What is a ritual?

What it represents?

Hello to you all,

Today I would like to talk to you about rituals :

A ritual is a moment with ourselves
A celebration of the moment
A request for help in letting go
A guidance, a direction
Creation, movement and transformation of energies

Everything happens within us.
Entering into relationship and deep listening with ourselves

Listening to what we need in the present moment, an intimate connection between us and the reality that surrounds and reflects us.

The space

When preparing a ritual we first pay attention to the environment, with love and dedication we create a sacred space for ourselves ( sacred because we need to recognise the importance of ourselves, the sacredness of the moment with ourselves, an intimate encounter, where we are alone connected to our essence )

One enters into a dimension of consciousness of listening to one’s body, mind and soul.

The intention

A dedication, an intention from the depths of the heart, this is how energy is transformed from feeling to thought, to be then formulated into word and action

Offering in ritual

Connecting to mother earth part of ourselves, part of our existence and its cycles of renewal.

By offering something, we connect with the transmutation movement, we create an alchemical bridge to a dimension of sharing and co-creation with mother earth

With an open and sincere heart we move into change, with humility and gratitude we participate in the transformation of what is necessary.

RitualsConnected We heal us & Mother Earth

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