We are approaching the spring equinox, which will fall on 20 March.

On the 21st we will celebrate it working with this powerful energy together.

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The present energies combined with practices with dedication to oneself will help to enter into this new phase. 

Nature manifests its awakening and the beginnings of its blossoming in full. 



The organism will eliminate all toxins accumulated during the winter and continue the work of vibrational upliftment and purification that began more than 15 years ago.

We will feel that we have left behind heavy baggage and despite the confused emotions, the call for new paths will be powerful.

From 20 March, a strong wind will blow, forcing each of us in a new direction 

The astrological new year also begins, strengthened by the closures that will occur during the lunar eclipse on

25 March.

Ps those who attend on 21 March will also receive a special meditation for 25 March so that they can continue to work on themselves consistently.


The word “equinox” comes from the Latin aequus, meaning “equal” and “nox”, night.

This term therefore refers to the time when day and night are approximately the same length.

In the northern hemisphere, the spring equinox (also known as the March equinox) occurs when the Sun crosses the equator line, heading north.

This event marks the beginning of the spring season in the northern half of the planet. 

After this date, the northern hemisphere begins to tilt more towards the Sun, resulting in more daylight hours and warmer temperatures.

Conversely, in the southern hemisphere, the March equinox marks the beginning of autumn as the southern hemisphere begins to be tilted away from the Sun.


The Equinox is an astronomical event caused by the tilt of the Earth on its axis and its incessant orbit around the Sun.

Due to the particular inclination of planet Earth, its northern and southern hemispheres switch places throughout the year to receive the sun’s light and heat more directly. 

During the equinox, the Sun passes through the imaginary line of the ‘celestial equator’. When it passes south to north it marks the spring equinox while north to south marks the autumnal equinox.

An equinox occurs twice a year – spring and autumn – when the tilt of the earth’s axis and the earth’s orbit around the sun combine in such a way that the sun illuminates the southern and northern hemispheres equally. 

The equinoxes are the only two times a year when the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west for all of us on Earth.

After the spring equinox, the northern hemisphere tilts towards the Sun. Although in most places the amount of daylight is increased each day after the winter solstice, after the spring equinox, many places will experience more daylight than darkness over 24 hours. The amount of daylight per day will continue to increase until the summer solstice in June, during which the longest period of daylight occurs.


In many cultures around the world, the spring equinox is a significant event and cause for great celebration with special rituals to welcome the new season and the new energy that comes with it, such as sowing and the new harvest season.

This passage symbolises themes of rebirth, renewal and fertility: many cultures celebrated their new years during or around the spring equinox.

Symbols of new life are most representative of this period and often recall symbols associated with the Christian feast of Easter, which always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the March equinox.

Numerous festivals have been held around the world at this time of year since ancient times, with rituals also involving the theme of good triumphing over evil, as sunlight regains dominion over darkness, cold and night.


Hindu culture celebrates the arrival of spring with numerous celebrations, the most popular of which is known as Holi and has become popular mainly in India and Nepal.

The festival celebrates important Hindu legends that tell of the triumph of Good over Evil, with the lighting of huge bonfires on the night before the spring equinox, around which the public is encouraged to dance, while during the day people all over the country throw powdered colours and coloured water with balloons and spray guns in a game that lasts for two days and brings a widespread spirit of joy throughout the country. 


In Persian culture, the term literally translates as the first day of the new year, which coincides with the celebration of the spring equinox. It is a popular time throughout the region of Iran with celebrations centred on a new beginning, prosperity and blossoming. 

Norooz rituals begin about three weeks before the actual equinox, with a thorough cleansing of one’s home in order to be surrounded in the New Year by a tidy and clean space.

During this period of purification, it is common to see countless Persian carpets hanging outside homes, ready to be beaten clean of dust.

The last Wednesday evening before the equinox kicks off the tradition of ‘Red Wednesday’ where public spaces are lit with bonfires to signify the hope for happiness and enlightenment in the coming year as people party in the streets.



The symbol par excellence of all the seasonal passages of the sun, including the March equinox, is the mythical Stonehenge, which has always

seen groups of Druids and Wiccans gather among its

imposing stones to greet the rising sun, which they celebrate as Ostara.

Dressed as ancient Druids, people gather here at the dawn of the equinox to wait for the sunrise by drinking ancient natural extracts, dancing and playing according to ancient pagan customs.


In Japanese culture, the spring equinox is celebrated very differently from the rest of the world.

Although the March equinox is still celebrated as the arrival of spring, the Japanese people, following an ancient Buddhist belief, visit and clean the graves of their ancestors and loved ones, honouring them with flowers and traditional food.


The Kurdish people in Turkey celebrate the New Year to coincide with the spring equinox. On the eve, bonfires are lit to symbolise the passing of the dark winter season and the arrival of the spring season, new clothes are worn, spring flowers are picked, and amidst a series of traditional songs and dances, poems are recited and shards are broken for good luck. 





During the spring equinox all over China people play the standing egg game, tradition dictates that whoever can make an egg stand will have good luck for themselves.

Eggs are often associated with the spring equinox as a symbol of birth and fertility and the myth that one can only be in balance on that day probably refers to the rebalancing of day and night. 


The Poles celebrate the change of season by symbolically burying the winter. Children make straw effigies of an ice maiden called Marzanna, dress her in a wedding dress, put a crown on her head and then throw her into a river or lake or set her on fire. When she leaves, they gather flowers and branches and decorate them with ribbons and beads to welcome the new season.


The Almendres Cromlech in Portugal is one of the oldest megalithic complexes in the world and thousands of years older than Stonehenge.

Situated on an east-facing hillside, surrounded by a grove of cork and olive trees, it is thought to be a primitive astronomical observatory where, on the morning of the equinox, the sun rises along the axis of the monument, casting shadows in a line on the stones. For this reason, those who manage to access it perform a series of ancient rituals as the sun rises.


The Las Fallas festival in Valencia, Spain, takes place in the week before the first day of spring. Participants in the festival wear medieval-style clothes and parade huge papier-mâché figurines filled with firecrackers through the streets.

Every night fireworks fill the sky and on the eve of the first day of spring the figurines are set on fire.

Where it all began for me

Where it all began for me

I am here writing in the first person because I feel I want to express some points of view.

I feel I want to share with all of you who follow me and for all those who are willing to listen with openness.

Something may or may not resonate with you.

But the point is simply to tell my story in small doses to convey an experience, a point of view, to convey truths in my journey.

We are not talking about absolute truths but rather about reflections and transformations in their most intimate meaning.

Where it all began for meWhere it all began for me

I will start my story where it all began.

It all started in 2012.
I was a girl studying law, a peculiar character with my own ideas, vivid dreams, I always found myself living and sharing absurd experiences worthy of a book. I attended parties, had many different kinds of friends, and came from a scientifically oriented family.

One day in the routine of health checks I was diagnosed with a chronic disease called endometriosis.

Endometriosis attacks the reproductive system causing various hormonal swings and other kinds of problems.
During the cycle phase, blood does not flow as it should and remains inside the body causing different problems.

