May : Archetypical meanings between tradition & myth

May : Archetypical meanings between tradition & myth

Archetypical meanings between tradition & myth

Connecting to the energies of the moment.

 Each natural cycle represents a flow of energies, being aware of what is happening makes us feel and be in tune with nature and our essence.

At this time of year, the energy of the earth is at its peak: 

leaves, flowers and fruit emerge with speed .

It is the season of love, passion is celebrated, people are called out of their homes, animals leave their dens.

It is an important moment of passage where the winter darkness finally gives way to light, to action, to transformation.

May : Archetypical meanings  between tradition & mythIt is time to blossom, to flower, to emerge.

In May and mainly on the day of 1 May, dedicated to Beltane, it is customary to dance around a tall pole, preferably made of wood, which represents the universe and male energy, and each dancer will be holding a coloured ribbon that originates from the top of the pole. It is called the maypole. The dancing ribbons are twisted along the pole and thus symbolise the feminine force uniting with the masculine force to create life.

The teachings of the Beltane festival

The element that most characterises this festival is fire. 

That everything purifies, heats and dissolves, to bring new life. In these hours steeped in antiquity, in peasant traditions, in the energies of the awakening earth, it is important to awaken our inner fire as well. 

Nourish it so that it does not slumber, so that it is not extinguished, so that it is not rejected. When we perceive a spark within us, we try to bring it to life without fear of burning ourselves. We will then realise that what really feeds us cannot hurt us.

It is time to let go of control, to dance, to feel the warmth of the fire. 

It is the only way to bring out our inner flowers.

But let’s go more in deep meaning 


About a million and a half years ago, in Africa, the first humans of our era learned to control fire. It was a fundamental achievement. With fire, man learned to control intuition, to use it as a tool. With fire he could lengthen the hours of light, defend himself, cook food, warm himself (and therefore survive even in cold climates), build tools (cooking earth or metals) and transform substances through heat.

It was such an important discovery that one never wanted to lose it again. It was recognised as a sacred gift and in ancestral rituals it was linked to the Goddess in her Bird form. In many ancient traditions there was an altar on which a fire considered sacred burned perennially, with priestesses exclusively dedicated to keeping it always lit.

May : Archetypical meanings  between tradition & mythThis was the case even more recently, in ancient Greece and Rome, where Hestia/Vesta was honoured as the goddess of the hearth and the vestals, from childhood, appeared chosen and consecrated to the goddess, like her forever virgins.

It was so in Celtic Ireland, where the fire of the goddess Birgit, in Kildare, was never allowed to go out. Birgit represented the luminous aspect of the Triple Goddess, the Maiden Goddess of Light and Rebirth, also represented as a white swan, linked to the winter solstice and hope. In the Catholic era it was replaced by Santa Brigitta, and her priestesses with nuns.

ESTIA: silent but central.

Hestia is a forgotten goddess, almost never represented, often unknown today.

 In patriarchal societies her figure becomes discreet and enjoys little appeal, identified with the figure of the “maiden aunt”, the archetype of the wise and discreet old woman who takes care of others without asking for anything.

Hestia’s symbol is the circle, because it is complete in itself but also because it is the empty shape ready to welcome.

In India, the circle and the column which the Greeks kept separate are represented together: the column (the lingam, or phallus of the divine Shiva) is at the center of a circle which represents the sacred Yoni. The masculine and feminine principle are thus reunited and merged into a single altar.

Hestia is the guardian of fire, the complete woman who perceives her body as a temple and for this very reason she is ready to dare. His is a sacred, ritual giving.

She is the initiated woman, who knows the mystery of fire. She is the protector from darkness, the hearth, the altar, the sacred space.

It is the static aspect of the Goddess, quiet, where Aphrodite represents the alchemical goddess of transformation. Hestia rules fire, Aphrodite lets herself be set on fire. They are two complementary aspects of the Goddess, two phases (of many).

If the Hestia that lives as an archetype within each of us is nurtured, this will result in a deep inner balance. Hestia is the goddess of silence and light. His voice can be heard in the crackling of the fire and if you enter his magic circle time ceases to exist.

We will be women who do not act out of need but out of choice.

If a woman knows how to be alone and protect her inner temple, her love will always be a gift and at the same time no love can ever extinguish it.

