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May : Archetypical meanings between tradition & myth

Archetypical meanings between tradition & myth Connecting to the energies of the moment.  Each natural cycle represents a flow of energies, being aware of what is happening makes us feel and be in tune with nature and our essence. At this time of year, the energy of the earth is at its peak:  leaves, flowers […]


What is a ritual? What it represents? Hello to you all, Today I would like to talk to you about rituals : A ritual is a moment with ourselves A celebration of the moment A request for help in letting go A guidance, a direction Creation, movement and transformation of energies Everything happens within us. […]

1 March: The Moon Festival

An interesting article on some rituals related to the Mother Earth. There are places around the world where cults linked to Mother Earth are still remembered. In Sardinia, Italy, they celebrated that particular moment of passage between the end of February and the beginning of March. 1 March in the ancient world A quick search […]

Archetypal Seeking Truth Tale

Brothers Grimm’s Fairy Tale : Tom Thumb Archetypal Seeking Truth Tale It is a fairy tale full of interesting meanings. A journey in search of the truth hidden within us. The truth that we will make us free. Tom Thumb may well represent the point in human evolution where the conscious soul appears, which in […]


Reiki as Energetic therapies are natural healing methods that improves your health by harmonising body, mind and spirit. The treatments offered are based on Reiki, an alternative holistic medicine, a Japanese form of energy healing & other as special meditation, emotional release points, shamanic ancient healing practices of Mother Earth Medicine, healing stones, healing oils […]

February: Celebration of the Light

Deeply connected to the great Mother Earth ,  we are in the period of the Day of the Rising Light.  The light begins to show at the beginning of February: the days get longer little by little and even though the winter season continues to maintain its icy grip, we notice that something is changing. […]

Holistic Treatments : Benefits

Holistic Treatments : Benefits Reiki & Integrated disciplines are part of holistic Treatment . Through these combined techniques we remind our bodies how to return to the state of repair or self-healing. By activating this state, our bodies begin to cleanse themselves of unnecessary and stagnant energies.  It also allows the body to protect itself […]

January : Winter Limbo

January: Winter Limbo Happy New Year to all of you! We are in January a month of passage , a month of transition. A safe passage from chaos to order. But let us go deeper , into history , ancient traditions and rituals. Janus, the god of beginnings and doors was the one who closed […]

Meditating during the Winter Solstice

Dear traveling souls , on this special day I invite you to find a moment to Meditating during the Winter Solstice Connecting to Mother Nature, allows you to raise your vibration higher. Imagine being between heaven and earth and merging with Nature dying and being reborn. Meditate to create that empty space where light and […]

Sound Drum Healing

Sound Drum Healing A mystical journey. An inner listening. A connection with one’s soul that communicates through our unconscious. The rhythm of the drum. The rhythm of your heart. Everything is connected and brings us home. The home of the heart. To explore your unconscious through the vibrations of the drum. To immerse yourself in […]