Reiki treatments are helping me to maintain a personal balance and serenity that I had lost. It brings me to a really high level of sensitivity, empathy and compassion for myself.
Giuliana’s treatments are unique, make you feel at home, and deeply liberating. Many times I felt a weight in my heart, I felt so anxious that I couldn’t breathe. Giuliana freed me, brought serenity to my heart, relaxation to my body, connection to my spirit. Thank you so much!


I was stressed, and my body was tense, stiff. The Reiki treatments I had a session, that relaxed me deeply. Entering into meditation and with the gentle and delicate touch brings refreshment to body and soul. I have felt energetically embraced and safe. I feel more ‘grounded’. I feel less rigid, more fluid. I feel more at ease, with myself, with life. I recommend Reiki treatments.


Unique experience! I have always had problems with self-esteem, but even more so after my pregnancy. I looked at myself and I didn’t like myself, I suffered continuously in silence, conditioning those around me.
Giuliana read me inside, as no one had ever done, she understood what made me feel bad, and through her Fashion Advisor sessions she helped me find a new me, her way of perceiving colours and of letting you enter a real but new dimension changed me a lot. She taught me to choose the right shapes, the colours that enhance me, she made me reborn with her energy. I highly recommend this experience.


I have started treatments with Giuliana, because I felt in tune with her story. I had problems with a cyst in my uterus. I had very strong pains, dizziness, vomiting, and an emotionality that made me feel crazy. The treatments helped me to listen deeply to myself, to listen to my uterus and what it needed. To understand the hidden reasons and to take care of myself more assiduously. Endometriosis is a chronic disease but with these treatments I have felt centred, more balanced on how to help myself on a day to day basis, bringing back a little more joy and breaking out of a spiral of constant pain and torment. I can only be grateful to have met you and what you have taught me by sharing your experience and not making me feel alone.


I started doing sessions with Giuliana when I was going through a horrible time in my life, I was very stressed and couldn’t sleep or eat. I had started the Treatment Art course because I have always been drawn to painting and I dove into this experience.
What I can say about this experience is that it has helped me so much to get my blocked emotions flowing, to listen to myself, opening up to personal insights and discovering a part of me, so deep and magical, that I never imagined I had. Giuliana has a simple, direct approach and is always there to support me when needed. Her presence, when I needed it, helped me so much because it made me understand that I was not alone. Healing myself in this way has been a wonderful journey, sharing my joys, sorrows and fears and feeling more free, fulfilled, unique and happy.


It was a journey of love and light for which I am very grateful indeed. My experience has been personalised. The practices are very beneficial and helped me to re-evaluate and focus on what I needed. As always Giuliana was welcoming with her smile, and her super positive energy put me at ease. I highly recommend these courses, thank you Giuliana!


When I started the Chakras journey, Giuliana helped me to bring greater awareness and understanding of my body and all the energy points. In my experience I can certainly say that the methods used are effective for both physical and emotional relaxation. This journey has been important to me because it has made me rediscover and add new pieces to my experience. As a result of the ongoing sessions, I was able to free myself from various situations that were blocking me. Overall, I can describe this experience as a feeling of deep balance and inner peace.


What I can say is that this experience has changed me in a deeply unexpected way. It made me feel complete. I decided to undertake the Journey of the Natural Elements. I felt lost, empty, as if something was missing, I didn’t know what to do anymore, I needed a direction, but everything I encountered in front of me didn’t convince me. Then I met Giuliana, smiling, joyful, and I was struck by the energy she transmits. Every step we took was enlightening and practical, the feeling of small things, the attention to oneself in connection with the outside world, brought me into contact with my soul, with my unconscious and to find everything I needed.
Giuliana is a guide to get back in touch with your soul with simplicity and authenticity. Thank you!


I began this journey with sweet Giuliana because I was going through an incredibly absurd period. Each time the same situations repeated themselves, each time I found myself having to suffer in the same way and more and more intensely, and I never understood why.
When I confronted Giuliana, she advised me to undertake a journey to discover my roots – Ancestral Journey – , to analyse and understand, with a different and loving feeling, the deep reasons why these situations arose. It has been a journey of enormous growth, even in the painful moments, in which we have brought memories to life, she has been able to support me with a sweetness and presence. I feel freer, more aware of my past, of my roots, and I have learnt to manage the future situations that life proposes to me, I have learnt to emotionally face what comes with a new feeling, without fear. I feel connected to my ancestors in a unique way, I feel reborn under a new light.


Thank you for everything! I had lost vitality, I felt empty, lost. By chance, even though it was explained to me that nothing happens by chance, I decided to embark on a path with Giuliana.
I had opted for Fashion Advisor, driven by something deep inside me. I can only say that my life has changed. Giuliana supported me at all times, choosing for me what gave me value, she taught me how to go on alone and how to light that fire inside me that I had lost. I felt pampered and regenerated. My path was personalised with other chakra balancing techniques and art treatments. It is an experience to be lived.

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