Hestia is the goddess who is not afraid of winter and who, if she gets lost, can find her way home simply by drawing a circle around her. Estia knows that, invisible in the middle of the ice, burns an ancient flame that never goes out.

It is the mystical fire from which all stories are born. Indeed, this mysterious goddess is also the goddess of tales around the hearth. The goddess of secret traditions, initiatory tales and ancient wisdom. The incandescent core that feeds the engine of Life.

She seems distant and forgotten but in reality her silent voice is always there for us, like the gaze of a grandmother, of a wise ancestor who fears nothing and who knows pain, loneliness, the art of loving.May : Archetypical meanings  between tradition & myth

Dedicate time to our inner fire. Let us not let our temple become a frozen cave. Let’s melt the trapped emotions with our flame and let them flow like water, even if they were tears. They are our direct line to the Sea, our mother.


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What is a ritual?

What it represents?

Hello to you all,

Today I would like to talk to you about rituals :

A ritual is a moment with ourselves
A celebration of the moment
A request for help in letting go
A guidance, a direction
Creation, movement and transformation of energies

Everything happens within us.
Entering into relationship and deep listening with ourselves

Listening to what we need in the present moment, an intimate connection between us and the reality that surrounds and reflects us.

The space

When preparing a ritual we first pay attention to the environment, with love and dedication we create a sacred space for ourselves ( sacred because we need to recognise the importance of ourselves, the sacredness of the moment with ourselves, an intimate encounter, where we are alone connected to our essence )

One enters into a dimension of consciousness of listening to one’s body, mind and soul.

The intention

A dedication, an intention from the depths of the heart, this is how energy is transformed from feeling to thought, to be then formulated into word and action

Offering in ritual

Connecting to mother earth part of ourselves, part of our existence and its cycles of renewal.

By offering something, we connect with the transmutation movement, we create an alchemical bridge to a dimension of sharing and co-creation with mother earth

With an open and sincere heart we move into change, with humility and gratitude we participate in the transformation of what is necessary.

RitualsConnected We heal us & Mother Earth

Do you have your own special ritual?! post a photo of your ritual on Instagram and tag @loveenergyconnections, we will share your ritual.

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1 March: The Moon Festival

1 March: The Moon Festival

An interesting article on some rituals related to the Mother Earth.

There are places around the world where cults linked to Mother Earth are still remembered.
In Sardinia, Italy, they celebrated that particular moment of passage between the end of February and the beginning of March.

1 March in the ancient world

A quick search in the Roman world allows us to confirm the suspicion.

On 1 March in the Roman world at least two significant things happened: the fire guarded by the vestals was extinguished and rekindled as a new fire. In this sense, the 1st of March was understood as the second beginning of the year. A true new New Year. This meant that it was a truly significant date. A day of power.

The Matronalia were celebrated. On the occasion of the Matronalia, the goddess celebrated was the powerful, feminine, generative Juno, invoked by women in childbirth as Iuno Lucina.

Among the various epithets by which Juno was known was ‘Moneta’ traced back to an Indo-European root whose meaning would be Moon, lunation. 1 March was the feast of Juno, and therefore of the Moon. And since Juno/Moon was in connection with childbirth, conception, and the menstrual cycle, it is not surprising that dew, its expression, was understood to be useful for generating health, abundance, and above all fertility, all of which lead to much sought-after good fortune. The same moon is still invoked in Sardinia today for strength, agility and above all money.

1 March is also celebrated in other places around the world, linked by this and other customs to Sardinia. I refer to Romania, Moldavia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Greece.

On the occasion of Mărțișor (Little March), small amulets are given to men and women.

The amulet consists of a rope made of intertwined red and white threads. The Mărțișor is considered a protective talisman that balances good and evil.

In Bulgaria, the amulet is called marteniza and can consist of simple red and white threads, bracelets or dolls made of cloth, wool and cotton.

When in thread form and/or the amulet bracelet or necklace is worn on 1 March. It is then hung on a tree or placed under a stone (making a wish) at the first sign of spring. Signs of spring are the flight of a stork, a swallow or a flowering tree. Martenizas can never be worn after 1 April.

In these localities, 1 March is considered a public holiday: traditionally, it was believed that Baba Dochia, the Great Mother Earth, often associated with the Roman Juno, should not be disturbed on that day: it is on that day that she decides whether to awaken spring or keep winter alive.



