Retreat Reiki Puglia

Connect with your essence

Connected to the Earth 

Welcome to our retreat in Puglia, in contact with the sun, the earth, the energy of the Castle. Returning to our true nature, shining with our own regenerating light in this wonderful location guided and under the special care of Giuliana, Master Reiki.

You will be guided by Giuliana native to the area, who will share with you teachings of reiki , other healing practices . The scents, colours, the experiences of kneading creating, the sunset that we enjoy every evening from the terrace with the view of the Castle.

We take care of everything so that you can completely abandon yourself to your relaxing holiday. Stay in a beautiful farmhouse near Andria (BAT) where all luxury rooms have en-suite bathrooms with private terraces and views of the Castel del Monte.


4 DAYS – 3 nights | 8 PARTICIPANTS

14- 15- 16 September

Retreat Reiki Puglia

This retreat is perfect to align with your true nature , learn about energetic therapies, get your attunement & certification Reiki , in one of the most powerful location.

Participating in a journey from the material to the immaterial. 

A chance to rejuvenate, to taste life, enjoy  feel good, look good,

Experience practices to help you shine and find a deeper connection with your true self. Integrate easy tools & techniques into your daily routine, for the rest of your life.

Take this time out to rejuvenate, restore, and reset.


Retreat Reiki Puglia: What we will do ?

The place is immersed in nature, made of scents, genuine things, history with a fascinating view of the Castel del Monte. 

A very healing and holistic experience has been created for YOU to be fully immersed and enchanted by our programme.

Each day will consist of guided meditation, workshops, healing practices influenced by from shamanic Himalayan culture in a modern Key, Intuitive & restorative yin yang dance, sound healing, reiki energy, cozy ceremonies ,energy field practices, forest bathing, delicious food and a lot of good fun together..

“I will teach you what Reiki is , how you can use it , we will practice together , we will go deeper in ourself. During this transformative 3 days we will deeply rest body, mind and soul in the peaceful and therapeutic surroundings of this amazing location.


  • Reiki Attunement & Certification
  • Guided Shamanic Meditations
  • Intuitive healing dance
  • Reiki Sound Healing Journeys
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Training
  • Workshop pasta
  • Workshop energetic field

In addition to these activities we will:

  • visit the Castel del Monte & we will experiment energetic field
  • will be taken for a wine tasting, but you will also have time to relax reading a book on your terrace with a view of the castle or relax in the JACUZZI !
  • And of course Aperitif Jacuzzi with view in front of the Castle.

Let yourself be delighted by meals of ancient flavours, have dinner near the castle savouring one of the best pizzas of the place! And during these days you can decide to indulge even more with a massage in total relaxation in this magnificent place.

You will leave re-energised and reconnected to your inner self.

All with the knowledge and tools to easily integrate healthy lifestyle habits into your daily life.

The place I have chosen is a special place full of great energy.

We will be under the castle and you will be able to admire it in all its beauty from our amazing position.

We will be able to visit this place and connect deeply by working with the energies of the moment.

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Giuliana Suriano


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