December : Inner confrontation

December : Inner confrontation

December : Inner confrontation

December 2023 a phase of confrontation between the parts with important transformations bringing us an eventful month, truly fiery in some ways, where in the cold, that same fire will melt further ancient blocks.

The evolutionary flow that touches the matter of this 2023 Vibe, is accompanying us to a new vision of things, showing us well the consequences of our actions.

We are now in an effervescent moment in this sense as, the confrontation between the parts, manifests itself above as well as below, within as well as without.

With enthusiasm, as well as patience to go along with nature’s timing, in advancing in this process of verticalisation of being we are becoming aware that we are standing on new soil.

A soil that leaves no room for wasting time in continuing to produce nothing constructive.

We are in a period of choices.

We all need them, regardless of our own personal choices and ways of proceeding.

So in these curves of the earthly experience, we are led to evolve and to what moves within in order to really make the big leap.

Having first made a choice and lived the experience, I now consider it to be the one that is most congruent with my service and that in the current state of affairs can produce the best results on the individual.

Because it is results that are needed.
Of facts, tangible and concrete, that can be clearly seen on an inner level and, consequently, on an outer level.

December : Inner confrontation

Effervescence of fire, active, irreverent and creative energy.
In letting go, again and again, we turn our gaze to that emptiness that grows and produces stasis.

Ancient patterns falling inside us, inner wounds healing, producing vulnerability capable of increasing the Force within.

The inner confrontation  takes place within you and all the emotions arise from this.
The wars taking place are a reflection of what is going on inside you and which now absolutely must be confronted, without ifs and buts.

At play are the dark forces that aim to amplify the extremes, but at the same time, we are passing through the battlefield that is taking place between them and the Celestial Forces.

Everyone has a part to play consciously or unconsciously.

Don’t leave room for negative thoughts that lower your frequency,
fight for the light.

Remember that at at the end on the multi-dimensional plane and beyond, it is and always will be good that wins.

Observe at what is happening from a different point of view, you will realise how everything moves according to precise criteria.

Then look at what seems irredeemable and realise that we are never alone.

I would like you to ask yourself: Do you have Faith?

Follow the song of the stars, observe how, in the shadowy darkness, they light your way.

Allow the higher intelligence to inspire you and let the divine mechanics lead you.

There is no need in the eyes of those who have Faith, Hope and Strength in their Heart to participate in this battle with awareness that DIVINE SOURCE will never cease to work for Righteousness and Justice.

I have Faith. As I have always had it by making my inner choice.
However much we are at the point where it is a you against you and an all against all.

In the age where equality is extolled, criteria have been mixed first and reversed later.
Dynamics have been amplified, producing ever stronger explosions.
In confronting each other, they close in a circle that is becoming vicious and tight.

But nature always puts everything back into place. This is how it has always been and this is how it will be.
Even if distorted, humiliated, trampled upon, poisoned.
It proceeds inexorably manifesting Life, and this evolves and expands despite those who want separation, disintegration and confusion.

But the time will come again when masculine and feminine will integrate and harmonise, merge and evolve.

She will become cosy again.
He will once again become enveloping.
Kings and Queens  in the expressive balance of their beings will produce harmony and Beauty.

But for this to happen, it is necessary to return to oneself, to make choices, carefully observing the distortions that aim to move away from the Beauty and Wholeness of who you are.

You are part of the whole and if you proceed in observance of the cosmic vibrations, you will realise that within you resides that which best suits your nature.

In the middle something happens.
In the middle resides Truth.

Where thought chases the past through memories, these, if well observed and pondered, come to lighten and acquire a clear and truthful form.
Without the intrusion of limiting and distorting emotions, beliefs and perceptions.

Let yourself be inspired.
Everything brings you back to the nature and naturalness of things.

Thank You

with Love