Dew, moon and health

The recurring elements in this cultural corpus are diverse, but the real protagonist is the dew, bearer of health, healing, and fertility.

When in Sardinia you say dew you mean moon.
Dew: healing and abundance
Dew, in the above-mentioned localities is called s’arrosu ‘e mrartsu (dew / condensation / dew of March) and was collected the night before the first of March.

There were at least two reasons for this:

1. Dew and cosmetics

The dew was used for washing the face, arms and legs. In this way, chapped skin, sunstroke, and spots on the skin due to tanning would be prevented during the following year. The efficacy of the dew was closely linked to when, where and how it was collected.

In some cases it could be collected in any cultivated field, in others only in barley and/or fodder fields. In still other cases, the dew had to be collected only from the leaves of the woolly thistle (kanna de morai) or in the datura stramonium (in Sardinia erba de dente, ischizza babbau, nughe agreste, stramòniu) (in Italy erba del diavolo, erba maga, noce spinosa, stramonio).

An ever-recurring constraint is the time of harvesting: the dew had to be collected under the influence of the moon, before sunrise.

Beauty in this case means health. The use of dew therefore had a preventive and/or protective purpose.

The connections with the rituals associated with the cycle of St John are obvious. In St John, dew is rarely mentioned, but the use of flower water has almost the same protective function.

2. Dew and abundance

The value of the element is made clear by the fact that there are various ways in which dew is stolen. Whatever is stolen is to be considered precious. Dew is more than precious: dew is sacred because it brings fertility to fields and abundance to homes.

The materials: a sheet (in some cases warm from the thief’s sleep) and/or a tablecloth is required to carry out the theft. Crucially, the cloth had to be linen and woven in the home.

Iter: the magical theft had to take place this way. Before sunrise, the thief alone or in the company of a partner had to go to someone else’s field. The field could belong to a particularly hated person.

With the ritual, one could steal another’s fortune. The theft of the dew would have meant the failure of the crops in that particular field to ripen. The dew absorbed in the sheet, once squeezed into the thief’s wheat field, would in contrast guarantee him an exceptional year.

The connection between dew, abundance and good fortune does not escape us here. Dew, especially if collected at that particular time, is a guarantee of life, prosperity and happiness.

Dew: insights

The connection we need to make here is that between dew and the moon.

It was a shared certainty that dew was a direct product of the moon that brought health (mothers would roll their children among the dew-laden herbs of 1 March to protect them from any illness during the following year. Among the most popular herbs was periwinkle), beauty (see above), fertility (of fields, animals and women. Women who were unsuccessful in conceiving a child on St John’s Night were advised to rub their genitals on the dew-rich grass), abundance and good fortune (dew was stolen mainly to steal abundance from the fields and good fortune from the owners of the fields).

The fact that dew is the protagonist of the festivities in question, must make us think that 1 March was once an important date on which lunar or moon-related deities were celebrated, and perhaps the moon itself

1 March: The Moon Festival

I conclude this article with the hope that the festivities in honour of 1 March – lunar, animistic, naturalistic – once rediscovered will allow for a stronger connection and perhaps a more sustainable stay in our habitat.





The first of March in some localities of southern Sardinia by Pinuccia Piscedda, Brads, 1976

Le piante nella tradizione popolare della Sardegna, Aldo Domenico Atzei, Carlo Delfino editore

The doors of the year: seasonal ceremonies and animal masquerades, Enrico Comba, Margherita Amateis, OpenEditionBook

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Archetypal Fairy Tale: Tom Thumb seeking the truth

Archetypal Seeking Truth Tale

Archetypal Fairy Tale: Tom Thumb seeking the truth Brothers Grimm’s Fairy Tale : Tom Thumb

Archetypal Seeking Truth Tale

It is a fairy tale full of interesting meanings.

A journey in search of the truth hidden within us.

The truth that we will make us free.
Tom Thumb may well represent the point in human evolution where the conscious soul appears, which in fact has as its prerogatives cunning, intelligence and being ‘a quick-witted little thing’.

