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August : A month dedicated to the maternal archetype

The origins of August: “behind an emperor there is also a mother who keeps watch” August takes its name from the first Roman emperor: Gaius Julius Caesar Octavian Augustus, better known as Octavian or Augustus, who died on 19 August 14 BC. It was after a decision by the Roman Senate that the month changed […]

Extra Virgin OLIVE OIL

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the most important condiments in Mediterranean cuisine. It has so many benefits that it is difficult to make a complete list. It is considered to be the best of all fats, as its production process totally excludes chemical processes and the use of industrial means. Here are the […]

WINE : Properties and Benefits

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from grapes that is rich in polyphenols and, if drunk in moderation, is useful against cardiovascular disorders, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and dementia. Let’s find out more. Properties and benefits of wine Wine is obtained from the alcoholic fermentation of grape must and contains various substances, some of which have […]

The extraordinary properties of TOMATOES

Tomatoes, the simple fruit with a thousand beneficial properties. Rich in antioxidants, it helps cardiovascular health, the waistline, eyesight and is counted among the foods that are potentially anti-cancer. Tomatoes are one of the most typical foods of the Mediterranean diet. Raw or cooked, used in a thousand recipes, they are almost never missing from […]

CHOCOLATE : History, Production and Health Benefits

Chocolate is not only tasty, but if consumed in a conscious way it is also an ally of our health. Discover its properties, nutritional values and some interesting facts about the “Food of the Gods”! Raise your hand if you don’t eat chocolate at least once in a while! Of course, there are those who […]

The 5 properties of TARALLI – Nutritional Values

Apulian taralli are one of the most popular baked goods of all, and this is because they are something simple but good at the same time. Tasting one of the many types of taralli pugliesi takes you back to Puglia with just one bite and that’s why everyone loves them. These products are as simple […]

Wholemeal ORECCHIETTE – Benefits- Recipes

Wholemeal vs white pasta As explained above, the main difference between the two types of pasta lies in the manufacturing process. The calories are more or less the same (353 calories for white pasta compared to 324 for wholemeal pasta), but wholemeal pasta is considered healthier than white pasta due to its lower fat content […]

PASTA : White or wholemeal? Benefits and differences

It’s not fattening, it’s good for your body and mind: here’s the manifesto signed by the world’s leading specialists Pasta is not fattening, on the contrary, it is beneficial to health and is essential for the diet of athletes. Specialists and scientific committees have dismantled one of the urban legends according to which pasta makes […]

BEER : Description, Properties, Benefits

Beer, whose name comes from the Latin bibere and means drinking, is a very old drink, whose moderate consumption helps to maintain good health. Let’s find out more about it. > What is beer? > 2. The properties and benefits of beer > 3. Beer, an ally of > 4. The use of beer in […]

The 5 Elements: When Nature Reveals Her Secrets to Us

The 5 Elements theory is universal   In Aristotelian physics, the first constituents of the Earth were the four Elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water; and they were also for many ancient cultures across the world; to these was added a fifth: Ether or Quintessence, a pure element assimilated to Spirit, to the divine, capable of […]