I had the honour to work on myself and learn the natural medicine practices of the Eastern Himalayas. With various practices of Great Mother’s Medicine, you can acquire resources and tools that will enable you to Healing your bloodline , healing the relationship with yourself  , and with that wounded child within you. A Journey of soul healing . Ancestors circles to be transformed, loving release for your Inner Child free to express the Beauty of the Light , for your well-being and that of your line.

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Ancestor Journey


Ancestral Journey

With this journey you will be able to ‘free’ what still ‘stuck’ in these events and who consequently block our entire bloodline.

Very often we feel stuck in our lives without fully understanding why, for example problematic relationships with men or women, issues of violence, or other problems or dynamics that come into a family for no apparent reason, but if you dig deep, you may find that you are merely repeating patterns and behaviours that our Ancestors had already done and have therefore imprinted in our bloodline.

It is possible to heal these aspects, to release the cords that still bind us to our Ancestors, it is possible to transform these aspects that have plagued your family for decades or centuries.

The basis of our whole existence is based on a concept of birth and death.

In the seed of life, which science cannot fully understand, there is all our past history, which we carry with us, and naturally this history can also write the future history, the life that each of us will go on to lead.

Through the knowledge of the past, of one’s lineage, of one’s origins, it is possible to work to shed light on and gently transform all the darker and more repetitive parts of our lives.

One can also value the talents and gifts that our Ancestors have left us. Honouring one’s gifts and talents is what allows man to live his life in full freedom and expression.

  • Understanding and awareness of your origins
  • Learn how to Be free from Family dynamics
  • Rediscover your Talents
  • Learn how to Heal your Traumas
  • Unblock what you need

Inner Child Journey

Inner Child Journey

To transform those thought forms that have become ingrained over time and that have convinced us that we are not enough, or that we are not capable of doing something on a material but also emotional level.

With this Inner Child Journey you will discover various aspects unknown to you and you will notice how it is possible to reprogram your mind and your memories in a positive way.

Connected to the work of the ancestors, it represents all the memories passed down from generation to generation.

Through an in-depth analysis of certain dynamics, we will unlock and transform all those parts that are linked to mental habits, harmful customs that no longer have any reason to exist, if our ultimate goal is to achieve psychophysical well-being.

A way to deepen our fears, listen to our emotions.

(10 sessions) The practice of the Rainbow Pool is traditionally found in most native civilisations. I have worked on it myself and they introduced me to the natural medicine practices of the Eastern Himalayas.

It is an inner work, made of memories, to get in touch in a deep way with our unconscious where everything is revealed. Like a gateway to questions, the answers to which can only come from within us.

Each exercise will be explained to you so that you can be fully aware. A way to let go of everything you no longer need. A new way of feeling and perceiving the world around you.

The experience will be unique and different depending on how you carry it out and how involved you are. Return to simple, genuine, ridiculous things, but made of joy, laughter and smiles.

ALL depends what are you looking for your inner growth.

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I began this journey with sweet Giuliana because I was going through an incredibly absurd period. Each time the same situations repeated themselves, each time I found myself having to suffer in the same way and more and more intensely, and I never understood why.
When I confronted Giuliana, she advised me to undertake a journey to discover my roots – Ancestral Journey – , to analyse and understand, with a different and loving feeling, the deep reasons why these situations arose. It has been a journey of enormous growth, even in the painful moments, in which we have brought memories to life, she has been able to support me with a sweetness and presence. I feel freer, more aware of my past, of my roots, and I have learnt to manage the future situations that life proposes to me, I have learnt to emotionally face what comes with a new feeling, without fear. I feel connected to my ancestors in a unique way, I feel reborn under a new light.


    € 635
    1:1 Working  – 10 weeks
  • LIVE
    € 835
    1:1 Working  – 10 weeks
    8 Coaching Sessions + 3 Energetic Sessions


    € 635
    1:1 Working  10 weeks
  • LIVE
    € 835
    1:1 Working  – 10 weeks
    8 sessions + 3 Energetic Sessions


    € 850
    1:1 Working –  20 weeks – 
    Based on what you need –  instead 1270 euro – 850 euro
  • LIVE
    € 1250
    1:1 Working –  20 weeks – 
    Coaching Sessions + Energetic Sessions
    Based on what you need –  instead 1670 euro – 1250 euro

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