That Tom Thumb represents the birth of the conscious soul can perhaps be read in one of the groupings of the constituent parts of man given in Theosophy in which the conscious soul is the 5th element, namely:
1 – physical body
2 – etheric body
3 – sentient soul body
4 – rational soul
5 – conscious soul pervaded by the spirit

The fairy tale seems to retrace the entire cosmic evolution given by “The Occult Science”, which begins with the warmth of Saturn (the peasant father stoking the fire), passing through the intervention on the ancient Moon of the forces of the obstacle when “at a turning, while the little one cried out for the horse (astral element arising on the ancient Moon) to bend to the left, two foragers passed by”. All the way to the bottom of earthly reality with Tom Thumb’s entry into the mouse’s den.

Archetypal Fairy Tale: Tom Thumb seeking the truth “Once upon a time there was a poor peasant who sat by the hearth one evening and stoked the fire”. Tom Thumb is the child of an old humanity in the twilight. It is indeed evening and the peasant father is stoking the fire, which means that the fire is dying out.

Tom Thumb is born to activate the evolutionary process of man, to kindle the fire. His first active intervention in the fairy tale is in fact to help his father fetch wood with the cart.

Tom Thumb is the human individuality inserted not in some remote epoch but in our own: therein lies the magic and wonder of fairy tales. In fact, the farmer’s wife says that ‘only one’ child would suffice. And that one, alone, masterfully indicates the indivisibility and therefore the loneliness of the human individuality of our times, compared to the dying group soul represented by the farmer’s wife, who in fact ‘feels ill’ before giving birth.

Indeed, often the mothers or queens of fairy tales even die after giving birth to the human individuality. That is, the female element dies, the one in which the clairvoyance given in the blood flows, and instead the male element is activated, from which separation, individuality and the loss of ancient wisdom arise.

This transition between old and new humanity is wonderfully shown to us in the fairy tale.

It occurs when the father sells Tom Thumb to the foragers for ‘a nice gold coin’. The wealth, i.e. the wisdom previously given in clairvoyance, becomes worthless because Tom Thumb has to win it for himself through the influence of the two strangers.

Confirming Tom Thumb as an emblem of intelligence and powers of intellect is the image of the protagonist of the fairy tale leading the horse by shouting in his ear what to do.

According to spiritual science, it is thanks to the sacrifice of equines that man obtained intelligence. That is, if man is endowed with intellect, it is because the horse took on the forces that hindered this development and which we expelled from us.

If you want read the story: Click HERE 

Hope you Enjoy the story.

with love,




Reiki as Energetic therapies are natural healing methods that improves your health by harmonising body, mind and spirit.

The treatments offered are based on Reiki, an alternative holistic medicine, a Japanese form of energy healing & other as special meditation, emotional release points, shamanic ancient healing practices of Mother Earth Medicine, healing stones, healing oils with aromatherapy & sound healing based on what you need in the present moment.

The word Reiki comes from the Japanese reiki – 霊気 – “mysterious atmosphere, miraculous sign”, a combination of rei “soul, spirit” and ki “life energy”

This energy therapy aims to activate the points from head to toe, working with the central energy points (chakras) of the astral body to restore and connect physical and emotional well-being, releasing any blockages and feeling lighter and more energised in life.
Each session is unique and can involve many different aspects of healing,
growth and change.
More than one Reiki healing session helps to rebalance your chakras.
You will receive exactly what you need in the present moment.
For more profound changes, releasing blocks or beliefs from the past that may be holding you back, and for longer-term life change, you can combine treatments with a consciousness journey with weekly individual exercises to help you build a healthy relationship with yourself.



You can make an appointment with Giuliana and set your goals, what you need from this session, the place you prefer, etc.
In treatments you will find different holistic techniques such as special meditation, emotional release points, intuitive Reiki massages, shamanic ancient healing practices of Mother Earth Medicine, healing stones, healing oils with aromatherapy & sound healing based on what you need in the present moment.
The treatment is done lying down for even more comfort and relaxation.
During the treatment, points are released from the head down to the feet and then the whole body is treated.
In your session you will feel a tingling sensation caused by energy in motion, or you may feel relaxed but a little drained, the energy cleansing that is performed as after a day at the beach where you have left all the annoying worries behind.


