.

Aligning ourselves with our life purpose, the awakening of our authenticity, the truth about who we are, our potential, talents.

Transforming , Healing , Creating what we are meant to be .

Regarding my knowledge of holistic alternative medicine :

Reiki Energy Master, Sound Therapy, Healing techniques of ancient tribes around the world, Human Design , Tao Healing Practices , Reading Akashic Records Inner Child Therapy removing inner blocks and reprogramming,    Shamanic Practices to release and bring peace to the ancestral line,  Wild Woman Shamanic Practices finding the woman wild power, Connecting and be aware of the sacre power of the Womb Blessing&Healing , Healing Moon Connection , Sacred Feminine Power, the Sacred Balance between femininity and masculinity, Guided Meditation, Reconnecting with the Inner Truth, Connecting with the Soul through the language of the subconscious mind, Dreams meaning, Astral travel and the ancient practices of Ancient Mother Earth Medicine.

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