How You Breathe ?

How You Breathe Affects the Quality of Your Life

Find out why:

Did you know that there are different breathing techniques?

And that through proper breathing you can activate your Inner Energy and with it improve your health and enhance your body and mind?

And that through proper breathing you can activate your Inner Energy and with it improve your health and enhance your body and mind?

We are all able to breathe, if we didn’t we couldn’t live! But not all of us know how to get the maximum benefits from breathing.

The way you breathe is far, far more important than you think.Breathing is both the most natural and the most powerful act you perform every day. The human body can go for several days without food, for several days without water, but only for a few minutes without breathing,

have you ever thought about that?

Oxygen is essential in order for your brain to function properly, but not only that. All the functions of your body need oxygen to be carried out, in fact, it is used to regenerate cells, metabolise food and eliminate waste substances.

Unfortunately, most people breathe shallowly, filling their lungs only slightly, resulting in a perpetual state of low oxygenation.

Chronic weakness, psychophysical apathy, irritability, insomnia, circulatory problems, poor concentration and lack of mental clarity are the consequences of the permanent state of low oxygenation in which many of us live.

Stress also contributes to placing people in a negative condition of low oxygenation.

This happens because norepinephrine and adrenaline-the stress hormones-take up large amounts of oxygen to be produced and oxidised.

We live in a world in which for one reason or another we are faced with constant challenges and constant pressure and tension.

Most of us suffer from stress-related problems and live out our days in nervousness and agitation.


Breathing Techniques: Choose the One That Works For You

Re-acquainting ourselves with proper breathing methods, breathing consciously, can help us greatly to improve the quality of our lives.

A proper breathing can set in motion within your body a whole series of benefits that you never even imagined you could get thanks to a practice so simple and immediate as breathing:

* A higher level of energy

* a better control of your mood and your mood

* a significant increase in mental clarity

* a noticeable improvement in your general health.

Correct abdominal breathing, visualisation and mental control of breathing can bring about the awakening of a whole new part of yourself, a whole new aspect of your existence that you probably never realised.

Through proper breathing methods your internal organs receive the right amount of oxygen and your body and mind relax and unwind.

Focusing on breathing is also one of the best techniques for concentration and meditation.

The moment you focus all your attention on the rhythmic movement of the breath, you will find that it is possible to empty your mind of the incessant overlapping of thoughts.

But let’s see some of the most effective breathing techniques that you can put into practice right away: diaphragmatic breathing.


Diaphragmatic Breathing

* Place your right hand on your abdomen and your left hand on your chest.

* Start breathing slowly and with deep breaths.

* Make your abdomen inflate and expand, as if it were a balloon, each time you inhale, as a result, your hand will rise due to the thrust of the belly that inflates, while the left hand remains immobile on the chest

* When you exhale, your belly deflates, thus lowering your hand.

Breathe this way for 3-4 minutes, you’ll be amazed how even in such a short time, you’ll immediately feel better, more energetic and relaxed!

Try it to believe it!

You will need your hands for the first few times, later on, when you are familiar with the breathing technique, you won’t need to use them anymore.

This breathing method is perfect for meditation, it helps a lot to keep your attention focused on the breath, but not only, you can practice diaphragmatic breathing in any situation, in fact you can practice this exercise standing, lying down or sitting, in virtually any situation:

when you’re in line at the bank, at the post office, at the supermarket, in moments of boredom, at the office….

This is one of the most powerful breathing techniques, very useful to practice in all those moments when you feel the tension increase, even a few breaths taken in the right way, can be a great help to return to have a clearer and more serene vision of life and the things that happen around you.

This mental clarity will automatically banish worries and anxieties;

facing problems more calmly means being less prone to stress.


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