From Italy with love , 

Passionate for study alternative therapies , I offer Healing Journeys through mind body&soul with ancient healing practices and modern psychological knowledge , with a holistic healing approach.

My Personal Development Courses & Energetic Therapies are Directed at women, in all their stages of life 

I have been practising as an Energetic Therapist  for 5 years moving from a yoga studio to an other – 1 year in London and 4 years in Amsterdam –

My studies began 10 years ago , because of my problem with my womb, and I have personally practised on myself all the energetic practices and self-awareness journeys that I offer . I love help people to find them self. Healing with love’s high frequency is the foundation of what Love Energy does: that pure feeling that we all recognise when it touches us and that changes everything instantly. It’s when we make an act of love for ourself.

I am a very positive girl with a smile always coming from the heart.

I love what I do because I enjoy seeing women feel good, happy and light, coming back to their inner truth,  becoming  Amazing Worriors Of Light.

In Amsterdam I obtained the three Reiki Certificates, studying and deepening each level every year and making integrations based on my vision align with my soul.

Change Life Coaching, Sound Therapy, Healing techniques of ancient tribes around the world, Healing Chakras, Art Therapy, Inner Child Therapy , removing inner blocks and reprogramming. Shamanic Practices to release and bring peace to the ancestral line. Wild Woman Shamanic Practices finding the woman wild power, connecting and be aware of the sacre power of the Womb Blessing&Healing , Healing Moon Connection , Sacred Feminine Power, a balance between femininity and masculinity. Human Design , Tao Healing Practices , Reading Akashic Records Guided Meditation, reconnecting with the Inner Truth.

For all women that want raise their consciousness and intuition, activate the sacred wisdom within. Rediscovering themselves in order to make meaningful , permanent changes and regain your original vitality.

We are all connected and if we raise our vibrations through the awakening of our inner power, can do so much for the community in which we live, for planet Earth and for this reality.

Heal yourself to heal the planet

Thank You

with love,

Giuliana Suriano

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Retreats – 5 Senses Experience

5 days surrounded by beautiful landscapes: Experimenting with the 5 senses with tastings and workshops. Participating in a journey from the material to the immaterial from the 5 senses connected to the material part of our lives, food, contact with the earth to the analysis of ourselves, our inner processes, meditation, reiki sessions and much more. A special connection, a Yin Yang Process through the 4 natural elements.

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