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Giuliana started her journey in 2012 by studying Reiki, Sound Healing, , Holistic Coaching to heal her own body.

After taking care of herself, she developed the interest of sharing her knowledge with others to help people healing their bodies and create a great balance between body, mind and soul. After moving to Amsterdam and obtained all certifications, becoming a Reiki Master , she decided to found LoveEnergy in 2020, during the pandemic which was the perfect time to start helping people with their mental and emotional health.

The mission of LoveEnergy is to help each individual to create a loving relationship with themselves and achieve a better quality life by being the best version of yourself.

This can be done in many different ways:

Reiki, Sound Healing, Holistic Coaching,

Art Therapy, Inner Child Therapy, Womb Healing, Cooking Therapy and many more.

How does it work?

You will have a first informal chat with Giuliana and after it, she will indicate you what are the possible options based on your needs and goals. You can be open and honest as much as you want, the more the better, so she can really understand what is the best for you.

It’s also possible to combine different techniques and to design a tailored experience, as your needs are yours and unique.

Together with the above, she also provides ONLINE treatments such as:

Holistic Coaching,
Reiki Chakras Alignment, Sound Healing , Human Design Reading, Akashic Records Reading, Energy Cleaning for your Home or Office and more

Everything is possible if you want it, there’s no limitations!

Life Coaching Mentoring Sound Healing Certifications Energetic Therapies Corporate Workshops

1:1 Working & Transformation

Certifications – Healing Sessions –
Holistic Coaching

Reiki Certifications

Events & Holistic Courses

Retreats – 5 Senses Experience

5 days surrounded by beautiful landscapes: Experimenting with the 5 senses with tastings and workshops. Participating in a journey from the material to the immaterial from the 5 senses connected to the material part of our lives, food, contact with the earth to the analysis of ourselves, our inner processes, meditation, reiki sessions and much more. A special connection, a Yin Yang Process through the 4 natural elements.

Do you have a specific request for yourself, your company, or a group of friends?

Please feel free to write

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