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To Conquer Your Inner Treasure You’ll Have to Face Your Shadow

When you decide to do serious work on yourself, past the euphoria of the beginnings where everything seems new and wonderful, comes the moment where you find yourself having to dig deep to bring to the surface all that series of things that you wouldn’t want to see. Indeed, it is usually hidden and well-buried; […]

Conscious Cooking : A new way to Meditate

The Benefits of Conscious Cooking   Cooking with love for yourself or for others is an art. It does not mean putting yourself on the stove, cutting and assembling food at random that for taste and aroma are combined without too much trouble to fill the stomach and no longer feel the bites of hunger, […]


THE MAN WALKING NEXT TO THE HEALER WOMAN When a man chooses a woman who follows her vocation to heal humanity, his only possibility is to maintain the connection and follow it.   It may happen that man will have to abandon his needs, or that he too finds the means of healing through the […]

Gnocchi with salmon, truffle in cream cooked with vodka

Gnocchi with salmon, truffle in cream cooked with vodka:   Difficulty: Easy Preparation: 10 min Cooking: 10 min Serves for: 4 people Cost: Medium Presentation The gnocchi with salmon and vodka are one of the tastiest ways to revisit a great classic of 70s cuisine. In fact, in those years, in kitchens all over the […]

The Salmon

The Salmon of Knowledge: myths, benefits, properties   His name is as sumptuous as that of a King, his life dotted with fatigue and his “meats” are among the richest and most valuable. The ancient Romans called it ‘Salmo Salar’, from the verb ‘climb’, referring to their incredible journey into the fresh and salty waters. […]

Listen to your body 2

To counteract the muscular and emotional tensions     The muscles contract and relax and it is this double function that allows the movement: but if the muscle remains tense, the movement is made difficult and painful; We become stiffer and we have a hard time moving. Where do these muscular tensions come from? From […]


IN DIFFICULT MOMENTS THE LOTUS HELP YOU The Lotus Flower: the power of an ancient symbol that comes from the East The lotus flower is in Eastern culture the symbol of purity par excellence, enlightenment, transformation and rebirth. It is part of the genus Nelumbo, not to be confused with flowers of the genus Nymphae […]


LISTEN YOUR BODY According to the World Health Organization, stress is the evil of the XXI century; It strikes us more than any previous generations.   If in the past there were real threats to which it was possible to react (or from which to escape), never as today we are confronted with “virtual” threats: […]


What are the 7 chakras? In this article, I will talk about the seven Chakras. You will learn how the mind is everything, and how what we see is not always all that exists. Understanding the nature of the Chakras is essential to fully understand how to meditate and to make the most of the […]

Thoughts Wave

Thoughts Wave The knowledge or perception we have of things is a thought-wave in the mind, which we must control, because what commonly happens is that if the thought-wave is pleasant, we say “I am happy” and if the wave – Thought it is unpleasant, we say “I am unhappy”. But this identification is false […]