The reasons in science remain unclear as to why this happens.

But we will discuss this in more detail in another

Everyone experiences this situation differently.

But back to the story…

The alternatives were:
surgery with the risk of not having children in the future, or pills that blocked the cycle, thus avoiding the formation of cysts.

I started my treatment with pills but they caused me many problems.
They made me tired all the time, I could eat almost nothing, with thoughtless mood swings, and deep states of depression, not sleeping, not to mention my body being almost paralysed at times.

My basic life for a few years was to study and lie in bed resting.

All this with poor results.

Then one day I met a guy who started to talk to me about energy therapies, and I still laugh to think about my very sceptical reaction at the time:

“what are you talking to me about? You want to suggest one of those people who put their hands on your body, maybe not even touch you, and tell you to heal you? Are you kidding?”

His answer:
try it, experience it entirely and then let me know.

The first step

So I followed my intuition.
My mind spoke to me rationally, but my heart and gut directed me towards this experience.

I met this wonderful soul joining various energy techniques and from the very first treatment I was amazed at how I could feel the energy flowing through my body and how much it could communicate to me.

I was able to relate to a subtle part of me, something that had been inside me all my life, trivial sensations that we are not aware of, they are automatic but part of a hidden language inside us.

Where it all began for meThe language of our body
The language of our soul

I decided to abandon traditional medical treatments as they did not allow the body’s regular release, bringing it into a state of paralysis, and I began treatments more constantly, delving into what was happening inside me on various levels, from all points of view.

The results were incredibly positive.

But my intention always remained to finish my studies and become an international lawyer to help all those in need.

The universe did not agree with me….
It had other plans…

A deep call

So in routine clinical examinations what was left inside my uterus, even if it was only a few centimetres, had tested positive for tumour markers.

Shocked I did not understand at first why this had happened to me, what it meant, what the message was.

For months we repeated the tests, comparing them with other studies all over Italy. The result was always positive.

In the summer of 2016, during my meditation by the sea in Puglia, I decided to turn directly to the universe, to God …

I knew that everything that happens to us has its own hidden meaning, even when we cannot comprehend it with our minds.

I asked what it all meant.
What should I do?
I was willing to change my life,
I was willing to throw myself onto a different path if only the way was shown to me….

The first meeting with the sound medicine

I returned to Rome to write my thesis.
And I started to participate in sound baths that my therapist recommended.

My intention was always the same:
If I don’t have to be a lawyer,
what should I do? Where should I go?
I asked for direction within myself

Each sound journey was unique,
From the first through the body
And slowly descending into depth
In connection with an intimate dimension

Thus in my many sound journeys I was shown the names of 3 cities :
London Amsterdam Malta , repeating several times as if to emphasise

And then a series of different images, places, symbols, people, situations, movements of the sun and moon…
The images didn’t make much sense on impact …

I never imagined that each thing, person known, situation would be experienced intensively afterwards

Unknown places and people in my sound journey would be all part of my journey

Seeing the three cities was already a sign of direction for me.

The choice

So I made a solemn promise between myself and the universe:

I would graduate and if I did well I would follow that direction, that leap of faith….

I returned to Puglia for the usual checks and the tumour markings were negative.

Positively shocked, this time, there was nothing left to think about.

After my graduation in 2017, with a fighting thesis on media manipulation, advertising and influence with harm to minors, I decide to embark on my journey into the unknown.


I will never be grateful enough for what happened, for the people

I met and those who accompanied me and brought me to my path.

Everyone has their own story, everyone has their own experiences and decides their fate according to what they feel is right for them.

My experience has led me to have to know myself, intimately to make a choice, to follow a path towards me.

An authentic path, alone but with me.

With this story I wanted to share my point of view based on my personal experience.

Embarking on the unknown does not always mean abandoning everything, for me it was an inner call, a push without any doubt towards me.

Embarking into the unknown also means entering unknown dimensions of the self that in reality have always belonged to us.

Like when following one’s intuition one explores

a simple treatment, sound baths and courses that transform us, making us aware.

When we become conscious, aware of what is happening we have a broader vision and can also understand why.

In my life there were many messages and gifts that the universe had sent me but I had never become aware of them.

So my chronic illness became an immense gift for me, a start point to look everything in a different perspective and listen a call from my body.

The call of a wounded inner child, seeking attention from me.

Each one of us has this inner part, even subtle wounds to be healed, attention to be given to that part that requires love and care in ways different from those conventionally known and recognised by society, such as alternative medicine.

This is why my research into holistic therapies has become more and more constant and wide-ranging, selecting alternative tools and

techniques that help in a simple and concrete way to rediscover that relationship with that inner part.

With care and love, each

of us can rediscover that intimate connection towards the most authentic part of the self.

You simply has to listen to yourself to know where to go, who and what choose.

So whatever your present condition is, when you feel lost, remember to
take three deep breaths and with your hands on your heart ask for direction.

Your soul in connection with the Universe will respond.

Look, observe the messages, the synchronicities around you and then follow your heart connected to your belly!

I hope I have not bored you with this story.







NOTE: with this article, the intent is not to denigrate traditional medicine, also because I think we need both sometimes and balance is always in the center .

The intent is to emphasise the importance of deep feeling, of making choices for oneself, of following what the soul asks of us, what the body asks, changing from an important decision to a simple everyday action.

Thank you
With love,




It is the time when the womb of the Earth, which in the winter period has patiently guarded the seeds of the coming spring, receives the cosmic energies, the sacred push to birth.

The seed, in order to come to the light, must allow itself to leave the warm, moist, comfortable place, the nourishing darkness to blossom into an unknown reality.

What is it that drives the seed to Blossom?

To leave the known for the mysterious?

The same energy that drives the caterpillar not to resist the transformation that will make it a butterfly.

Both the seed and the caterpillar do not consciously know what they are transmuting into, they do not know that they will be more beautiful, perfect, complete, divine.

In the seed and the caterpillar there is instinct, to which they surrender in perfect trust, they know that this is the only way to become what they truly are, resisting transmutation, choosing to remain seed and caterpillar is simply not natural.


What happens in nature is a wonderfully valuable parable to tell us what happens deep inside us.

The seed as our infinite potential of beauty, grace, perfection, is there in the dark, comfortable, nourishing of our Being, it is ready to receive the energetic push to Come into the World.

It is necessary, however, that we sacrifice the image of ourselves that we have made for ourselves, everything that we consider our reality.

We must necessarily leave the chrysalis of what we have always believed ourselves to be and allow
What We Really Are to be born.

The chrysalis for the caterpillar and the seed for the flower, are simply stages; a stage, not what I really Am.

It is just one of the potentials, not the unique and ultimate potential, although both caterpillar and seed do not know what they will become they follow natural instinct, and in total trust allow the potential of what they really are to develop.

The human being, on the other hand, often remains in its original caterpillar or seed form, thinks that it is simply all there, builds insurmountable limits and barriers, turning the chrysalis into a safe, comfortable prison.


And if outside there is the possibility of being a butterfly?

Better not to trust it, to continue creating caterpillars that are ever more intelligent, ever more technological, ever more refined, but which remain caterpillars.

