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We are approaching the spring equinox, which will fall on 20 March. On the 21st we will celebrate it working with this powerful energy together. (check here for more info) The present energies combined with practices with dedication to oneself will help to enter into this new phase.  Nature manifests its awakening and the beginnings […]

Where it all began for me

I am here writing in the first person because I feel I want to express some points of view. I feel I want to share with all of you who follow me and for all those who are willing to listen with openness. Something may or may not resonate with you. But the point is […]


It is the time when the womb of the Earth, which in the winter period has patiently guarded the seeds of the coming spring, receives the cosmic energies, the sacred push to birth. The seed, in order to come to the light, must allow itself to leave the warm, moist, comfortable place, the nourishing darkness […]

The Magical Winter Solstice

The Magical Winter Solstice: Origins and Ancient Knowledge In the annual cycle something extraordinary and magical happens, a cosmic event that has always assumed a high symbolic value in all the forms assumed by the Primordial Tradition. Solstitium, means ‘stationary Sun’ and on 20/21 to 23/24 December, it seems that the Sun, in its apparent […]

December : Inner confrontation

December : Inner confrontation December 2023 a phase of confrontation between the parts with important transformations bringing us an eventful month, truly fiery in some ways, where in the cold, that same fire will melt further ancient blocks. The evolutionary flow that touches the matter of this 2023 Vibe, is accompanying us to a new […]

Anxiety, stress and insomnia: effects & how reduce them

These disorders affect the physical and mental health of millions of people, negatively affecting their quality of life and general well-being. We live in an age where hectic lifestyles, daily pressures and constant challenges can lead to high levels of anxiety, stress and insomnia.  This creates a vicious circle that damages our physical and mental […]


Being aware of our emotions, how they move , how they affect our organs and thus our health can help us to move with them in order to create a loving care relationship to ourself. ENERGY OF EMOTIONS AND HOW IT AFFECTS OUR HEALTH   Traditional Chinese Medicine considers that all illnesses and physical suffering […]

Sound Therapy : scientific research since 1988

Sound Is Shaped Into a Dazzling Tool With Many Uses By Malcolm W. Browne Feb. 9, 1988 Sound Therapy : scientific research since 1988 Credit… The New York Times Archives See the article in its original context from  February 9, 1988, Section C, Page 1 USING beams of intense sound pitched above the limit of […]

Ancient Knowledge from Hawaii : The Huna Shamanism

When I started studying holistic disciplines, I came across this wonderful knowledge of ancient knowledge from Hawaii. I would like to share some of this ancient wisdom that has been part of my learning journey. Every human being is born into a pre-established world from which he or she immediately receives instructions, i.e. teachings on […]

Sound Frequency

Let’s begin our discussion with some very simple and basic concepts about sound. First, it’s currently understood as being a wave. Usually, this wave manifests as moving air, which takes the vibrations of an object and causes them to travel. This wave of sound strikes our eardrums and goes through the most extraordinary bio-acoustic process […]