RESULTS: reiki
Reiki can be used to treat mild and occasional as well as severe and chronic ailments, as well as mental conditions such as stress, anxiety and worry.
Here are some other effects you may experience during the sessions:

– purification, balancing and realignment of the chakras
– healing of emotional, mental or physical blockages
– stimulation of the whole energy system (nervous and lymphatic system)
– reduction of anxiety and stress
– chronic insomnia
– transition into a state of calm and relaxation of body, mind and soul
– spiritual guidance and support
– connection with the true destiny of your soul
– tools to support you on your healing journey
– feeling protected and nourished


Book your session and try all the benefits you can get.


February: Celebration of the Light

February: Celebration of the Light

Deeply connected to the great Mother Earth , 

we are in the period of the Day of the Rising Light. 

The light begins to show at the beginning of February: the days get longer little by little and even though the winter season continues to maintain its icy grip, we notice that something is changing.

The Frost is melting, in our minds, in our souls, in our hearts. The Frost is making way for the Light. Essence, primordial, divine and majestic, so the Great Mother Goddess, fruit of sacred passion, rests her feet on the dew-soaked earth. 

Here the Magic happens. The cosmos shifts, changes, transforms in the serene and living beauty of time, nature mutates under the tinkling of the Mother, letting each flower bloom.

It is our springtime in advance, our blossoming, our growing strength, day after day, it is the light that explodes in its deepest self and through the Eternal Cave, it explodes radiating through our body.

If we superimpose the Wheel of the Year on our modern calendar, the first feast we encounter falls on 1 February.

Among the Celts, 1 February was Imbolc (pronounced Immol’c) also known as Oimelc or Imbolg. The etymology of the word is controversial but the meanings all point to the deep meaning of this feast. In fact, Imbolc seems to derive from Imb-folc, meaning ‘great rain’ and in many places in the Celtic countries this date is also called the ‘Rain Festival’: this may refer to the climatic changes of the season but also to the idea of a lustration that purifies from winter impurities. 

Instead, Oimelc means ‘lactation of the sheep’ while Imbolg means ‘in the sack’ in the sense of ‘in the womb’ with a symbolic reference to Nature’s awakening in the womb of Mother Earth and with a more material reference to the lambs, a new source of food and wealth, which the providence of Nature and the farmers would bring forth at the beginning of the good season.

Imbolc is one of the four Celtic festivals, known as ‘fire festivals’ because the ritual lighting of fires and bonfires is an essential feature. In this festival, however, fire is considered under its aspect of light, this being the period of growing light.

The ancient Celts, aware of the subtle changes of the seasons like all people of the past, celebrated this time of Nature’s awakening in an appropriate manner. There were no great tribal celebrations at this dark and cold time of year, yet village women gathered to celebrate the Goddess of Light together (celebrations began on the eve, 31 January, because for the Celts each day began at dusk on the previous day).

This phase is a time of Transition. Everything transitions through the Light, as in the alchemical process we transform our person (i.e. Death-winter into rebirth and life) 

And here is the dawn of a new day.

Light always brings something new. 

Light always brings hope of something different.

So February, invites us to purification of body and spirit. 

Month of regeneration, month dedicated to the consecration of our inner temple. 

Celebrating this period means learning and getting to know the immensity of the Light.

A journey that can lead us to the boundaries of our ego, a journey that allows us, if we so wish, to reawaken our Light, to ignite sacred flame, to get to know closely that which nourishes us.

The Light is born in our womb, in the cradle of sublime love, inside hidden cavities that flow into the sea of the heart, tumult and occasion that makes us beat, breathe and live. It is therefore time to give flame and life to this feeling of ours, it is time to ignite the magic of fire, it is time to blossom.

This period is linked to Imbolc  that means ‘in the womb’. , a message that would like to be identified with the purification of the mother’s womb, but if we try to explore the cave, feel the rocky and impervious path, we realise that all of us, men and women, without any distinction, ‘are carried in the womb’ we are in the womb, and we live in the womb, in the constantly moving cauldron of the Great Mother of everything.

As we move towards a new horizon of consciousness, we are given the possibilities to find our tools of life, the courage to make the choices that take us beyond the comfort zone, and a torch of light, the authentic connection to yourself to illuminate the steps on this path full of energy and magic. 

We are supported with light to learn the beauty, grace and harmony of this cathartic moment of deepening and renewal.