We were taught that we could never be perfect, healthy, immortal, and we caterpillars resigned ourselves to not being able to have wings.

We have organised ourselves a caterpillar world and simply admire butterflies as another species, something we can never be.

The freedom of the butterfly also frightens us after all.

If we realise that perhaps we can become butterflies, we immediately pull back because this new revelation, insight, pushes us out of the only world we know; it makes us another species.

It is time to realise that there is not one of us who is not a butterfly, we are all butterflies pretending to be caterpillars, some become what they really are, others admire them and build ever stronger chrysalises so that the transformation never comes to an end.

How do we decide to come into the world in this new spring?

No one will break our chrysalis, no one will force your seed to become a flower.

What will compel us to leave our role as caterpillars?

Going with the flow on 24th February, with the powerful energies of the full moon underway, we will enhance this transformation taking place within us with a sound journey with vibrating bowls from Tibet and special gongs that will bring you back to your centre.

If you want join write an email.

Thank you

The Magical Winter Solstice

The Magical Winter Solstice

The Magical Winter Solstice:

Origins and Ancient Knowledge

In the annual cycle something extraordinary and magical happens, a cosmic event that has always assumed a high symbolic value in all the forms assumed by the Primordial Tradition.

Solstitium, means ‘stationary Sun’ and on 20/21 to 23/24 December, it seems that the Sun, in its apparent motion, comes to an astronomical halt near the Southern Cross constellation.

 On the 24th night, the Sun seems to resume its ‘path’, each day a little more upwards until the Summer Solstice.

“On Christmas Day, the Sun, in its annual motion along the ecliptic – the maximum circle on the celestial sphere that corresponds to the apparent path of the Sun during the year – comes to its lowest declination at the southernmost point of the Earth’s eastern horizon, culminating at noon at its lowest altitude (at that time, that is, it is at the Zenith of the Tropic of Capricorn) and manifesting its minimum duration of light (approximately, 8 hours and 50/55 minutes)”; having reached the southernmost point of its orbit and recording the shortest day of the year, it resumes, from this moment, its ascending path. “


The Magical Winter Solstice

A date, that of the Winter Solstice, is not only astronomical but also esoteric. 

There is a myth that at the moment when the Sun reaches its lowest influence on the Earth, a Green Ray departs from the depths of the Universe and crosses the Earth itself for an instant. It is the Ray of Pure Spirit, of the greatest contact of the Material with the Higher Forces.

The Winter Solstice, appears, in rightly different forms, to the spirituality of all world religions.

“Let us not forget, in fact, that this event began to be celebrated by our ancestors, for example at the megalithic constructions of Stonehenge, in Great Britain, Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth, in Ireland, or around the rock engravings of Bohuslan, in Iran, and Val Camonica, in Italy, already in prehistoric and protohistoric times.”

It also inspired ‘Fragment 66’ of the work of Heraclitus of Ephesus (560/480 B.C.) and was allegorically sung about by Homer (Odyssey 133, 137) and Virgil (6th book of the Aeneid). 

That same phenomenon was invariably expected and magnified by all Indo-European peoples:

the Gallo-Celts called it ‘Alban Arthuan’ (‘rebirth of the Sun god’);

the Germans, ‘Yulè’ (‘wheel of the year’); 

the Scandinavians ‘Jul’ (‘sun wheel’); the Finns ‘July’ (‘snowstorm’); 

the Laplanders ‘Juvla’;

 the Russians ‘Karatciun’ (‘shortest day’)’. 

Few know, in fact, that around the date of 25 December, almost all peoples have always celebrated the birth of their divine or supernatural beings: 

in Egypt, the birth of the god Horus was celebrated and his father, Osiris, was believed to have been born around the same time; 

in pre-Columbian Mexico the god Quetzalcoath was born and 

the Aztec god Huitzilopochtli; 

the god Bacchus in Greece, as well as Hercules and Adonis or Adonis;

 the god Freyr, son of Odin and Freya, was celebrated by the people of the North; 

Zarathustra in Azerbaijan;

 Buddha, in the East;

 Krishna, in India; 

Scing-Shin in China; 

in Yucatan the god Bacab; 

in Japan the sun goddess Amaterazu;

 in Persia, the warrior god Mithra, known as the Saviour, was celebrated and in Babylonia, the god Tammuz, the ‘Only Son’ of the goddess Istar, was born, represented with her divine son in her arms and with a halo of twelve stars around her head.

“In Roman times, on a date between 21 and 25 December, the rebirth of the Sun was solemnly celebrated, the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, the Day of the Christmas of the Undefeated Sun, after the introduction, under Emperor Aurelian of the cult of the Indo-Iranian god Mithra into the Roman religious traditions and the building of his temple in the Campus Agrippae, today’s Piazza San Silvestro in Rome, which was practically included within a broader cycle of festivities that the Romans called Saturnalia, festivals dedicated to Saturn, King of the Golden Age, which, from 217 BC onwards and after subsequent reforms introduced by the Romans, were celebrated on Christmas Day. C. and after later reforms introduced by Caesar and Caligula, extended from 17 to 25 December and ended with the Larentalia or feast of the Lares, the tutelary deities charged with protecting crops, roads, cities, and the family.”

Roman myth has it that the mysterious Janus, the Italic god, reigned over Latium when Saturn arrived there from the sea, who could be understood as the divine manifestation that creates and recreates the cosmos at every cycle, the one who crosses the waters, that is, the night and the confusion-chaos following the dissolution of the old cosmos, to arrive at the new shore, that is, the light of the new cosmos, of the new creation; as René Guénon argues, there is some analogy between the Roman god and the Vedic Satyavrata, evidenced by the common root sat, which in Sanskrit means the One.

“In Latium, moreover, during the month of December, the god Conso was celebrated on 15 December, during the Consualia, the festivities dedicated to the ‘sacred conclusion of the old year’. We note how from Latin, ‘condere’ indicates the action of ‘hiding’ and/or ‘concluding’.

The aforementioned Janus, associated with Conso, then, was the ancient Latin divinity with the “two faces”, “god of time” and, specifically, “of the year” and whose temple, in Rome, consisted of a corridor with two doors, closed in times of peace and open in times of war, which, on the basis of its ancestral meaning, designates “going” and, more particularly, the “initial phase of walking” and “setting out”: it regulated and coordinated the beginning of the new year, hence Ianuarius, the month of January’.

As Franz Altheim confirms, ‘Ianus and Consus, in the Roman religious reality, referred to the beginning and the end of an action’ and equally referred to ‘events fixed in time, but periodically repeated’, those of the eternal return of light at the expense of darkness.

Let us not forget, therefore, how the Roman tradition of the feast of the dies solis novi had its roots, both in the prehistoric past of the Indo-European peoples, to which the Romans and most of the Italic peoples belonged, and in that of its own cultic foundations: Julius Evola reminds us how “Sol, the solar divinity, already appears among the dii indigetes, that is, among the divinities of Roman origins, received from even more distant cycles of civilisation”.

