Grandparents are Mothers and Fathers of Humanity

From an interview with Maya healer Abuela Margarita.


We have lost contact with Nature, Grandma Margarita (Abuela means “grandmother” in Spanish) reminds us of it, she enlightens us with history and magic by showing us another dimension.

“When I want something I ask myself”.

Grandma Margarita, healer and guardian of the Mayan tradition, grew up with her great grandmother, who was a healer and worked miracles. She practices and knows the dance circles of the sun, the earth, the moon, and the search for vision.

Abuela (Grandmother) Margarita Nuñez is Mexican, Chichimeca Indian and bearer of the Holy Pipe. As a member of the Intertribal Council of the Elders of America, she travels the world to share her ancestral knowledge handed down from the most genuine indigenous traditions and to keep the legacy of the Ancestors’ culture alive.

Through his ceremonies and the Temascal, the sweat lodge, he shares his ancestral knowledge from the most genuine indigenous traditions.

Wisdom and power are summed up in her. Her rituals are an explosion of energy that infuses peace and joy…

Abuela Margarita: “I am 71 years old. I was born in the country, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, and I live in the mountains. I am a widow, I have two daughters and two grandchildren by my daughters, but I have thousands with whom I have been able to learn love without attachment.

Our origin is Mother Earth and Father Sun.

I have come to earth to remind you what is inside each one.


Abuela’s message was addressed to this historical period we are living through: to the changes that the pandemic has brought to our lives, whether on an individual, family or community level; but above all it was aimed at reminding us that we are part of this great living organism that is Mother Earth. “We must remember,” says Abuela, “that we are Water, Earth, Fire and Air: as Fire and Earth, we are Spirit and Matter.

Much of our reality, however, is based on an old way of thinking that influences the way we perceive the world and feel emotions, and this change has helped us to give more value to what surrounds us, to our relationships. This planetary crisis has touched us deeply but it has also brought us the opportunity to break down the old ways of thinking that were suffocating our minds and hearts.

And among the relationships that the pandemic has highlighted, the one we have with our grandparents has been of great importance.

Grandparents are a treasure for humanity, that’s why

Grandparents are the custodians of a great knowledge and experience that they have matured during their lives, this treasure of knowledge and experience is an extremely precious legacy especially in this moment of great change because it can help the new generations to go beyond this moment of change and create a new reality, more respectful and harmonious, both with our fellow human beings and with the nature that surrounds us.

Grandparents are a treasure not only for their grandchildren but for the new generations, for the humanity that will come after us, that is why Abuela Margarita invites grandparents to share that treasure not only with the blood family, but with the human family, passing on their knowledge and know-how to young people. Because they are the grandparents of humanity.

In this sharing, the grandchildren have a great role: to help their grandparents to share their message by listening to them with heart and mind and learning to move their hands like them, following the ancient arts of the past that are in danger of disappearing.

Sharing creates a good relationship. The passage of knowledge is precious both for the blood family and the universal family, whose existence we have forgotten but which is there, before our eyes, and of which each one of us is a part.

“Many nations complain about young people between the ages of 13 and 26, but grandparents are the very educators of this age”.

(Abuela Margarita)


Maternity and universal fatherhood is a great gift



What we have experienced and are still experiencing today speaks to us of a change that helps us to give value to the family, to no longer take it for granted, and to recognise the gift that every age has, from the youngest to the oldest, because everyone has an important role.

But above all, this period of great change, which began in February during the time of the Aquarius, as Abuela Margarita rightly pointed out, was a great opportunity to open our eyes and recognize the value of this extended family which is the universal family, the one that shares the same home, the planet Earth.

And never as in this period has the role of grandparents been so fundamental, because if they are the grandparents of their blood family, they are also the Mothers and Fathers of the universal family, of humanity. And we need them to grow, to evolve.

Every age is precious and what we can do is to grasp the gift of becoming universal Mothers and Fathers when our time comes and help the youngest to create ever new footsteps that will take them on the path of evolution, giving them love and support and sharing our experiences with them; but to reach this universal motherhood/paternity, it takes time, because it is life that forms us.

Abuela Margarita shared this important message with all of us, because she considers us as her grandchildren; and love must be shared in this way too: through words, through her own experience, because transmission is the gift of a life.