Retreat Puglia 5 Senses Tasting Experience

Getting to know Apulia through the tasting of typical products and the stories of local producers. Immerse yourself in the historical and artistic beauty of the cities.

Organise your personal or business trip with “gusto”.
All in 3 days.

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The experience also extends to couples, families and companies who want to immerse themselves in a journey of exploration of places, history and Italian food in a unique and personalized way.


A very special Retreat for you.
Give us the dates you would like and we will organise various packages for you to choose from.

Get to know Puglia by tasting typical products and listening to local producers.

How about tasting burrata in the city where it was invented?

And then appreciate the historical and artistic beauties of the city.

All in 3 days.

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For those who want to feel part of a land rich in history and beauty.

Our all-inclusive organised holiday in Apulia is ideal for those who want to discover world-famous gastronomic excellence.

If you want to accompany the goodness of the table with walks rich in art, architecture and history, then this wine and food tour in Puglia is for you.

You will meet at their farms and there they will explain the secrets of production before succulent tastings.

All this is complemented by the artistic excellence of artisans, artists and architects of the past.


Giuliana Suriano


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