Women’s Empowerment : Sacred Womb Healing

Regaining possession of Your True Self , establishing your center in yourself. A journey that opens the way to life energy, creative flow, grounding , strength and wisdom.

Release old pains, fears based on fake patterns , heal past traumas.

To return to an ancient connection, listening to the body, healing each day.

It is not blood that makes you my sister but the way you understand my heart
as if I carried it
into your body.
Rupi Kaur

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Women’s Empowerment : Sacred Womb Healing – SPECIAL EVENT : SOUND WOMB HEALING


Women’s Empowerment :

Sacred Womb Healing

November Dates: 

13th New Moon –

– 27th Full Moon

Mondays from 19.30 to 21.00

Max 8 women

Some women feel the need to take a 1:1 path for their personal growth and to transform what they need.

That is why I felt I had to pursue my programmes in a different way.

Womb Workshop November  1:1

Price: 285 euro

Group events : 13th & 27th

Price: 30 euro

Group event – What we will do

We will start with a ceremony of connecting with each other through cacao to establish our intention for the journey.

Afterwards you will lay down to enter a state of meditative consciousness and deep listening to the body through a shamanic meditation using a special drum from Norway.

Its vibrations will connect you to the earth and your womb.

Therapeutic essences & incense will accompany you at the beginning and end of your journey to encourage deep listening and stimulation of your senses.

The sound of Tibetan bells begins.

The vibration expands. it is felt creating deep connections, energy releases, emotional releases and reconnection with your true essence.

The experience ends with a relaxing herbal tea that will allow you to sleep and then connect to your dream dimension.

A constant journey of self-discovery, of your own power, of your own energy.

You will also receive a moon ritual to practise by yourself
so you can tune more into your feminine energy.

Event price: 30€


In Yogaspot Buitenveldert, AMSTERDAM

Send us an email or write us the whatsapp button to book your spot for this special event.

Womb Workshop 1:1 – What we will do
  • Emotional healing & wellness, with a deep connection to the Womb – 1 sound healing Session 1:1
  • Rituals
  • Renew Life Energy,
  • Creative flow power,
  • Practices to Strength & Empowerment and open Inner Wisdom Doors
  • Healing Stone & how to use it

Write to know more or Book your spot!

Women’s Empowerment : Sacred Womb Healing – Personal Journey 1:1

Women’s Empowerment : Sacred Womb Healing

The Womb Space is a source of deep wisdom and our creative power center.

It is where we birth new life and/or new ideas into the world.

The truth is, birthing doesn’t just happen on the physical plane in the form a child.

We all experience the birthing process on an energetic plane, in the form of a new project, new business, new intention, or perhaps a new way of living.

Each stage of life

The Healing Journey will be 1:1 Working , based on your needs.

In this Individual Course create for you , will receive simple but powerful practices supporting you to connect deeply  with your Womb & find your healing way.

This will be a guide to accompany you through the different needs of each age and stage of life , giving you a chance to brush up on your skills of self-management , self-criticism , and self-reflection , with respect to emotional processes and physical experiences.

Mind Body Soul

What results I get

Women’s Empowerment : Sacred Womb Healing

Breaking down destructive cultural and social conditioning, that create fake patterns, we make space for the truth.

Healing past emotions , that need to be felt and listened to be transformed.

Release energetic blocks, fears and limitations in the sessions, aware of the truth of how you feel, connecting  to your Wild and Fearless feminine self, Ignite more courage, passion and Soul liberation in your life

You will get:

  • Emotional healing & wellness, with a deep connection to the Womb
  • Balancing hormones practices
  • Healing Womb Practices
  • Release emotions and energetic blocks starting with fundamental shamanic  Womb Awakening practices
  • Balancing your energy with intuitive dance movement
  • Rituals & Ceremonies
  • Ancestral Feminine Power
  • Renew Life Energy,
  • Creative flow power,
  • Strength & Empowerment
  • Inner Wisdom Doors

Giuliana started her journey in 2012 by studying energetic therapies to heal her body from endometriosis.

After taking care of herself & studied Reiki, Sound Healing, Life Coaching,  she developed the interest of sharing her knowledge with others to help people healing their bodies and create a great balance between body, mind and soul.

At Yoga Spot & other locations in Amsterdam Giuliana offers Treatments mixed with Sound Healing and Reiki with therapeutic essences to help you release accumulated tension and stress which will lead you to relax the fullest.

The results will last for few days.

Based on your need, you will get a tailored treatment that will help you achieving your goals.

November Prices

  • Group Event 13th November
    30 €
    Monday 13th from 19.30 to 21.00

    cacao ceremony + sound healing + Full Moon special ritual

  • Group event 27th November
    30 €
    Monday 27th from 19.30 to 21.00

    cacao ceremony + sound healing + Full Moon special ritual

  • Womb Workshop 1:1
    285 €
    1:1 sound session – healing practices – rituals – connect deeply with your feminine energy – special stones to use for your practices as a tool of healing

Prices 1:1 Live

  • Personal journey
    From € 543
    4 weeks of healing practices , shamanic meditations, 4 support online – live (in park )

    sessions 1.30 minutes, life tools, 2 reiki healing online – live and much more link to your needs & goals.

  • Single Session
    From € 120

Prices Online

  • Personal growth journey
    From € 334
    4 weeks of awareness practices , meditation, 4 support online sessions 30 minutes, life tools, 2 reiki healing online and much more link to your needs & goals.
  • Single Session
    € 85

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