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Healthy Mussels

Mussels are one of the most popular seafoods and there’s no denying that they taste great. That’s why they lend themselves to simple or gourmet preparations, but always tasty and appealing. In addition to the gratification of the palate that is part of the excellence of mussels, there is also the component that benefits health. […]


Native to the Andes, the potato was domesticated in the Lake Titicaca region and became one of the main foods of the Incas, who developed a large number of varieties to adapt it to the different environments of the regions they inhabited. The first Europeans to learn about the potato were the Spanish conquistadors of […]

Olives Mediterranean passion

[vc_row][vc_column icons_position=”left”][vc_column_text] Olives were harvested, depending on their intended use, at different times: still unripe (olives albae or acerbae) not fully ripe (olives variae or fuscae) ripe (olives nigrae). Those that could not be picked by climbing the trees were dropped using long flexible sticks (ractriai in Greek), always taking great care not to damage […]

Being Happy: A choice of life

Avarice, envy, pride, hostility… may be considered terrible sins; but there is no greater sin than being unhappy.   Life is too short to spend it unhappy, suffering and angry. It depends on you what you do with the time you have been given. Reflect deeply on whether you want the years you spend in […]

The fantastic story of the black wolf and the white wolf

The famous American Indian legend from which we can learn a profound message to better understand and overcome our inner conflicts. The story tells of a wise old man teaching his grandson the story of the two great wolves that live inside us.     The grandfather tells his grandson: “You see, inside everyone there […]

See the truth on yourself. Be Free From the Fictions

Not To Be Better, But To Be Free From the Fictions Spirituality is thus seen as a colourful container from which to draw beliefs and practices at will to escape from the reality that confronts us with all the imperfections of daily life, our weaknesses and smallnesses. But is this really how it works? Is […]


100 ideas of things to do when you’re bored During this quarantine period, you’ve probably asked yourself several times what to do when you’re bored. And there are two options: get caught up in the discouragement and fear of the future or use the days to do everything you’ve ever wanted to do ( okay […]

How You Breathe ?

How You Breathe Affects the Quality of Your Life Find out why: Did you know that there are different breathing techniques? And that through proper breathing you can activate your Inner Energy and with it improve your health and enhance your body and mind? And that through proper breathing you can activate your Inner Energy […]

How trees secretly talk to and share with each other

Trees secretly talk to each other underground. They’re passing information and resources to and from each other through a network of mycorrhizal fungi—mykós means fungus and riza means root in Greek—a mat of long, thin filaments that connect an estimated 90% of land plants. Scientists call the fungi the Wood Wide Web because ‘adult’ trees […]

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has always been counted as the best diet, and it is no coincidence that in our motto there is “Healthy mind in a healthy body” with a healthy and organic food with attention to respect for nature that leads us to a synergistic connection bringing us well-being.     In this regard […]