with Love
For common heartly journey
with Love
For common heartly journey



This is a journey for all of us to walk together, shoulder to shoulder spreading love all around. This website is dedicated to every explorer of the heart and offers a chance to look at life in a new way.

Here at Love Energy, our fundamental belief is:

Mens Sana in corpore Sano“.    –  ” Healthy mind in a healthy body”

Chackra balancing

Love energy is pleased to introduce : the Chakra Balancing Course

Treatments Art

Paint with your soul – Self Exploration and Healing

Ancestral Journey

A journey to discover one’s origins. Your hidden talents

The Happy Rainbow Journey 

A fascinating experience in the colours of the rainbow, where dreams come true.

Natural World Energy Experience – working with Nature in connection with the Earth – 

It will take you on a step-by-step journey, teaching you how to be aware of the subtle dimension of nature and how to communicate and listen to the messages that nature sends us.

Natural elements Journey

Explore the dimension of the 5 natural elements.

Fashion advisor for your soul
– work on yourself from outside to inside –

A way to feel good about yourself and the world.

Sound Healing:
Treatment with Tibetan bowls – Singing bowls

Relax with the magical sound vibrations of these bowls.

Inner Journey: Drum healing

A mystical journey, an inner listening, a connection with one’s soul that communicates through our unconscious.

Conscious Cooking: Food Meditation

Cooking with love for yourself or others is an art.

Reiki Treatment

A moment to disconnect
A moment of peace and relaxation for your mind, body and soul.

Treatments for Help endometriosis

A pain, a chronic illness that can turn into a gift.


Apulia – Sea retreat

Love energy Retreats
10 people
We take care of you lovingly !
Apulia – Sea Retreat
All your senses are fully stimulated in this magical land.
You will experience everything more intensely in contact with the element of water and its flow.
The scents, colours, the sunset that we will enjoy every evening from the terrace.
We will stay in a place between Trani and Bisceglie, in a beautiful location overlooking the sea, we will discover enchanting places with delicious food, we will do meditations…

Apulia – Retreat in Nature

Apulia – Retreat in Nature
Your senses will be stimulated by this magnificent experience
In contact with nature, with the element of Earth.
Stay in a beautiful farmhouse near Andria where all rooms have en-suite bathrooms with private terraces and views of the Castel del Monte.
You will be guided by Giuliana. Holistic Therapist Reiki Master .
The scents, colours, the experiences of kneading creating, the sunset that we enjoy every evening from the terrace with the view of the Castle.
We take care of everything so that you can completely abandon yourself to your relaxing holiday.