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The Garden of Ireland

“We need to collaborate with the power of nature left free, doing as much as possible and as little as possible,” said Gilles Clément, the great French landscape architect.   In the following article I wanted to give space to one of the most beautiful gardens in Ireland written by Kathleen Becker taken from Speak […]

Grandparents are Mothers and Fathers of Humanity

From an interview with Maya healer Abuela Margarita.   We have lost contact with Nature, Grandma Margarita (Abuela means “grandmother” in Spanish) reminds us of it, she enlightens us with history and magic by showing us another dimension. “When I want something I ask myself”. Grandma Margarita, healer and guardian of the Mayan tradition, grew […]


  “Take care of your home, of your body, do not lose the spiritual dimension of this crisis, become like the eagle that sees everything and sees more widely. Through joy one resists. Have faith, you have been prepared to overcome this crisis. When the storm passes, you will be very important in the reconstruction […]

Daddy Prince Charming. The Father importance.

I have a Prince Charming. What’s he like? He is the most beautiful man in the world. And he loves you? Yes, he’s loved me since day one. I don’t believe it. It’s true, he loves me and I love him. Really? And what’s his name? He has a name, but I call him Daddy. […]

The power of Mothers. The feminine force.

Knowing our roots helps us to understand who we are, where we come from and what we can do in our lives. The knowledge passed down from mother to daughter, for generations, it is a treasure of inestimable value.     To be a woman means to welcome its rhythms, its waves, which flow together […]


History   Wine has become today one of the most present drinks on Italian tables and boasts a long history that began thousands of years ago. The ancient vines and the first winemaking practices in history dates back to the civilization of Mesopotamia. Wine consolidated its role in society very quickly. In ancient Egypt, some […]

The Law of attraction

  Everything we create comes from a force of energy. That energy starts from our thoughts, however, before our thoughts, come the feelings. If we connect a strong feeling or emotion to a thought, it is the universal law that this MUST become an experience.     Literally, the law of attraction states that “like […]

Learning to let go : The sweet story of Dechen

Attachment is mental and emotional fixation on something we think we need or want. We get attached to things like people, views, outcomes, or material possessions. The reason we get attached to them is that we’re afraid we’ll lose them, and therefore, we’ll be unhappy, or we may even think we won’t survive. Many of […]

Life begin at the end of your comfort zone

The concept of “comfort zone” is of public domain. Comfort zone is the expression used to indicate that security area, protection, defence circulated in the space of the newspaper, to the known one this is hardly ever a garden for enthusiasm and implementation. It is an expression of a flat life of a square mentality, […]


November is for many of us the darkest month of the year: The earth is naked, the temperatures drop drastically, it wakes up with the fog, the lack of sunlight brings with him bad mood, especially for who suffering from meteoropathy; Moreover, this month is dedicated to the departed, and along with this anniversary, the […]