It is fundamental at this point to understand how this solar rebirth represents ‘only’ the symbol of a cosmic regeneration, in which the Sun and the Light are associated with the idea of the immortality of man, who performs his second spiritual birth, developing and overcoming his own subtle state, on the night of the winter solstice, when it is possible to access the deva-yana or ‘way of the gods’ of the Hindu tradition, the ascendant and divine realm in which man, restoring the Primordial Adam within himself, can embark on the path of supra-individual development.The Magical Winter Solstice

This is the moment when, when night becomes master and darkness total, it is necessary to keep the flame of Faith burning, which in the morning, with the dawn, will become triumphant. 

Coming out of the Cosmic Cave, with the Winter Solstice, therefore, one passes from nothingness to unity, geometrically that is, from the sensible becoming, represented by the symbol of the circumference, one passes to the eternal present, which in the one and in the centre is perfectly expressed.

Here is the traditional symbolism of the solstitial gates, which correspond respectively to the entrance and exit from the Cosmic Cave: the first gate, that “of men”, corresponds to the Summer Solstice, that is to the entrance of the Sun into the zodiacal sign of Cancer, the second, that “of the gods”, to the Winter Solstice, that is to the entrance of the Sun into the zodiacal sign of Capricorn.

From an initiatory point of view, the cave, due to its character as a hidden and closed place, represents a moment of total internalisation of being, i.e. the place where the second birth of the initiate takes place, upon accessing it.

The second birth, corresponding in meaning to the Small Mysteries, differs from the third birth, exiting through the solstitial winter gate, corresponding instead to the Great Mysteries.

The second birth takes place on the psychic plane, defining itself as psychic regeneration; the third birth, on the other hand, operates directly in the spiritual order and no longer psychic, in that the initiate must at that point have resolved his individuality, thus finding free access to the sphere of possibility of supra-individual understanding.

Here the initiate relives the three stages of the alchemical process: darkness thickens, dawn breaks, flame shines.

Alchemical process

In a macrocosmic perspective, this is symbolised by the Sun’s entry into the zodiacal sign of Cancer, with the Summer Solstice. The Winter Solstice, on the other hand, corresponds, in a microcosmic sense, to the coming into consciousness of true spirituality as it exits into the light.

During this process, esoteric understanding can be visualised as a reflected illumination brightening up the darkness of the cavern: a beam of light penetrating through an opening in the roof of the cavern and generating that reflex illumination, also described in Plato’s myth of the sacred cavern and whose source is the ‘Intelligible Sun’.

In the microcosmic order, as far as the individual subtle organism is concerned, this opening corresponds to the energy centre at the top of the head: the crown chakra, the kether of the Sefiroth. 

It represents the seventh level of the chakra system and corresponds to what is referred to in Christianity as the seventh heaven. It is the state of awareness of absolute freedom, the seat of the Creator. According to Hindus, the crown chakra is where Prakriti, the primordial substance, and Purusha, the spirit, the essence, merge.

We conclude this writing by recalling that the cosmic regeneration, of which we have written, is always conceived with the descent and with the help of an avatar, of which Christ the Redeemer is ‘only’ the latest and most shining example: 

“The Sun always returns, and with him life. Blow on the embers and the fire will be reborn’.

If you would like to find a moment to Meditating during this Winter Solstice I will suggest to take look to this article: Click Here 

Thank You




taken from the article ‘Dies Natalis Solis Invicti’, Alberto Mariantoni, Identity, 2004;

René Guénon, Some aspects of the symbolism of the fish, in Symbols of Sacred Science, ed. Adelphi;

December : Inner confrontation

December : Inner confrontation

December : Inner confrontation

December 2023 a phase of confrontation between the parts with important transformations bringing us an eventful month, truly fiery in some ways, where in the cold, that same fire will melt further ancient blocks.

The evolutionary flow that touches the matter of this 2023 Vibe, is accompanying us to a new vision of things, showing us well the consequences of our actions.

We are now in an effervescent moment in this sense as, the confrontation between the parts, manifests itself above as well as below, within as well as without.

With enthusiasm, as well as patience to go along with nature’s timing, in advancing in this process of verticalisation of being we are becoming aware that we are standing on new soil.

A soil that leaves no room for wasting time in continuing to produce nothing constructive.

We are in a period of choices.

We all need them, regardless of our own personal choices and ways of proceeding.

So in these curves of the earthly experience, we are led to evolve and to what moves within in order to really make the big leap.

Having first made a choice and lived the experience, I now consider it to be the one that is most congruent with my service and that in the current state of affairs can produce the best results on the individual.

Because it is results that are needed.
Of facts, tangible and concrete, that can be clearly seen on an inner level and, consequently, on an outer level.

December : Inner confrontation

Effervescence of fire, active, irreverent and creative energy.
In letting go, again and again, we turn our gaze to that emptiness that grows and produces stasis.

Ancient patterns falling inside us, inner wounds healing, producing vulnerability capable of increasing the Force within.

The inner confrontation  takes place within you and all the emotions arise from this.
The wars taking place are a reflection of what is going on inside you and which now absolutely must be confronted, without ifs and buts.

At play are the dark forces that aim to amplify the extremes, but at the same time, we are passing through the battlefield that is taking place between them and the Celestial Forces.

Everyone has a part to play consciously or unconsciously.

Don’t leave room for negative thoughts that lower your frequency,
fight for the light.

Remember that at at the end on the multi-dimensional plane and beyond, it is and always will be good that wins.

Observe at what is happening from a different point of view, you will realise how everything moves according to precise criteria.

Then look at what seems irredeemable and realise that we are never alone.

I would like you to ask yourself: Do you have Faith?

Follow the song of the stars, observe how, in the shadowy darkness, they light your way.

Allow the higher intelligence to inspire you and let the divine mechanics lead you.

There is no need in the eyes of those who have Faith, Hope and Strength in their Heart to participate in this battle with awareness that DIVINE SOURCE will never cease to work for Righteousness and Justice.

I have Faith. As I have always had it by making my inner choice.
However much we are at the point where it is a you against you and an all against all.

In the age where equality is extolled, criteria have been mixed first and reversed later.
Dynamics have been amplified, producing ever stronger explosions.
In confronting each other, they close in a circle that is becoming vicious and tight.

But nature always puts everything back into place. This is how it has always been and this is how it will be.
Even if distorted, humiliated, trampled upon, poisoned.
It proceeds inexorably manifesting Life, and this evolves and expands despite those who want separation, disintegration and confusion.

But the time will come again when masculine and feminine will integrate and harmonise, merge and evolve.

She will become cosy again.
He will once again become enveloping.
Kings and Queens  in the expressive balance of their beings will produce harmony and Beauty.

But for this to happen, it is necessary to return to oneself, to make choices, carefully observing the distortions that aim to move away from the Beauty and Wholeness of who you are.

You are part of the whole and if you proceed in observance of the cosmic vibrations, you will realise that within you resides that which best suits your nature.

In the middle something happens.
In the middle resides Truth.

Where thought chases the past through memories, these, if well observed and pondered, come to lighten and acquire a clear and truthful form.
Without the intrusion of limiting and distorting emotions, beliefs and perceptions.

