It is the time when the womb of the Earth, which in the winter period has patiently guarded the seeds of the coming spring, receives the cosmic energies, the sacred push to birth.

The seed, in order to come to the light, must allow itself to leave the warm, moist, comfortable place, the nourishing darkness to blossom into an unknown reality.

What is it that drives the seed to Blossom?

To leave the known for the mysterious?

The same energy that drives the caterpillar not to resist the transformation that will make it a butterfly.

Both the seed and the caterpillar do not consciously know what they are transmuting into, they do not know that they will be more beautiful, perfect, complete, divine.

In the seed and the caterpillar there is instinct, to which they surrender in perfect trust, they know that this is the only way to become what they truly are, resisting transmutation, choosing to remain seed and caterpillar is simply not natural.


What happens in nature is a wonderfully valuable parable to tell us what happens deep inside us.

The seed as our infinite potential of beauty, grace, perfection, is there in the dark, comfortable, nourishing of our Being, it is ready to receive the energetic push to Come into the World.

It is necessary, however, that we sacrifice the image of ourselves that we have made for ourselves, everything that we consider our reality.

We must necessarily leave the chrysalis of what we have always believed ourselves to be and allow
What We Really Are to be born.

The chrysalis for the caterpillar and the seed for the flower, are simply stages; a stage, not what I really Am.

It is just one of the potentials, not the unique and ultimate potential, although both caterpillar and seed do not know what they will become they follow natural instinct, and in total trust allow the potential of what they really are to develop.

The human being, on the other hand, often remains in its original caterpillar or seed form, thinks that it is simply all there, builds insurmountable limits and barriers, turning the chrysalis into a safe, comfortable prison.


And if outside there is the possibility of being a butterfly?

Better not to trust it, to continue creating caterpillars that are ever more intelligent, ever more technological, ever more refined, but which remain caterpillars.

We were taught that we could never be perfect, healthy, immortal, and we caterpillars resigned ourselves to not being able to have wings.

We have organised ourselves a caterpillar world and simply admire butterflies as another species, something we can never be.

The freedom of the butterfly also frightens us after all.

If we realise that perhaps we can become butterflies, we immediately pull back because this new revelation, insight, pushes us out of the only world we know; it makes us another species.

It is time to realise that there is not one of us who is not a butterfly, we are all butterflies pretending to be caterpillars, some become what they really are, others admire them and build ever stronger chrysalises so that the transformation never comes to an end.

How do we decide to come into the world in this new spring?

No one will break our chrysalis, no one will force your seed to become a flower.

What will compel us to leave our role as caterpillars?

Going with the flow on 24th February, with the powerful energies of the full moon underway, we will enhance this transformation taking place within us with a sound journey with vibrating bowls from Tibet and special gongs that will bring you back to your centre.

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