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A way to balance the energies of the masculine and the feminine
A way to transform wounds into gifts
A way to stimulate your deep intuition in connection with your body

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WHAT we will do together?

Letting ourself express and allowing us to listen and experience our multidimensionality and awareness through different holistic practices.

Events can be related to different topic each month.

Various group meetings, or individual special sessions , are designed and structured in order to guide and support the process of rediscovery of the body, deep feeling , expressing its authenticity beyond any external conditioning, to change the perspective of our reality with a transformed quality of freedom, well-being, responsibility, self-determination, a journey through different “lands”, guided by the multiple keys that in our journey we will encounter, although we have never had experience in this field.

Energetic Healing Sessions, Sound Healing – Yin Yang Dance –

Shamanic Meditation – Ceremonies



March : renewal and awakening

Energetic Therapies : Women’s Day – SPECIAL OFFER!

Sound Healing Workshop – 18 march 

REIKI 1 level – 22 March – 31st March 

Sound Mandala Meditation – 24 March 

It is a time when all of Nature brings a message of renewal and awakening, after the long winter nights.

The moment of union in a cosmic symbolism, linked to the awakening of Nature; this is linked to the theme of marriage between a male deity, belonging to the solar sphere, and a female one, linked to the Earth or the moon. The Sun God mates, in fact, with the young Earth Goddess.

is the time of rebirth, of new projects, it is the time when it is possible to realise those dreams that were born in the cold period. It is the time to open up to feelings and experience them in their entirety.

Be reborn with Nature and merge with Mother Earth, celebrate her and rejoice in the Life that blossoms and manifests itself in all its forms.

Please write for Booking & Info.

You can write an email at the end, or you can send a message on whapp.

What feel right for you.

Many Thanks, I hope to see you soon!

Energetic Therapies : Women’s Day

Find a moment for yourself, a time to let go and release tensions, emotions, thoughts.


8 March – from 9.30 to 12.00

11 March – from 11.00 to 16.00

12 March – from 11.00 to 16.00


Special Women’s Price :

1h – 65 euro  (instead 85 euro)

Also Meet up : LINK

Sound Mandala Meditation

Developing Personal Power

– 24 March 

Through a Meditation with Mandala and Sound Healing

An inner journey to the centre . You will choose your own special mandala, with which you can continue, if you wish, this work of personal growth. You will receive a spacial meditation to embrace with the sound in your experience of connecting and healing.


Early Bird Until 12 March : 32 euro

 Normal Ticket price : 40 euros

( Oriental Tea + Special Mandala + Sound Healing -)

Time Event : 17.30 to 19.30 – Duration: 2h

Max 8 people

Also Meet up : LINK

Contact for More Info on Location

Sound Healing Workshop

18 march 

Early Bird Until 10 March : 25 euro

Normal Price Ticket : 35 euro

Time Event  : 13.00 to 15.00 – Duration: 2h

Max 8 people

Book your experience. A special moment of connection with the sound.

Frequency that helps our brain to relax .

Be in tune with our True Nature , Essence

Also Meet up : LINK

Contact for More Info on Location

Reiki Certification

REIKI 1 level

Until 22 March 

Early Bird  : 125 euro – 225 euro – 525 euro

Individual Training

Different Price Option : 

The option you will choose has different content.

After 22 March Prices:

– 150 euro – Just basic info+ Certification + Attunement

–  250 euro – Basic Information + Certification + Attunement + other Chinese medicine techniques to integrated in your practice

– 550 euro – 4 weeks of exercises- Basic Information + Certification + Attunement + other Chinese medicine techniques to integrated in your practice + 3 releasing reiki massage sessions to make space for new energies  + support in your Journey

Choose what feel right for you , and you will receive what you need.

Also Meet up : LINK

Contact for More Info on Location

Free Events

– Sound healing – 1 march – FULL

– Dance healing – 27 march –

– Free Meditation Walking Park – 45 minutes

– SPECIAL FREE SHORT Akashic Records Reading

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Also on Meet up : LINK

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