Where it all began for me

Where it all began for me

I am here writing in the first person because I feel I want to express some points of view.

I feel I want to share with all of you who follow me and for all those who are willing to listen with openness.

Something may or may not resonate with you.

But the point is simply to tell my story in small doses to convey an experience, a point of view, to convey truths in my journey.

We are not talking about absolute truths but rather about reflections and transformations in their most intimate meaning.

Where it all began for meWhere it all began for me

I will start my story where it all began.

It all started in 2012.
I was a girl studying law, a peculiar character with my own ideas, vivid dreams, I always found myself living and sharing absurd experiences worthy of a book. I attended parties, had many different kinds of friends, and came from a scientifically oriented family.

One day in the routine of health checks I was diagnosed with a chronic disease called endometriosis.

Endometriosis attacks the reproductive system causing various hormonal swings and other kinds of problems.
During the cycle phase, blood does not flow as it should and remains inside the body causing different problems.

The reasons in science remain unclear as to why this happens.

But we will discuss this in more detail in another

Everyone experiences this situation differently.

But back to the story…

The alternatives were:
surgery with the risk of not having children in the future, or pills that blocked the cycle, thus avoiding the formation of cysts.

I started my treatment with pills but they caused me many problems.
They made me tired all the time, I could eat almost nothing, with thoughtless mood swings, and deep states of depression, not sleeping, not to mention my body being almost paralysed at times.

My basic life for a few years was to study and lie in bed resting.

All this with poor results.

Then one day I met a guy who started to talk to me about energy therapies, and I still laugh to think about my very sceptical reaction at the time:

“what are you talking to me about? You want to suggest one of those people who put their hands on your body, maybe not even touch you, and tell you to heal you? Are you kidding?”

His answer:
try it, experience it entirely and then let me know.

The first step

So I followed my intuition.
My mind spoke to me rationally, but my heart and gut directed me towards this experience.

I met this wonderful soul joining various energy techniques and from the very first treatment I was amazed at how I could feel the energy flowing through my body and how much it could communicate to me.

I was able to relate to a subtle part of me, something that had been inside me all my life, trivial sensations that we are not aware of, they are automatic but part of a hidden language inside us.

Where it all began for meThe language of our body
The language of our soul

I decided to abandon traditional medical treatments as they did not allow the body’s regular release, bringing it into a state of paralysis, and I began treatments more constantly, delving into what was happening inside me on various levels, from all points of view.

The results were incredibly positive.

But my intention always remained to finish my studies and become an international lawyer to help all those in need.

The universe did not agree with me….
It had other plans…

A deep call

So in routine clinical examinations what was left inside my uterus, even if it was only a few centimetres, had tested positive for tumour markers.

Shocked I did not understand at first why this had happened to me, what it meant, what the message was.

For months we repeated the tests, comparing them with other studies all over Italy. The result was always positive.

In the summer of 2016, during my meditation by the sea in Puglia, I decided to turn directly to the universe, to God …

I knew that everything that happens to us has its own hidden meaning, even when we cannot comprehend it with our minds.

I asked what it all meant.
What should I do?
I was willing to change my life,
I was willing to throw myself onto a different path if only the way was shown to me….

The first meeting with the sound medicine

I returned to Rome to write my thesis.
And I started to participate in sound baths that my therapist recommended.

My intention was always the same:
If I don’t have to be a lawyer,
what should I do? Where should I go?
I asked for direction within myself

Each sound journey was unique,
From the first through the body
And slowly descending into depth
In connection with an intimate dimension

Thus in my many sound journeys I was shown the names of 3 cities :
London Amsterdam Malta , repeating several times as if to emphasise

And then a series of different images, places, symbols, people, situations, movements of the sun and moon…
The images didn’t make much sense on impact …

I never imagined that each thing, person known, situation would be experienced intensively afterwards

Unknown places and people in my sound journey would be all part of my journey

Seeing the three cities was already a sign of direction for me.

The choice

So I made a solemn promise between myself and the universe:

I would graduate and if I did well I would follow that direction, that leap of faith….

I returned to Puglia for the usual checks and the tumour markings were negative.

Positively shocked, this time, there was nothing left to think about.

After my graduation in 2017, with a fighting thesis on media manipulation, advertising and influence with harm to minors, I decide to embark on my journey into the unknown.


I will never be grateful enough for what happened, for the people

I met and those who accompanied me and brought me to my path.

Everyone has their own story, everyone has their own experiences and decides their fate according to what they feel is right for them.

My experience has led me to have to know myself, intimately to make a choice, to follow a path towards me.

An authentic path, alone but with me.

With this story I wanted to share my point of view based on my personal experience.

Embarking on the unknown does not always mean abandoning everything, for me it was an inner call, a push without any doubt towards me.

Embarking into the unknown also means entering unknown dimensions of the self that in reality have always belonged to us.

Like when following one’s intuition one explores

a simple treatment, sound baths and courses that transform us, making us aware.

When we become conscious, aware of what is happening we have a broader vision and can also understand why.

In my life there were many messages and gifts that the universe had sent me but I had never become aware of them.

So my chronic illness became an immense gift for me, a start point to look everything in a different perspective and listen a call from my body.

The call of a wounded inner child, seeking attention from me.

Each one of us has this inner part, even subtle wounds to be healed, attention to be given to that part that requires love and care in ways different from those conventionally known and recognised by society, such as alternative medicine.

This is why my research into holistic therapies has become more and more constant and wide-ranging, selecting alternative tools and

techniques that help in a simple and concrete way to rediscover that relationship with that inner part.

With care and love, each

of us can rediscover that intimate connection towards the most authentic part of the self.

You simply has to listen to yourself to know where to go, who and what choose.

So whatever your present condition is, when you feel lost, remember to
take three deep breaths and with your hands on your heart ask for direction.

Your soul in connection with the Universe will respond.

Look, observe the messages, the synchronicities around you and then follow your heart connected to your belly!

I hope I have not bored you with this story.







NOTE: with this article, the intent is not to denigrate traditional medicine, also because I think we need both sometimes and balance is always in the center .

The intent is to emphasise the importance of deep feeling, of making choices for oneself, of following what the soul asks of us, what the body asks, changing from an important decision to a simple everyday action.

Thank you
With love,