A way to change
a way to balance the energies of the masculine and the feminine
a way to transform wounds into gifts
a way to stimulate your deep intuition in connection with your body

Be present
Heal yourself

2543 Women

have already taken these events

WHAT we will do together?

Letting ourself express and allowing us to listen and experience our multidimensionality and awareness through different holistic practices.

Events can be related to different topic each month.

Various group meetings, or individual special sessions , are designed and structured in order to guide and support the process of rediscovery of the body, deep feeling , expressing its authenticity beyond any external conditioning, to change the perspective of our reality with a transformed quality of freedom, well-being, responsibility, self-determination, a journey through different “lands”, guided by the multiple keys that in our journey we will encounter, although we have never had experience in this field.

Energetic Healing Sessions, Sound Healing – Yin Yang Dance –

Shamanic Meditation – Ceremonies


 January- An healing transition

We are in the month of January. A safe passage from chaos to order.

A month of passage perfect to let go. A new beginning written in our DNA

To let us go deeper , into history , ancient traditions and rituals take a look more about my article of January . Click Here.


To support you on this journey of beginning , special treatments will be offered as needed.

Sound Healing Session
Special Reiki Session

choose the one that’s right for you
release what you no longer need

Package : Offer valid until 31 January

3 treatments – Special Price : 225 euro

5 treatments – Special Price : 375 euro

Sound Healing Groups – Couple 

  • Private sound healing groups, to share the experience of sound and energy together.

Each event can have a different starting theme to go deep within ourselves, but with your soul tribe.

  • Sound Healing as a couple a moment of union of energies .

From 2 to max 6 people

– From 2  : 1h – 150 Euro

– From 4 to max 6 people:

1h45 – 45 Euro per person 


a special ceremony for you .

To start this year in a very nice way
Between ancient tea rituals to a meditation with reiki energies and sound healing

a special time to find yourself
Individual or max 4 people

The ceremony customised to your needs

A special place that brings back the past
a space of healing and union.

Individual : 85 euro

2 people : 150 euro

4 people : 260 euro

Free Events

– Free Consulting Online- 20 minutes

– Free Consulting Walking – 30 minutes

– Free Meditation Walking Park – 45 minutes

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