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Our mission is to find the ideal retreat for you.
We have selected for you the best retreats where you will be guided step by step, stay in unique accommodations, taste food and wine from ancient flavors, inspiring programs, guided tours to incredible locations so a unique experience!

The Retreat concept here at love energy is simple
An experience that engages the senses
Our fundamental credo is:
“Mens Sana in corpore Sano”.   – A healthy mind in a healthy body”.
(healthy balance with  positive attitude towards life’s events, goals of holistic therapy)
This often-used Latin phrase (from Juvenal’s chapter SATIRE) tells us that in order to have a healthy mind, the body must not be neglected and must be cared for with a healthy and complete diet.

You will be transported on a psycho-sensory journey:
just as for a new-born child, the discovery of the world around them takes place through the Five Senses, so it is for an adult person who wants to regain a positive outlook on life and a tranquillity of certain forgotten sensory experiences, this journey can help them to feel good about their mind and body through an excellent and good diet.
In addition to this emotional psycho-sensory journey, a food and wine trip will be planned with wonderful and surprising different activities and holistic treatments organised in Apulia.

The heel of Italy. A land of sea, hills, and endless plains, Apulia attracts visitors for its beautiful coastline (more than 800 kilometres between the Adriatic and Ionian Seas), but also for its cities of art and picturesque historic villages, where ancient religious traditions still live on, its country farms nestled among olive groves, and its products of the land with an ancient and incomparable flavour.

Puglia is always worth the trip, for many reasons.
You can explore the history, customs and visions of life that have been lived for millennia and which each of you can savour with your five senses.

We know what a Retreat can do, an experience that brings you into constant meditative contact with what you are experiencing moment by moment.
Savour each present moment in a fresh way to relax and continue your personal journey of inner growth.

We work closely with the best specialists and experts to make the trips we offer a great success and to guarantee high quality.

With love I make sure you find exactly the trip that’s right for you!

Take a look at our wonderful offers and don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as we can think of something for you.


Apulia – Sea retreat

We take care of you lovingly !

5 people

Apulia – Sea Retreat

All your senses are fully stimulated in this magical land.
You will experience everything more intensely in contact with the element of water and its flow.
The scents, colours, the sunset that we will enjoy every evening from the terrace.
We will stay in a place between Trani and Bisceglie, in a beautiful location overlooking the sea, we will discover enchanting places with delicious food, we will do meditations…

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Apulia – Retreat in Nature

We take care of you lovingly !

8 people

Apulia – Retreat in Nature

In contact with nature, with the element of Earth.
Stay in a beautiful farmhouse near Andria where all rooms have en-suite bathrooms with private terraces and views of the Castel del Monte.
You will be guided by Giuliana. Holistic Therapist Reiki Master .
The scents, colours, the experiences of kneading creating, the sunset that we enjoy every evening from the terrace with the view of the Castle.
We take care of everything so that you can completely abandon yourself to your relaxing holiday.

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