“I am the Light and the light is within me

It grows, changes and transforms and all the frost penetrates the soul, like water gushing forth from a wonderful source of light and love.
Light brings love, light brings beauty, blinding and alive.
Light is blooming”


Thank you



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Holistic Treatments : Benefits

Holistic Treatments : Benefits

Holistic Treatments : Benefits

Reiki & Integrated disciplines are part of holistic Treatment .

Through these combined techniques we remind our bodies how to return to the state of repair or self-healing.

By activating this state, our bodies begin to cleanse themselves of unnecessary and stagnant energies.

 It also allows the body to protect itself from exhaustion, burnout or a weakened immune system.

From Japanese energy techniques, to Chinese medicine energy points, and much more.





Find a moment for yourself

A treatment for every need :

 – purification, balancing and realignment of the chakras

– healing of emotional, mental or physical blockages

– stimulation of the whole energy system (nervous and lymphatic system)

– reduction of anxiety and stress

– chronic insomnia

– transition into a state of calm and relaxation of body, mind and soul

– spiritual guidance and support

– connection with the true destiny of your soul

– tools to support you on your healing journey

– feeling protected and nourished

Mind Body Soul

Treatments are always unique and special.

Every person who comes for a treatment can find what they are looking for.

From a simple relaxation session to inner emotional and psychophysical healing processes. 

Every experience and every person is unique.

Knowing ourselves deeply allows us to be masters of our gifts and mysteries.

the body is able to restore the balance of mind, body and spirit. 

This balance creates a natural harmony from which a healthier lifestyle is born.

What many people love about these sessions is that it allows them to feel lighter.

Within a couple of minutes of pure relaxation, the recipient can clear their head and release the tension and stress of the day. 

This process allows one to get in touch with one’s inner self and reflect clearly on one’s life.

Regular treatments promote the constant flow of energy throughout the body.

This enables people to feel less stressed, improves learning and memory, promotes mental clarity and physical healing.

I always try to find the right solution based on the needs of the person who comes for their experience. I am always honoured to be able to take care of the person.

I always make sure that everything is comfortable so that relaxation can take place in the best possible way.

Sometimes, of course, the unexpected can happen, or something goes differently.

Nothing of course happens by chance , and everything goes as it should , one should look beyond , by going beyond one understands truths , connected to oneself , and to the world that mirrors loudly.

From releasing negative work energies , from physical pain , emotional releases , energy unblocking , finding a moment of clarity .

When energy passages (chakras, nadis, meridians) are blocked, energy cannot flow to certain parts of the body. This results in mood swings, fear, anger, pain and more. Reiki can help keep these passages free.

The first treatment is a trial if you do not know where to start .

Thereafter there are various alternatives to proceed .

If you continue up to 4 sessions, it helps the most .

Obviously it depends on the problem .

Healing practices – life coaching – can also be combined . 

Organised packages are always customised . That is why prices can vary.

For example in case of insomnia 

Sessions should be with a minimum of 4 to benefit from it

We educate our mind to relax, to break repetitive patterns that do not allow it to flow.

We educate the body to relax, listening to it deeply, giving it the chance to free itself from everything we do not need, giving it a memory of relaxation

You can expect to feel extremely relaxed after a session.

This type of relaxation helps our bodies to sleep better, heal better and think more clearly. It is not uncommon for people to fall completely asleep during a session.


Our experience can condition our present. Memories are stored in the unconscious, in the body, in the soul. When we allow space for healing, we free ourselves from the limitations of the mind, and something wonderful happens.

Sometimes after the first session, the next day it may happen that the person has pain, as if the body was releasing all that it had accumulated, and the next day they feel energised with so much creative power at their disposal.

Sometimes depending on the problem being dealt with, when for example we talk about an emotional release due to a trauma, what can happen is an emotional release for a few days.

That is why when dealing with a particular issue, the person is taken into consideration in all its aspects, so that they can be supported in their healing.

Every situation is unique and deserves to be treated in the right way, with all the support one needs, helping one to be fully in the present moment.

The transfer of positive energy allows the mind to focus on the here and now, not to cling to past mistakes and not to worry about anxieties about the future.

This simple act enables acceptance of how life is unfolding and helps promote more positive reactions to situations, people and circumstances.

Balancing the body’s internal energy levels to return to an almost natural state.

This means that breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, circulation and other body systems are able to detach themselves from the changes they have suffered due to environmental factors, bad habits and stress. This perfect balance allows your body to heal itself from within.

