Love Energy lovingly takes care of you 

In a serene and peaceful places dedicated to helping to bring balance and harmony between mind  body and soul.

Love energy is open to all women , travellers of the soul, truth seekers who seeks calm and clarity,  from all traditions and lineages and to everyone who want make an experience of senses with flavours and fragrances.

What we offer is a profound experience programmes that help you to reconnect to your true authentic self and enjoy life in an other prospective in a beautiful and special places in PUGLIA. 

A magical land of powerful energies, between the sea, hills and endless plains you can live a unique experience, between programmes of inner balance, deep meditations in historical places with powerful energies, visits to picturesque towns, farms surrounded by olive trees with a regenerating energy and products of the earth with an ancient and incomparable flavour.

You will be taken on a psycho-sensory journey: just as for a newborn child the discovery of the world around him takes place through the Five Senses, so it is for an adult person who wants to regain a positive outlook on life and a tranquillity of certain forgotten sensory experiences, this journey can help him to feel good about his mind and body through a good, healthy diet.

In addition to this emotional psycho-sensory journey, there will be a food and wine journey with wonderful and surprising different activities and holistic treatments organised in Puglia.

The concept of a retreat here at love energy is simple: an experience that engages the senses, bringing us back to the centre of our true essence.

 The  basic credo is: “Mens Sana in corpore Sano. – A healthy mind in a healthy body” (healthy balance with a positive attitude towards life’s events, goals of holistic therapy). This oft-used Latin phrase (from the chapter SATIRE by Juvenal) tells us Mind and body are two worlds in constant mutual influence.

In organised retreats you will enter an inner dimension, a sanctuary of peace and regeneration . For anyone who needs to find themselves, or has a curious mind interested in developing a conscious and healthy lifestyle.

You will be enveloped in a warm and loving atmosphere. You will feel safe, happy and free to be yourself, to explore yourself in a unique and healthy way. You will find all the essential conditions to explore your spiritual realm or to process what needs to manifest in a carefree but meaningful way.

You will find ample time to immerse yourself in this experience of feeling, between stillness, space, silence, and movement, sound.

An experience of the Yin Yang senses 

Encouraging you to live in harmony with yourself and to listen to the nature around you. With Love for Life here we offer Journeys to shine in your new life. Reflect and reset in a safe space with Giuliana in this amazing and powerful land of Puglia

Make time for yourself!

Are you Ready?!

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