Mandala: 4 elements

If you want to know yourself, these Mandalas are the perfect gift for your emotional and spiritual growth. You will find peace in abstraction, a peace that has nothing to do with its opposite, War. In the Art of building a Mandala, the peace that is found is a peace that has always been there.

The word mandala comes from Sanskrit, and it means “sacred circle.” Mandalas help with balance, concentration, they bring peace and tranquillity, Looking at them gives a feeling of calmness, they make it easier to be mindful and let your creativity flow. In the process of coloring the Mandala, you will be presented with a way of HEALING, MEETING AND FINDING YOURSELF.

The meanings of the colors in the Mandala will be revealed to you, which you will use to align your energy with the world around you in a way that is meditative and is a path to self-discovery helping you define the different states of the mind.Choose the element that attracts you the most EARTH, WATER, FIRE AND AIR. After following the procedure you will receive a series of Mandala belonging to the element that you have chosen. By coloring these Mandalas, you give birth to a very personal healing and revealing journey, which until then has been hidden in the most redressed corner of that magnificent place called memory.

The art of the Mandala is one of the many tools that re-educates the notorious “monkey-mind” of today’s day and age. When used by the mind in the correct way, it will make our soul meet with its eternal companion the Spirit.

“A mandala in meditation is like a very personal Zen master, that is a summoner of ancient awakes.”

Carl Gustav Jung

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  • The purpose of consulting is helping to grow and make positive change in your life
  • you can have a consultation and ask for a different type of mandala related to your particular situation
  • the consultancy path runs in different phases, from the moment the person is welcomed and observed, to the focus of the problem.
  • € 30,00

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