Thank you for reading this in-depth article on therapies.

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January: Winter Limbo

January : Winter Limbo

January: Winter Limbo

Happy New Year to all of you!

We are in January a month of passage , a month of transition.

A safe passage from chaos to order.
But let us go deeper , into history , ancient traditions and rituals.

Janus, the god of beginnings and doors was the one who closed and opened the Gates of Heaven and the calendar, allowing the New Year to begin. For this reason, in order to propitiate the new year, “ianual”, a dish composed of spelt, grated cheese, flour, eggs, oil and honey, was offered to Janus.

January is the month in which we gain strength to continue facing the winter, knowing that perhaps the worst is over. It is something written in our DNA from ancient times, or at least from the stages of our evolution when we began to pay attention to the cyclical nature of astral motion.

Even before almost the entire world conformed to the current New Year, January already brought together the characteristics of a time of passage for anyone who spent time observing the sky.

The cultural significance of the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year (December 21 for us), is the clearest evidence of this in the cultures of the northern hemisphere: it was from this time forward that with varying intensity the steady lengthening of the days and the quickening of nature’s rhythms were perceived.

During the festivals of Saturnalia (in which the roles of servants and masters were reversed to ridicule the latter)the fear was cast out that the subterranean deities, who had emerged precisely at the solstice, would never return to their place; or in turn the great Celtic family celebrated with the Yule the moment of transition from one phase to another of a continuous cycle, that of nature.

And of course Christian Christmas as we know it has in turn absorbed its characteristic elements from this Indo-European melting pot of symbols and customs, overlapping with the fall of the Western Empire with the late Roman festival of Sol Invictus (not coincidentally also a celebration of the rebirth of the sun).

After the crucial days of the solstice, the weeks of January were filled with thousands of traditions throughout Europe (and beyond) involving the apotropaic burning of a puppet representing the dying winter season .

From the Giöbia in northern Lombardy and Piedmont to the biikebrånen in Denmark, the regions of Central Europe and the British Isles each have their own bonfire with a very special name with which to greet winter with a sigh of relief.

The fire purifies and reminds us of the warmth of the sun, as if to call it back into us, while the ash that remains makes the soil fertile. In this regard, from the great cauldron of Indo-European spirituality, a female figure took a sharper form in Roman times, who throughout the pagan world-with different names-flied over the fields scattering ashes, surviving in Italy under the name of befana.

Immediately after came the Carmentalia (January 11-15), another very ancient rite with an obvious clear link to the ancestral Mother Goddesses: in its most standardized form there was a celebration of the goddess-nymph Carmenta, protector of childbirth with prophetic abilities. Her nature was also dual, like that of Janus, taking the forms of Postvorta and Antevorta depending on whether she was addressed to the future or the past.

To close this roundup there could only be celebrations dedicated exclusively to harvests: during the Sementivae (January 24, 25 and 26) Tellus and Ceres (deities linked to the earth and fertility) were asked to protect and make the seeds that had been scattered on the fields so far grow strong.

The ancients, after making sure that the sun was “reborn,” took care to protect themselves and prepare to continue the cycle, some with more fear, some with optimism.

Following and remembering the cycles of Nature , its times , its voice allows us to implement more of our inner transformations.


Animated by our spirit we immerse ourselves in our journey experience , learning , transforming and giving new life and light to what is to come.



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Meditating during the Winter Solstice

Meditating during the Winter Solstice

Dear traveling souls ,
on this special day I invite you to find a moment to Meditating during the Winter Solstice

Connecting to Mother Nature, allows you to raise your vibration higher.

Imagine being between heaven and earth and merging with Nature dying and being reborn.
Meditate to create that empty space where light and shadow can meet, recognise and hold each other.

Meditating during the Winter Solstice

Close your eyes and simply imagine the Sun at its lowest declination, a dying Sun that invites you to enter for a moment more into the depths of the Earth, into your inner cave, in touch with your roots and bowels, there where your invisible but essential parts are.


Find back into yourself, contact your purest desires and embrace them, then get ready to hand them over to the child Sun who is about to be reborn and entrust him with all your plans and hopes for renewal.

Let go of what prevents you from shining and concentrate on focusing on your goals, those of your soul not your Ego, those that naturally align with your heart and Destiny.