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Anxiety stress and insomnia

Anxiety, stress and insomnia: effects & how reduce them

These disorders affect the physical and mental health of millions of people, negatively affecting their quality of life and general well-being.

We live in an age where hectic lifestyles, daily pressures and constant challenges can lead to high levels of anxiety, stress and insomnia. 

This creates a vicious circle that damages our physical and mental well-being. 

Therefore, it is crucial to address them because of their ability to undermine health, interfere in relationships, affect professional and academic performance and ultimately worsen life satisfaction.

But what are the real implications for the body and how can we counteract these disorders? Read on to find out.

Anxiety stress and insomnia:

effects on physical and mental fatigue

Anxiety stress and insomnia

Experiencing constant episodes of anxiety and stress can have profound effects on our well-being.

The continuous activation of the sympathetic nervous system, the release of cortisol and the fight-or-flight response, results in increased energy expenditure that inevitably affects overall health.

A continuous state of alertness leads to physical and mental fatigue. Muscles stiffen, the heart beats faster and the brain floods with stress hormones such as cortisol.

This complete stress on the body can lead to a depletion of energy resources, which in turn leads to fatigue and a decrease in cognitive ability and concentration. 

Knowing more about the causes of physical fatigue is important: these have many facets and can be closely related to anxiety, stress and insomnia. Chronic fatigue in particular can be a common symptom of these disorders, as the exhausted body and mind struggle to function at their optimal capacity.

Taking care of your mental health is indispensable for enjoying a good quality of life. Seek help if you need it.

Anxiety and stress are our body’s natural responses to situations perceived as threatening or difficult.  However, when these conditions become chronic, they can interfere with our vital functions, alter our internal balance and affect healthy sleep.

When we do not get enough sleep (at least eight hours a day), cells do not regenerate properly, the immune system weakens and cognitive abilities, such as memory and attention, decline. 

On the other hand, according to a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, the COVID 19 pandemic and its consequences have created a threat to many people’s physical and mental health. 

Economic crises, unemployment and fear of losing loved ones can increase symptoms of daily fatigue, depression, stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Anxiety, stress and insomnia : strategies

When suffering from these disorders, it is important to recognise the warning signs and adopt appropriate strategies with the aim of alleviating their effects and promoting lasting physical and mental well-being. Fortunately, there are many recommendations for dealing with these problems and restoring balance in our bodies and minds.

1. Practice relaxation techniques

Anxiety stress and insomnia

Take a couple of minutes a day to focus on breathing and get rid of intrusive thoughts.

Research in the Complementary Therapies in Medicine and Journal of Psychosomatic Research

has suggested that meditation, deep breathing and sound healing , can help calm the mind and reduce levels of anxiety, stress and insomnia. 

This improves people’s general well-being if they conduct individual reiki or sound healing sessions in a consistent and disciplined manner.

2. Try to have a regular routine

Keeping a daily rhythm can do wonders. For example, going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, including weekends, can help regularise your rhythm and improve the quality of your sleep.  

3. Exercise

Exercise is a powerful ally in the fight against anxiety and stress. It not only clears the mind, but also releases endorphins, natural brain chemicals that act as natural analgesics, improving mood and promoting relaxation.

4. Seek help 

On some occasions, the source of the anxiety, stress and insomnia episodes may be deeper and in need of therapeutic intervention. A holistic therapy can offer support and resources to help you cope and overcome these problems.

 5. Avoid stimulants

Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol can interfere with sleep. It is advisable to limit consumption of these substances, especially at night. If you suffer from insomnia, opt for mild herbal teas with relaxing properties, such as chamomile and valerian.

6. Create a suitable sleeping environment

A cool, dark and quiet bedroom can make all the difference and is the basis for good sleep hygiene. Investing in comfortable mattresses and pillows and using accessories such as eye masks or earplugs can help create a friendly environment for a deep night’s rest.

These disorders that affect millions of people worldwide should not be underestimated.

Their impact on quality of life, physical and mental health, and daily functioning is significant.

Anxiety stress and insomnia


Thank you




Being aware of our emotions, how they move , how they affect our organs and thus our health can help us to move with them in order to create a loving care relationship to ourself.



Traditional Chinese Medicine considers that all illnesses and physical suffering of internal origin arise from the imbalance of the emotions.

Taoism, whose philosophy is the basis of Chinese energetics, identifies five primary emotions by linking them to the main internal organs:

joy to the Heart,

anger to the Liver,

fear to the Kidney,

sadness to the Lung,

anxious thought to the Spleen.


This classification is not arbitrary, emotions manifest in the body in a physiological manner as they are necessary for life and the balance of the organs themselves, but they can manifest in a pathological manner creating imbalances:

the Heart opens in a joyful mood, but too much joy makes the Heart throb and upsets the solar plexus;

anger can be a safety valve to safeguard the integrity of the Liver, but anger in excess damages it;

fear stimulates us to act prudently by conserving energy in the Kidneys, but if disproportionate and unreasonable it causes a loss of fluids and essential energy;

sadness promotes internalisation and perceptive sensitivity useful to the Lung, but excess or lack of crying blocks the chest and clogs the airways;

reflection is necessary for the Spleen to shape thoughts, but excess worry causes stomach upset.

Each emotion has its function in securing and fostering life, it is the excessive or chronically restrained emotions that give rise to pathologies.

Emotional activity is seen as a normal physiological response to stimuli from the external environment.

Within normal limits, emotions do not cause any illness or weakness in the body.

However, when emotions become so powerful that they become uncontrollable, so much so that they overwhelm or possess the person, then they can cause serious injury to internal organs and open the door to illness.

It is not the intensity as much as the prolonged duration or extreme emotion that causes damage.

While Western doctors tend to emphasise the psychological aspects of psychosomatic disorders, the pathological damage to the internal organs is very real and is of primary importance for healing.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there are seven emotions:


Joy refers to a state of agitation or overexcitement.
When one is too joyful, the spirit is dispersed and can no longer be preserved, states the Lingshu (The Vital Axis).

However, in TCM, joy refers to a state of agitation or overexcitement (euphoria), rather than the more passive concept of deep contentment. The organ most affected is the heart.
Overstimulation can lead to heart-fire problems, associated with symptoms such as feelings of agitation, insomnia and palpitations.


Anger may lead to elevated blood pressure. Anger, as described by TCM, covers the whole range of related emotions, including resentment, irritability and frustration.
A stagnation of blood makes the person prone to anger.

Anger will then be able to affect the liver, resulting in stagnation of its Qi.

This can lead to liver energy rising to the head, resulting in headaches, dizziness and other symptoms. In the long run, it can lead to high blood pressure and can cause stomach and spleen problems.

It is commonly observed that rubicund, ‘sanguine’ people with flushed faces are more prone than others to sudden fits of rage at the slightest provocation.


Anxiety can block Qi by quickly manifesting in shallow breathing.

When one feels anxious, Qi becomes blocked and does not move.
Anxiety injures the lungs, which control Qi through breathing.

