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In the flow of what comes at such an intense time of transforming energies I feel I will dedicate myself & my energy to a few people who will undertake a personal journey of themselves.

Big transformations require energy and I flow where it’s right to be.

Private events can be arranged on request,  to find out more write an email or write via whatsapp by clicking the button to your right at the bottom of this page.

Sound CLASSES will always be open to those who wish to experiment.

Mondays and Wednesdays : Sound Healing Therapy
Fridays : Sound Healing Meditation

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What is the difference between Sound Healing Therapy
Sound Healing Meditation?

Sound Healing Therapy
A maximum of 8 people in a special sound bath, in which everyone receives what they need.
It starts with a short meditation and after the intention, the sound bath begins. Bowls are played around you and on you. A bowl will be placed on your belly so that you can feel and experience what the sound can do for you. A personalised treatment according to the energies of the moment. A sound massage of awareness. Few minutes of sound therapy to experiment.

Sound Healing Meditation
A maximum of 12 people. You start with a meditation and slowly immerse yourself in the sound vibrations.
The bowls are played from various positions according to the energy present at the moment.
There is no contact with the bowls. An immersion that awakens the senses and brings us back to the essence.

Special treatments in Nature :

Reiki Meditation

Cacao Ceremony with Reiki & Sound Meditation

Cacao Ceremony & Intuitive dance with Reiki 

60 minutes – 50 euro
90 minutes – 55 euro

The location can be decided together in one of Amsterdam’s beautiful parks, or in the fantastic Amsterdamse Bos forest

Sound Healing Therapy

60 minutes – 60 euro
90 minutes – 65 euro


If another location is desired the price may change.

Book or request info by writing an email or using the whatsapp button to your right at the bottom of this page

To know more about :



– Dedicated retreats –

Mind Body Spirit

If you are looking for a transformative journey in the Reiki, with Attunement under the powerful energy of The Castel del Monte ,

this can be one option for You

Please: Booking Until June

Reiki retreat 

Farmhouse near Castel del monte 

Andria – bat

Dedicated to women who want to embark on a journey towards Reiki.The Tao Way

A special attunement under the energy of the Castel del Monte, considered in ancient times a special place for its powerful energy vibrations.

In this special place you will get in touch with and acquire the practice of reiki accompanied by other activities, good food and a breathtaking view of the castle.


Sound healing retreat 

Trani – Bat

A journey to fully enjoy the place, the healing vibrations of the sea accompanied by sound journeys

Flow and transform what comes in.

In this special place between workshops, sound baths, cocoa ceremony good food, guided tours.


For more Information about Events or Retreats, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Thank you

Have a lovely journey in Yourself


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