Stand there, unfiltered and unmediated in the presence of the universal forces and rhythm, and throw up the seeds you have chosen that the new Sun will help grow.
To prepare yourself in the best possible way, start already today to write down your plans and what you want to express in the new historical period ahead. For each new thing also write something to let go and fall without attachment.

Winter Solstice a moment of expansionMeditating during the Winter Solstice

Then bow to the Earth that hosts you and to the Sun that will accompany you in your expansion. Bow to yourself and bless all your riches, gifts, experiences and opportunities, honour all your relationships and bow to the other, to his or her journey, unique and inimitable just like yours.


Vibrate, elevate, welcome the Light and share it.


Sound Drum Healing

Sound Drum Healing

Sound Drum Healing

A mystical journey. An inner listening. A connection with one’s soul that communicates through our unconscious. The rhythm of the drum. The rhythm of your heart. Everything is connected and brings us home. The home of the heart. To explore your unconscious through the vibrations of the drum. To immerse yourself in an atmosphere that brings you deep into connection with your unconscious.


Listen to the steady beat of a drum, 120 to 130 beats per minute, our brain waves move into a theta state.

We enter into a kind of light trance (i.e. our thoughts are consciously interrupted through sound, meditation and visualisation) and we enter a kind of lucid dream.

The drum is an instrument that has been handed down to us by our Ancestors, by those people who lived on earth long before us, before known history could bring us news of their existence.

Our ancestors had a different relationship with things, a truer, more real, more conscious relationship.

More natural.

Before history, before our civilisation, before progress, Man and Woman had a different relationship with nature and in particular with Mother Earth, so much so that they called her the Goddess.

Sound Drum Healing

Drum Vibes : The Effects

With the help of the vibration obtained above all from the percussion and the rhythm of the drum, bring back to our Body , to the memory of our origins and we have the possibility to find again the original contact with the Earth from which we come and from which we receive every day the Vital Energy.

The drum is connected with the element Earth, with our creative centre and therefore with all our potential, which sometimes we do not even know about, or even just lack confidence in.

It is a broadening of one’s sensitivity, but also a letting go, letting it happen, trusting in the creative force of the Universe that expresses itself through the beating of the drum.

The rhythm influences the brainwaves, leading all participants to higher states of consciousness, to the intuition of problem solving, or stimulating the most artistic and creative part of ourselves.

Sometimes abilities emerge where are not known to exist.


It is essential that we rediscover our connection with Mother Earth, and this is made possible through this musical experience which serves to rediscover a sense of our origins.

The drum takes you to places of inner power, places of healing, places of dreaming, places of heart-opening beauty. This vibrational experience allows you to live in the moment, to shift your attention here and now, leaving behind all the thoughts and worries that unnecessarily absorb energy from everyday life.

In the room where the sound massage is performed, stones can be placed, which thanks to their presence and properties contribute to making your experience unique. The drum beats and the earth receives all the things we don’t need, the burdens that slow us down and the obstacles that don’t allow us to achieve our true goals.

The person receiving the massage can concentrate on his or her own breathing, or on the sensations coming from the body caused by the deep vibrations of the drum being played nearby. There should be no expectation or intention, but simply the request to receive what is necessary for the well-being and balance of the person being treated with the sound massage.

The experience is absolutely personal, individual, everyone receives what they need, and it is also related to the current moment, so every experience is different, always.

The effects of a sound treatment with drums can be various, from simple relaxation to deep stimulation of all the cells of our body; but not only that, its sound positively influences the consciousness, giving vitality to one’s creative power, intuition, inspiration, leaving a sense of joy and happiness.

Can be done also in combination with different other instruments, such as the Tibetan Singing Bowls , Gongs etc.

It is recommended when you have to relax , and you don’t you feel you don’t want be touched by others, as in the case of muscle massages, shiatsu treatments or similar. It is much more than a normal physical massage.

It is necessary to repeat the experience a few times in order to fully appreciate its benefits so that our body, but also and above all our mental part, can tune in to this experience which is not part of our ordinary, everyday life.

At the end of the massage we find ourselves regenerated, light, calm, sometimes a little moved, but also energised. The effect can last for several days after the treatment and the sense of well-being can be maintained and enhanced by contact with nature, away from noise, pollution and artificial environments.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article


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