The most common symptoms of extreme anxiety are breath retention, shallow and irregular breathing. The shortness of breath experienced during periods of anxiety is common to all. Anxiety also injures the organ coupled to the lungs, the large intestine. For example, hyper-anxious people are prone to ulcerative colitis.


Too much intellectual stimulation can cause pensiveness.
In TCM, pensiveness or concentration is considered to be the result of overthinking or excessive mental and intellectual stimulation.

Any activity that involves too much mental effort can be at risk of causing disharmony.
The organ most directly at risk is the spleen. This can lead to a deficit of spleen qi, in turn causing worry and subsequent fatigue, lethargy, and inability to concentrate.


Pain that remains unresolved is capable of creating disharmony in the lungs.

The lungs are most directly affected by this emotion.
A normal and healthy expression of pain can be expressed in the form of hiccups, which originate deep in the lungs – deep breathing and expulsion of air with hiccups.
However, pain that remains unresolved and becomes chronic can create disharmony in the lungs, weakening its qi. This in turn can interfere with the lung’s function of circulating qi in the body.

Fear that cannot be expressed risks leading to disharmony in the kidneys. Fear is a normal and adaptive human emotion. But when it becomes chronic and the cause cannot be identified and resolved, then it is likely to lead to disharmony.
The organs most at risk are the kidneys. In cases of extreme fear, the kidney’s ability to retain qi may be impaired, leading to involuntary urination. This can be a particular problem for children.

Fright is another emotion not specifically related to one organ.
It is distinguished from fear by its sudden and unexpected nature.
Fright mainly affects the heart, especially in the early stages, but if it persists for some time, it becomes fear and moves to the kidneys.So if you have digestive problems, respiratory problems, etc. you will probably recognise yourself in the emotion associated with them.


Emotions are part of human life and are perfectly natural.

However, when identification with the stories of the mind and emotional states happens, then these which are objects that pass into Consciousness become a subject that grows exponentially creating imbalances in our lives and in the people around us.

When it becomes clear again who is the subject (Consciousness) and the object (emotions, thoughts) then everything regains its natural balance.

If you want to delve deeper into the subject of energy these can help you:

Reiki treatments, Learning to move energy within yourself (Reiki Certifications), Paths of awareness, Personalised meditations.

Sound Therapy : scientific research since 1988

Sound Therapy : scientific research since 1988

Sound Is Shaped Into a Dazzling Tool With Many Uses

By Malcolm W. Browne

Feb. 9, 1988

Sound Therapy : scientific research since 1988


The New York Times Archives

See the article in its original context from 

February 9, 1988, Section C, Page 1

Sound Therapy : scientific research since 1988

USING beams of intense sound pitched above the limit of human hearing, scientists are learning to create novel substances that are expected to spawn remarkable technologies in the next century.

Physicists and chemists report that the development of powerful sound generators has prompted new research in the applications of ultrasound, sound emitted at frequencies of 20,000 cycles per second or more. These generators are capable of producing narrow beams of sound which, although inaudible to humans, are far more intense than the roar of a jet engine. (Normal hearing extends only to frequencies up to about 16,000 cycles per second.) Ultrasonic beams, directed into ordinary liquids, can create microscopic hot spots that glow with a heat nearly as intense as that of the surface of the sun. The beams can make, break or rearrange molecules, control the crystalline structure of matter and even levitate objects or blobs of liquid. Ultrasonic irradiation, some experts believe, will underlie much of the technology of the 21st century.

Among the products that may result from ultrasonic processes are high-temperature superconducting ceramics, which, unlike ordinary superconductors, can conduct electricity without resistance even at temperatures far above absolute zero.

Ultrasound also permits the melting and processing of materials suspended in midair, free of contact with any contaminating container. Such techniques are expected to yield mineral and metallic glasses with remarkable electronic and optical qualities. New types of lenses, electronic components, structural materials and fuel pellets for nuclear fusion reactors are all possibilities.

High-frequency sound beams have found many applications in the last 60 years. They are used by hospitals to obtain images of internal organs, by manufacturers to weld plastics and by engineers to test airplane parts and other machinery for hidden flaws.

Low-power ultrasound generators have even found their way into homes in jewelry-cleaning baths and humidifiers. But scientists say that the recent development of improved equipment has brought a surge of research in ultrasonics.

Most of the powerful new generators are based on a ceramic called lead zirconate titanate, a ”piezoelectric” material, meaning that it vibrates when alternating current is passed through it. (Piezoelectric materials also produce electric current when vibrated by sound waves, and can therefore be used as microphones.) When a high-frequency alternating electric current is applied to lead zirconate titanate, it vibrates at the same frequency as the current, thereby producing a high-pitched beam of sound.

In an ultrasound generator, the ceramic is bonded to one end of a tapered bar of the metal titanium, called a ”horn,” which channels and directs the sound wave to its target.

Among the scientific mysteries that appear to have been solved by recent research in ultrasonics is the phenomenon of sonoluminescence, the peculiar glow that water and other liquids emit when irradiated by powerful ultrasonic beams. Dr. Kenneth S. Suslick, a chemist at the University of Illinois, has concluded that the glow is caused by intense heat generated in the collapse of microscopic bubbles created by sound waves.

In an interview, Dr. Suslick noted that although scientists have experimented with ultrasound for many years, only lately have observations begun to shed light on how sound initiates and influences chemical reactions.

In a recent paper in the journal Nature, Dr. Suslick and his colleague, Dr. Edward B. Flint, reported that they had induced sonoluminescence, a ”cold, blue flame,” in a hydrocarbon liquid called dodecane. The achievement marked the first time sonoluminescence had been triggered by ultrasound in a liquid other than water, and Dr. Suslick believes the discovery has settled a longstanding debate over the cause of the phenomenon.

Previously, many scientists had believed that sonoluminescence was an electrical effect or was caused by the recombination of split water molecules.

But Dr. Suslick believes he has proved that sonoluminescence is really the result of heat produced by the sudden collapse of microscopic bubbles.

He explains that high-intensity ultrasound has sufficient power to overcome the attractive force between molecules of a liquid thus ripping them away from each other. The sound wave opens a tiny cavity in the liquid, he says, and the cavity begins oscillating in resonance with the sound. Sudden Collapse of a Bubble

Liquid surrounding the cavity vaporizes into gas, and as gas enters, the cavity expands into a small bubble. But at a certain point the bubble becomes too large for the resonating wave of ultrasound to sustain, and the cavity collapses. The sudden collapse of the microscopic bubble compresses and heats the gas inside it to an enormously high temperature, high enough to emit blue light and cause unusual chemical reactions.

Sound Therapy : scientific research since 1988

Dr. Suslick discovered that the blue light given off by dodecane when irradiated by an ultrasound beam has spectral features identical to those of the flame produced by burning this hydrocarbon in air.

”We knew that the speed at which a chemical reaction proceeds is a function of its temperature,” Dr. Suslick said. ”By measuring the yields of two reactions taking place in the irradiated dodecane during a given period of time, we were able to deduce the temperature of the hot spots driving the reactions. We found it to be around 9,000 degrees Fahrenheit, nearly the temperature of the surface of the sun.”

