The power of Mothers. The feminine force.

Knowing our roots helps us to understand who we are, where we come from and what we can do in our lives. The knowledge passed down from mother to daughter, for generations, it is a treasure of inestimable value.



To be a woman means to welcome its rhythms, its waves, which flow together with nature, to enter into communication with that intuition which is unfortunately rarely fully understood or listened to, to perceive the world in a different, less linear and more cyclical way, to have special attention to one’s “tribe”, and to know how to mobilize when one needs one’s own warrior forces to defend what is dear to one’s heart.

The legacy of the female lineage teaches us to change the world, to revolutionize it in a gentle way, without weapons, without violence. With fairness.

But in order to reach a balanced and centred state of power on which women can give life to a new tomorrow, they need to recover their memory: the ancestral memory conveyed by their mothers, grandmothers, ancestors, the memory that flows within them, the memory that leads them to have such a special connection with nature and with other people’s feelings.

In order to give themselves this possibility, mothers have this great and profound task: to guide their daughters, to help them to listen to the voice of their authentic being, so different from that of today’s world shaped on a more linear and hierarchical, less collaborative, less feminine, but not for this reason more powerful.


“Raising a young woman is an important task for a mother. To teach her to love her body, to recognise her talents, to cultivate within her the ancient wisdom of the female lineage is a responsibility that requires commitment and a great deal of sensitivity”.

(Taken from “Custodian of the Sacred Fire” by Alessandra Comneno. Anima Ed.).


We should remember the fiery, active aspect of the woman, when in ancient times she was the guardian of the sacred fire and of the fire of the hearth, of the fire of life But women are not only welcoming, generous as the earth; they can be the fire that warms, that excites and sometimes destroys and transforms, and for this reason, it is useful that each one can count on the wise, conscious and kind guidance of another woman who will be able to accompany her on her journey of discovery of the ancient wisdom of which she is the guardian.


Many women have forgotten that they have an ancient guardian of fire in their lineage, but in every woman there is still a spark of that ancient transforming flame. A spark that simply needs to be seen, valued, nourished, guided by a mother, whether of blood or soul, it does not matter; that spark is a fire in power that every woman can transmit: she can pass on what she has received and what she has learned to her daughters, in a virtuous evolutionary cycle, not only for the good of women, but for the good of all, because we are all sons and daughters of a mother.

Better world for future generations


Women are able to mobilize their forces across the four corners of the planet, in the heart of the most bitter conflicts, and to do so by singing, bringing a hope of peace, a message; by showing, through concrete action in the world, that what unites us can be stronger than what separates us.

Here is the Prayer of the Mothers, the hymn of “Women Wage Peace”, a women’s movement for peace that has mobilized thousands of women, from different cultures and religions, in a peaceful way; women who have made their voices heard in times of war and who have shown the world that the power of the Mothers is strong and present and that she is able to spread her voice everywhere in the world.


Prayer of the Mothers

A whisper of ocean wind

Is blowing from far away

And laundry is flapping

To the shadow of the wall

Between the sky and the land

There are people who want to live in peace

Don’t give up, keep dreaming

Of peace and prosperity

When will the walls of fear melt

When will I return from exile

And my gates will open

To what is truly good

Come on Sleep! – Another sunrise

Come on Sleep – And morning is here

We will slaughter – A mother sends

A pigeon for you – Along with a prayer

Fly pigeon, Don’t believe – Her child to school

We will laugh with the child – to the sound

So that he may sleep – of war

The walls of fear will some day melt

And I will return from exile

My gates shall open

To what is truly good

from the north to the south

from the west to the east

hear the prayer of the mothers

bring them peace

bring them peace

Light is rising from the east to the prayer of the mothers for peace