About me

I am a woman with an explosive energy that can help you change your life.

Originally from southern Italy, Puglia, a land of great gifts, of Mediterranean flavors and aromas. I am a Reiki Master, Doctor at Law, with a Master’s Degree in Law and  Diploma in Social Psychological Sciences and Professional Development. I specialize in guiding you back to your inner truth, realizing a soul-connection through subconscious language, mindfulness, removing inner blockages and reprogramming, using inner child work, shamanic practices, guided meditation, sacred balance of femininity and masculinity, and ancient practices of Great Mother Earth Medicine.

During my time at university, the study of theology and comparative religion from the very first moment sparked in me a fundamental curiosity for knowledge and exploration, also linked to my personal experience.

In my travels, following my soul, the study of every aspect of the soul, of different cultures and spiritual practices has come alive in multiple experiences, acquiring knowledge, resources, tools, in multiple fields that have allowed me to look at the world from a different perspective that I gladly share with others in my teachings and the paths of self-awareness that I offers.

The love for life, my  vital energy will certainly change your mood! I will show you new perspectives, so you can discover many amazing parts of you that are just waiting to be awakened.

My work creates a synergy between traditional psychological techniques, motivational practices and ancient oriental rituals that transform her sessions into profound experiences. I have dedicated my website to every explorer of the heart and offers the opportunity to look at life in a new way and change us from inside.

Sending you lots of love energy,


“When you start a journey towards yourself, the meeting of connection with your soul and its mission, so many doors begin to open, movements of transformation and creation alternate giving space to a new awareness made of truth and beauty in which the world changes from inside to outside. “

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