Each microscopic hot spot persists for only one millionth of a second or so, he said, and its heat is so quickly dispersed that the overall temperature of the liquid scarcely rises. But the transient burst of energy released by a hot spot is often enough to trigger or accelerate chemical reactions, Dr. Suslick said. In some cases, ultrasonic irradiation has speeded up reactions by 100,000 times.

Products of such reactions include new molecules containing both metal and carbon, and ”intercalated” substances, in which sheets of molecules are stacked like pancakes to produce materials with unusual qualities. Scientists believe many new technologies may emerge in coming decades from these materials, including high-temperature superconductors. Making Glass in Midair

Meanwhile, scientists are learning to make things without touching or contaminating them, by suspending them in midair on intersecting beams of ultrasound.Sound Therapy : scientific research since 1988

Most mineral objects, from rocks to frying pans, are made of crystals, clusters of atoms arranged in orderly, repeating arrays. But there is another class of solids, the glasses, that scientists regard as vital to the development of many new technologies. In the glasses, which include special forms of metal and other minerals as well as common window glass, atoms and molecules are haphazardly arranged. Some glasses have electrical and physical properties unequaled by their crystalline counterparts, and scientists are seeking better ways to make such glasses.

Under contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, an Illinois laboratory, Intersonics Inc., is developing ultrasound levitation as a technique for making new glasses. The company’s president, Dr. Charles A. Rey, a physicist, said in an interview that containers of any kind can spoil glass.

”Some things, like the silicon dioxide in ordinary window glass, love to solidify in non-crystalline form from their melts,” Dr. Rey said. ”But with many other materials, the least little thing will make them crystallize instead of solidifying into glass. Even the microscopic irregularities on the mirror-smooth surface of a container are enough to initiate crystallization in many melted materials, including some of the oxides we hope to develop as optical switches in a new generation of computers.

”But we’re learning to prevent crystallization by melting and solidifying these new glasses in midair, holding the stuff in place with ultrasound beams.”

Dr. Rey’s organization built ultrasonic levitation furnaces that were sent into the weightless environment of space aboard the space shuttle in 1983 and again in 1985. His company is developing the technique for future experiments on the ground and in space. The Force of Sound

He said that a beam of intense sound exerts a force known as radiative pressure against any object it strikes. If two or more sound waves pass through each other, the crest of one wave may coincide with the trough of another, and when this happens, their combined energies cancel each other, creating an ”energy well.” A solid object positioned in such a well feels no acoustic force, but if it wanders, the surrounding forces reassert themselves and force it back. The object is thus fixed in place and can even be suspended in midair.

A mixture of minerals suspended in an acoustic energy well can be melted by laser, microwave beam or other means and then cooled into solid glass, with much less chance of crystallizing the material than by using a conventional container. ”Moreover,” Dr. Rey said, ”there are no container materials with which the melted glass can react.”

In one technique, Intersonics uses a single sound generator to produce the two intersecting beams that trap an object. The generator directs a beam that pushes and flows past the object, striking a concave reflector on the other side. The curved wave produced by the reflector bounces back, meeting the oncoming beam from generator. Interference between the two beams results in a string of lens-shaped energy wells, the largest of which is used to hold the levitated object.

In other schemes the company is developing, several sound generators are used to produce intersecting beams. Easier in Space

”It’s much easier to do this in the microgravity of space than on earth,” Dr. Rey said, ”but by increasing the power of the beams, we make it work on earth as well. We have levitated objects weighing up to an ounce, using beams with up to 160 decibels of power.” (Someone standing next to a jack hammer is exposed to about 100 decibels; a person 300 feet from a jet aircraft taking off is exposed to about 120 decibels. Each increase of 10 decibels represents a tenfold increase in the power of a sound.) Among high-priority objectives of ultrasonic processing are tiny glass capsules to be used as fuel cells for future nuclear fusion reactors. Hollow glass spheres would be filled with hydrogen fuel and simultaneously blasted from all directions by powerful lasers. The lasers would vaporize the glass causing an implosion violent enough to heat the hydrogen to fusion temperature.

A major problem is the need to make the spheres perfectly uniform, both inside and outside; the slightest irregularity would prevent the uniform implosion needed to trigger fusion. Experts believe that manufacture of the spheres in an ultrasonic levitator aboard a space station may be the best approach.

”In any case, ultrasound is going to be one of the keys to our future,” Dr. Rey said.




Ancient Knowledge from Hawaii : The Huna Shamanism

Ancient Knowledge from Hawaii : The Huna Shamanism

When I started studying holistic disciplines, I came across this wonderful knowledge of ancient knowledge from Hawaii.

I would like to share some of this ancient wisdom that has been part of my learning journey.

Every human being is born into a pre-established world from which he or she immediately receives instructions, i.e. teachings on what reality is like and how one should move within it.

Ancient Knowledge from Hawaii :

The Huna Shamanism

The Huna shamans of Hawaii speak of seven Fundamental Principles capable of awakening in everyone the profound knowledge about the mysteries of existence. Seven is translated into Hawaiian by the word HIKU:

HI, meaning ‘flowing’, represents the feminine principle and KU, meaning ‘standing still’, represents the masculine principle.Ancient Knowledge from Hawaii : The Huna Shamanism

Hawaiian Shamans address illness by considering it from a purely mental point of view. Every type of illness, from flu to heart failure, stems from an inner conflict and the resulting stress created in the body by resistance to that conflict. 

Here are 7 principles.



The fundamental idea of the Huna philosophy is that each of us – our 3 selves:

* the subconscious self – KU,

* the conscious self – LONO

* and the superconscious or higher self – AUMAKUA

creates its own personal experience of reality, through its beliefs and interpretations, habitual actions and reactions, expectations, fears, desires, thoughts and feelings. We are creators, or rather CO-CREATORS, of the world and Huna teaches how to create consciously.

More generally, this principle says that we have a strong ability to make sense of things. 

If here we think we are wasting our time, that is a belief system and maybe we really are wasting our time if we think like that. If on the other hand we are convinced, that we are doing something good for us or for others, the belief system is different and then we are really doing something good and that is what we will bring home. The responsibility is ours.

We are the ones who decide. It is I who bring my world view to the situation I am in. 

It is I who give the name, the value to things.

Ancient Knowledge from Hawaii : The Huna Shamanism



There are no real boundaries between us and our body, between us and other people, us and the world, us and God. In the Huna God and the Universe (i.e. everything that is, was or will be) are one and the same. Classifications, systems, labels are our inventions, they can change, while in reality behind every system there is an essential unity, the source of life, “the great mystery”

Huna means secret, but we know the secret. Both syllables of Huna also convey the meaning of union with that mystery, which is therefore possible as well as desirable.

Any division, any separation is purely functional, conventional, an illusion of convenience. Similarly, there are no limits, for example, to the connections we can have. We can connect with more things, in time, in space. We just have to be open, accept their existence, become aware of them.

Another meaning of this principle is that there is unlimited potential for our creativity.

