Women’s Empowerment : Sacred Womb Healing

A Women’s Journey.

A circle of women or a deep journey in yourself.

To awake, recognise & manifest your feminine power.

Listening your inner wisdom where life can be create

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Women’s Empowerment : SPECIAL EVENTs

In the next months there will be different Events with a combinations of practices to make the change more powerful.

Here you will find some more information about what we will do together:

Meditation with cacao ceremony & intuitive dance

Intuitive dance:

Dancing is an active meditation, when we dance we go beyond thought, beyond mind and beyond our individuality to become one in the divine ecstasy of the union with the cosmic spirit. This is the essence of trance dance experience.

Why the cacao

Ceremonial cacao is a genuine desire to connect with, to be guided by, and to learn from cacao. Cacao ceremony is an opportunity to listen and connect.

Cacao Ceremony means relating with cacao with gratitude, intention, and reciprocity. As ceremony is an art form that responds to what is arising and true in the present moment.

When we relate with cacao ceremonially, we open our apertures to a far greater experience than simply enjoying cacao as a delicious beverage with health, mood, and energy benefits.

While all of these are compelling reasons to drink cacao, according to some Indigenous elders, ceremony is the way to put our lives into order and, in turn, bring the cosmos into order.

Cacao is a teacher that is skilled at helping us reconnect with our own hearts, tend our relationships, and walk through life purposefully and guided by clear vision.

The three universal pillars that we see as core to creating cacao ceremony are: gratitude, intention, and reciprocity.

What we will do together:

We start with a simple seated meditation

Attention to the breath.

We connect to the light, while purifying the surrounding energy with essences and incense.

Slowly we proceed with the connection to the heart and intention with cacao.

Slowly we will proceed to a seated body movement and slowly approaches an intuitive dance.

No previous experience is required, but simply letting go of the movement.

Each event brings with it a symbol with its own deep and powerful meaning that can be used in the dance.

Do you have questions ? don’t hesitate to ask me.

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Would you like to embark in a personal Journey of self discovery read more and if you feel let’s start with a free consultation

Women’s Empowerment : Sacred Womb Healing

Your personal Journey

The Womb Space is a source of deep wisdom and our creative power center.

It is where we birth new life and/or new ideas into the world.

The truth is, birthing doesn’t just happen on the physical plane in the form a child.

We all experience the birthing process on an energetic plane, in the form of a new project, new business, new intention, or perhaps a new way of living.

Each stage of life

The Healing Journey will be 1:1 Working , based on your needs.

In this Individual Course create for you , will receive simple but powerful practices supporting you to connect deeply  with your Womb & find your healing way.

This will be a guide to accompany you through the different needs of each age and stage of life , giving you a chance to brush up on your skills of self-management , self-criticism , and self-reflection , with respect to emotional processes and physical experiences.

Mind Body Soul

What results I get in my Personal Journey

Every path is different and depends on one’s needs, one’s personal path and how the body responds to it.

Through various sessions you will be guided.
You will release that which no longer serves you, making space for a new dimension with yourself.

Release energetic blocks, fears and limitations in the sessions, aware of the truth of how you feel, connecting  to your Wild and Fearless feminine self, Ignite more courage, passion and Soul liberation in your life

You will acquire notions and tools that will allow you to understand how your body works, but also to stimulate that ancestral feminine power through practices dedicated to it.

You will get:

  • Emotional healing & wellness, with a deep connection to the Womb
  • Balancing hormones practices
  • Healing Womb Practices
  • Release emotions and energetic blocks starting with fundamental shamanic  Womb Awakening practices
  • Balancing your energy with intuitive dance movement
  • Rituals & Ceremonies
  • Ancestral Feminine Power
  • Renew Life Energy,
  • Creative flow power,
  • Strength & Empowerment
  • Inner Wisdom Doors

About Giuliana, the Therapist

Giuliana started her journey in 2012 by studying energetic therapies to heal her body from endometriosis.

After taking care of herself & studied Reiki, Sound Healing, Life Coaching,  she developed the interest of sharing her knowledge with others to help people healing their bodies and create a great balance between body, mind and soul.

At Yoga Spot & other locations in Amsterdam Giuliana offers Treatments mixed with Sound Healing and Reiki with therapeutic essences to help you release accumulated tension and stress which will lead you to relax the fullest.

The results will last for few days.

Based on your need, you will get a tailored treatment that will help you achieving your goals.

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