February: Celebration of the Light

February: Celebration of the Light

Deeply connected to the great Mother Earth , 

we are in the period of the Day of the Rising Light. 

The light begins to show at the beginning of February: the days get longer little by little and even though the winter season continues to maintain its icy grip, we notice that something is changing.

The Frost is melting, in our minds, in our souls, in our hearts. The Frost is making way for the Light. Essence, primordial, divine and majestic, so the Great Mother Goddess, fruit of sacred passion, rests her feet on the dew-soaked earth. 

Here the Magic happens. The cosmos shifts, changes, transforms in the serene and living beauty of time, nature mutates under the tinkling of the Mother, letting each flower bloom.

It is our springtime in advance, our blossoming, our growing strength, day after day, it is the light that explodes in its deepest self and through the Eternal Cave, it explodes radiating through our body.

If we superimpose the Wheel of the Year on our modern calendar, the first feast we encounter falls on 1 February.

Among the Celts, 1 February was Imbolc (pronounced Immol’c) also known as Oimelc or Imbolg. The etymology of the word is controversial but the meanings all point to the deep meaning of this feast. In fact, Imbolc seems to derive from Imb-folc, meaning ‘great rain’ and in many places in the Celtic countries this date is also called the ‘Rain Festival’: this may refer to the climatic changes of the season but also to the idea of a lustration that purifies from winter impurities. 

Instead, Oimelc means ‘lactation of the sheep’ while Imbolg means ‘in the sack’ in the sense of ‘in the womb’ with a symbolic reference to Nature’s awakening in the womb of Mother Earth and with a more material reference to the lambs, a new source of food and wealth, which the providence of Nature and the farmers would bring forth at the beginning of the good season.

Imbolc is one of the four Celtic festivals, known as ‘fire festivals’ because the ritual lighting of fires and bonfires is an essential feature. In this festival, however, fire is considered under its aspect of light, this being the period of growing light.

The ancient Celts, aware of the subtle changes of the seasons like all people of the past, celebrated this time of Nature’s awakening in an appropriate manner. There were no great tribal celebrations at this dark and cold time of year, yet village women gathered to celebrate the Goddess of Light together (celebrations began on the eve, 31 January, because for the Celts each day began at dusk on the previous day).

This phase is a time of Transition. Everything transitions through the Light, as in the alchemical process we transform our person (i.e. Death-winter into rebirth and life) 

And here is the dawn of a new day.

Light always brings something new. 

Light always brings hope of something different.

So February, invites us to purification of body and spirit. 

Month of regeneration, month dedicated to the consecration of our inner temple. 

Celebrating this period means learning and getting to know the immensity of the Light.

A journey that can lead us to the boundaries of our ego, a journey that allows us, if we so wish, to reawaken our Light, to ignite sacred flame, to get to know closely that which nourishes us.

The Light is born in our womb, in the cradle of sublime love, inside hidden cavities that flow into the sea of the heart, tumult and occasion that makes us beat, breathe and live. It is therefore time to give flame and life to this feeling of ours, it is time to ignite the magic of fire, it is time to blossom.

This period is linked to Imbolc  that means ‘in the womb’. , a message that would like to be identified with the purification of the mother’s womb, but if we try to explore the cave, feel the rocky and impervious path, we realise that all of us, men and women, without any distinction, ‘are carried in the womb’ we are in the womb, and we live in the womb, in the constantly moving cauldron of the Great Mother of everything.

As we move towards a new horizon of consciousness, we are given the possibilities to find our tools of life, the courage to make the choices that take us beyond the comfort zone, and a torch of light, the authentic connection to yourself to illuminate the steps on this path full of energy and magic. 

We are supported with light to learn the beauty, grace and harmony of this cathartic moment of deepening and renewal.



“I am the Light and the light is within me

It grows, changes and transforms and all the frost penetrates the soul, like water gushing forth from a wonderful source of light and love.
Light brings love, light brings beauty, blinding and alive.
Light is blooming”


Thank you



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