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Giuliana is a woman with an explosive energy that can change your life.

Originally from southern Italy, a land of great gifts, of Mediterranean flavours and aromas.

Her journey begins years ago, even if it started when she was born.

The journey was undertaken to discover herself has inspired in her work. Through conferences, workshops, training and certifications she has lived in different parts of Europe: Rome, in Italy, Dublin in Ireland, London, Stonehedge, Glanstorsbury in England and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Her work creates a synergy between traditional psychological techniques, motivational practices and ancient oriental rituals that transform her sessions into profound experiences.
She has dedicated her website to every explorer of the heart and offers the opportunity to look at life in a new way.

Here at Love Energy, our fundamental belief is:

“Mens Sana in corpore Sano“.    –  ” Healthy mind in a healthy body”
(healthy balance Alias positive attitude towards life events, holistic therapy objectives)

For this reason, there is a different section dedicated to Italian organic products, where you can live an experience that will awaken your five senses. Apuliae Food.

Humour, devotion, love for food, connection with yourself, feel yourself and “grinta” (the Italian word for “intent with a smile”) are important ingredients in her working style.

Giuliana is a Doctor in Law with a diploma in Social psychological sciences and professional development, a Master’s Degree in Law and a Reiki Master.


I am here to share with you my knowledge of the healing aspects of human nature from a psychological point of view and help others in need.

During my period of study in Law in Rome I got diagnosed with Endometriosis, a serious physical illness.

I could not eat , sleep or stand up.

Even after several medicines nothing seemed to work and my situation only got worse.

It was a really low point in my life.

But then something happened, like a glimpse of the sun on a gloomy day one of my friends told me about energetic therapies.

Part of me said “Like the people who put one hand on you and claim to heal you? It almost sounded funny”.

But part of me was calling out to me to choose this path.

And so I went to my first session of healing and all my world changed.

stopped my medication and yet I healed and I could finally finish my University.

And then I was put through a second test, something had happened again.

I was diagnosed with early level cancer. I couldn’t believe it.

I went under multiple clinic analysis and the result was always the same.

Tired and overwhelmed I remembered my previous experience of getting rid of endometriosis with the help of energetic therapy and decided that is my destiny.

I decided it was time to prove my faith and follow the path of spiritual healing.

I decided to jump and follow my Intuition, my Soul, my Inner Guide.

After that decision, all the analysis of the cancerous mass came out negative.

And my belief in the path became stronger than ever.

Spiritual healing treatments helped me overcome the effects of a  painful illness and I  finally found a way to heal my own body.

I wanted to understand the reason behind such illnesses.

This question brought me on the path of self-realisation and to know more about who I am.

It inspired a special interest in studying the ancient knowledge of therapeutic sciences, and the natural self healing properties of the body. 

In this way I started my personal Journey and travelled to different places and I studied and experience various modalities.

I attended many workshops , trainings, courses and achieved certifications in which I received ancient knowledge and a deep understanding of the human body and psyche.

I meet also very special people, and for this I am really grateful.

In this way I came to realise my own purpose in the world.

– Her therapy style is extremely positive, with emphasis on achieving your full potential by getting in touch with your heart and obtaining more insight into the way your body functions. –

“I help people discover new insights about their souls, so they can embrace their spiritual and energetic state wholeheartedly.”

– Humour, devotion, connecting with yourself, feeling yourself and “grinta” (the Italian word for “intent with a smile”) are important ingredients in her working style. –
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Valeriia Kravchuk
Valeriia Kravchuk
I felt very depressede and I had trouble sleeping.I had no energy and I was very upset, but after this treatment I had... a feeling that I have the resources to do something in my life and I made some very good and important decisions.The way the person who performed this procedure deeply understood my problem, was very attentive to my problem and very soulful, it made me feel very comfortable and relaxed when I was under stress. Strongly recommended this treatment, I liked the process and I feel much better after, very good 👍read more
Vishesh Kalimero
Vishesh Kalimero
Superb! Looking forward for more