We can create anything we are able to conceive. We can change everything and at any time we want to, because the world is as we see it. Huna is based on the very creative use of our faculties, the creative manipulation of our thoughts, behaviour, beliefs. The limits are those we set. It is about slowly widening the circle of one’s existence, pushing back the limits, the stakes of what we accept.



Let us always be aware of what we think, what we do, what state of mind we are in, how we live, because that is the direction of the Energy we give.

By learning to increase and direct the mana, the flow of energy, (with words, images, will, enthusiasm, excitement..) we also increase our power, our ability to manifest in reality what we desire and need.

We create a seed, focus energy on it until it manifests in reality. You get what you focus on (for better or for worse). The most direct method of increasing and improving Mana is the transformation of negative attitudes into positive ones. You are aware of and lovingly accept negative thoughts or feelings when they arise, but consciously change them into their opposite.

Wanting to simplify the process of manifestation: the conscious mind focuses attention on something, the subconscious mind treats the object of attention as an actual fact and records its memory/supports it as a belief, the superconscious mind then uses this as a pattern or model against which to create an equivalent physical experience and make it an integral part of our lives. If there is no conflict between belief and doubt, simply focusing attention puts the superconscious mind into action (see synchronicity). 

The purer the attention, the clearer the results will be. Conscious attention is a matter of choice, while subconscious attention is a matter of learned habits. By filling the mind with elevated/spiritual as well as positive thoughts, it channels a different view of the world and life, an attitude of loving trust in the subconscious, the higher self, the body, the universe making it possible to transcend doubts, fears without having to fight them, to achieve one’s goals more easily.



From the present we can change past and future.

We have in the here and now the power to change limiting beliefs related perhaps to past experiences and consciously plant the seeds of a future of our choosing.

The only thing holding us back is to be in doubt, not to act, to linger. The important thing is to do something, to act without fear, but being careful what we do, being aware. Huna is effective. Be careful what we ask for, we may get it. It is when we are concentrated in the present moment that we become more efficient in what we do, because Mana only exists in the moment of awareness.Ancient Knowledge from Hawaii : The Huna Shamanism



The deepest meaning of aloha is ‘the joyful (oha) sharing (alo) of Life Energy (ha) in the present moment (alo)’.

It is about listening to one’s own feeling, going in the direction of the heart, flowing with things, letting go, walking in beauty.

It is important to evaluate what we are doing, whether it brings me happiness or not. If it brings me well-being, freedom, love, that’s fine, we develop it, we go in the direction of the heart…. If it does not bring it to me, it is good to take another direction.

One has to be fluid, learn to ride the wave, follow the movements of things like water. If I am moving with joy, dancing, singing, celebrating, then the path is the right one, I am not going in the wrong direction. And the Universe confirms this by manifesting positive events. As within so without…



The name originally given to Huna was ho-omana, which means to create mana, energy, life force. When we know how to create mana, we know how to increase our hidden potentials.

All power comes from within. There is no real power outside of us, because the power of the Universe acts through us in our lives. We are the active channel of this power and our choices and decisions direct it.

No other person can have power over us or our destiny unless we allow them to. We often step outside our power, looking for footholds outside. We believe in the power of a master for example. We hope that someone will pour into us what is actually already there. In reality we just have to realise that it is already there.



There is no absolute truth, but there is effective truth at each level of individual consciousness.

Huna and a very practical system. Any system of knowledge is considered convenient rather than actual. There is always more than one way of doing something.

A different organisation of the same knowledge might be equally valid for other purposes. In other words, all systems are arbitrary.

We are free to use what works best for us, being careful, of course, not to do anything that contradicts the respect of others.Ancient Knowledge from Hawaii : The Huna Shamanism

“The definition of personal growth according to one is ‘increasing awareness, capabilities and happiness’ and applies to all forms of consciousness, from atoms to galaxies, whether animal, plant or mineral forms. In humans, the drive towards growth is located in the Ku (subconscious).” – Serge Kahili King, Huna Shaman

Sound Frequency

Sound Frequency

Let’s begin our discussion with some very simple and basic concepts about sound.

First, it’s currently understood as being a wave. Usually, this wave manifests as moving air, which takes the vibrations of an object and causes them to travel.

This wave of sound strikes our eardrums and goes through the most extraordinary bio-acoustic process in which it’s first transformed into chemical form and then into electrical impulses as it travels through our brain.

sound frequency

Sound waves are measured in cycles per second. Scientifically, these cyclical wave measurements are called hertz and are abbreviated as Hz.

The measurement of a sound is called its frequency. One cycle per second is written as 1 Hz. Extremely slow waves create very deep, bass sounds; extremely fast ones create very high, treble sounds. The lowest note on a piano is around 24 waves per second (24 Hz), and the highest is just over 4,000 (4,186 Hz, to be exact).

We have the ability to hear from around 16 Hz to around 16,000 Hz. These numbers, of course, aren’t constant, particularly the upper measurements of our ability to hear.

Young children are said to be able to hear upward of 20,000 Hz, but as we grow older and our exposure to loud sounds increases, our range decreases.

Sounds below our threshold of hearing are often called infra-sound, while those above our audible range are referred to as ultrasound.

An interesting experiment involves a frequency generator (a scientific device that creates specific sounds), which is used to demonstrate our range of hearing.

In the Multi sensory Sound Lab saying, “Now, this is a frequency of 12,000 Hz.

How many of you can hear it?” And everybody in the room, both children and parents, raised their hands.

The instructor continued: “13,000 H2?” All of us kept our hands up.

“14,000 Hz?” A few of the more elderly in the room dropped their hands.

“15,000 Hz?” More adult hands were lowered.

“16,000 H2?” Still more hands dropped. 

“17,000 Hz?” the instructor asked.

And just kids were able to hear that. They were nodded his head and smiled.

Sound FrequencyFrom then on, until the instructor stopped demonstrating at 20,000 Hz, all the younger children continued with their hands up in the air. Nobody anyone else in the room who had reached beyond their teenage years was able to hear. 

Just because we can’t hear something doesn’t mean that there isn’t a sound. 

It’s that simple! 

Our cetacean friends in the ocean, the dolphins, can receive and project frequencies upward of 180,000 Hz. That’s nearly ten times our highest level of hearing. When these sea creatures communicate, they exchange many levels of information at extraordinarily high rates of speed.


To us, there’s nothing happening, but to these dolphins, they may be sharing tuna haute cuisine with each other- or perhaps the best route through the Gibilterra Strait!

To repeat: Just because we can’t hear something doesn’t mean there isn’t anything there.

There were people who claimed all sorts of sensitivity to sound , those who could hear the sound of an electric current running through a house or that of a seemingly silent lamp as it burned bright. 

Some other could hear different frequencies coming from various quartz crystals, while another could pick up on actual tones emitted by the body. T heard nothing, but that doesn’t mean that these sounds weren’t there.

As the ancient mystics declared, “Everything is sound!”

From the electrons moving around the nucleus of an atom to the planets in distant galaxies revolving around stars, everything is in state of vibration–and therefore, conceptually at least, everything is creating a sound. Whether or not we can hear these sounds is another story.