100 ideas of things to do when you’re bored

During this quarantine period, you’ve probably asked yourself several times what to do when you’re bored.
And there are two options: get caught up in the discouragement and fear of the future or use the days to do everything you’ve ever wanted to do ( okay maybe not quite EVERYTHING) and enjoy the isolation as much as possible.
We can all make excuses like:
* I’m lonely
* I don’t have any money
* I’m afraid to go out
* There’s nothing to do around the house.
* I have to work remotely
* I have to clean the house
…And certainly some of this is true, but we have never had so much free time in our lives and we always complain that we can’t devote time to what we want so this situation is an opportunity.
We can explore new activities, deepen the ones we already know and use this moment for our personal and spiritual rebirth.
All of man’s troubles come from not knowing how to sit still in a room.

Here’s what to do when you’re bored around the house

Fun pastimes

Exercise with weights, rubber bands, football or simple equipment like chairs or steps to keep fit

Buy something you’ve never used like jump rope, a meditation mat, a class, food items.

Anything that you are curious about and have never experienced.

Sudoku or crossword puzzles, even on an app

Create a playlist to get your juices flowing

Look for some new apps that will entertain or teach you something

Buy a magazine at the newsstand to support local businesses and learn or explore something that interests you.

Renew something.

Look for an old chair, picture frame, box and unleash your creativity using Pinterest

Play video games

Take an online course or simply video courses and tutorials on youtube

Make a Puzzle

Review photo books from past vacations or old videotapes and soak up the memories

Search for a dance or martial arts or kickboxing video on youtube and get moving!!!


Discover a new recipe in a kitchen or prepare something that brings you good memories like grandma’s cake or homemade pasta

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Cleaning, rearranging spaces, creating room for new things to bring new energy to your home
Read a book
Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time, serenity, that nothing is.


Alone, with your partner, with family. Pull out a beer, olives and tarallini and create a special moment

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A snack for every moment of the day



Cuddle, even these to children, pets, partner, mom and dad, whoever you are lucky enough to be able to hug since not everyone has this luxury
Get a massage from your partner

Look for new Artists you might like.
Music, movies, art, books, discover someone new
Take a walk and pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers

Dress nicely, put on some makeup, shave, something that makes you feel good and forces you to take off the suit

I suggest the course – Fashion Advisor for Your Soul – .
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If there are two or three of you at home get out the cards or board games
Get out your old guitar or keyboard and with some youtube tutorials learn an easy song

If you like cooking start working on something that takes time and you usually can’t do.
Try making sourdough, some pickled or oiled vegetables, tomato puree, homemade bread, liqueur, etc.
If you don’t feel like making a tomato puree, but are looking for quality products that will warm your soul,

I suggest :

Make your dishes delicious by tasting real tomato puree with Italian taste.


Have a chat with friends near or far on zoom or house party or some group chat app
Start an Art Project like drawing, oil painting or water colors or work on your calligraphy.


Have a chat with friends near or far on zoom or house party or some group chat app
Start an Art Project like drawing, oil painting or water colors or work on your calligraphy.

I suggest a course that we have done in this regard:
– Paint with your Soul – .
A path made of beautiful shades, in which you can learn to express your emotions and work in a therapeutic way while having fun.
Free yourself from what you no longer need.
It will be a unique experience.

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If you have never had an artistic spirit but would like to try, start by painting mandalas to print.
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Take a nap. You know all those times you wished you could sleep in or doze off after lunch?
Today you can

Watch a documentary
Pull out photos from a trip and prepare an exotic dish you sampled on that vacation
Discover new craft activities such as DIY, sewing, jewel making, origami
Find a challenge you like on social. Fresh juice every morning at breakfast, split in 15 days, choose the one you enjoy the most and launch it, maybe involving your friends


Make a list of restaurants, museums and destinations you’ll visit at the end of the lockdown

Candlelight dinner and romantic night out


Make someone’s birthday special who is celebrating at home alone. Sing them Happy Birthday, send them a gift, write them a letter like old times, make them feel special

Make a photo book online or order prints

Give yourself a gift

Sunbathe on the terrace


Spiritual Exercises

There is no better time than now to dig into your life and work on yourself. If you don’t know what to do when you’re bored, here are some tips to deepen your self-knowledge:

Wake up early in the morning, find a ray of sunshine, sit around ’til sunrise and meditate. If you are not used to meditate you can explore guided meditation.

I suggest you try our personalised guided meditation, based on what you need most right now.
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I remind you that the meeting will take place online and will be free!


Begin a personal journal.
Address the topic of values. Determine what are the important things to you and the non-negotiable values in your life.

Create your vision board or inspiration board. Find motivational phrases, images, your own photos and anything else that inspires you to create a vision board.


Ask yourself effective questions, use your time to think deeply about what we can learn in this time and how we can bring our new habits into the future

Work on your mental programming and positive affirmations. Think about your inner dialogue and what messages you communicate to yourself.
Eliminate limiting beliefs

In this regard I suggest our program
– Connect with your Soul – a completely free 28-day program that will change your life and connect you with the deepest part of yourself.
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Create new positive habits and figure out how you can incorporate them into your new post-coronavirus life

Take some time to take a warm bath with essential oils and Epsom salt. Relax and enjoy the moment
Visualization. You can use the visualization to prepare for job interviews, college exams, athletic competitions or simply imagine your progress in the coming years.

Write a post on your blog, a book, a facebook post,
a product review.

Start writing down everything you remember about your dreams as soon as you wake up in the morning. Keep a journal and pen on your nightstand and take notes that you can tidy up throughout the day

Write a bucketlist with all the desires you want to accomplish once you get out of quarantine


Set yourself new business or personal goals and start drafting a schedule with dates to achieve your desired results
Take a day off from your cell phone.
Turn it off, don’t read email, don’t be tempted by instagram or facebook.
Spend a day in total silence.
No TV, no radio, no calls.
Find all the quotes and motivational phrases that inspire you the most and write them down somewhere

Make a day of fasting
Observe your emotions. How do you feel these days? What pulls you up and what brings you down?

Do something useful

If you are smart working or you know you will probably continue to spend a lot of time at home in the coming months, set up or create a home office.

Find a comfortable work chair, set up somewhere the webcam can’t see the wife, husband, kids and cats, buy some stationery and create the right situation to work in.
Fix and update your PC and electronic devices.
Reorganize photos, folders, delete junk files and unused apps.

Find a blog or video on a topic such as memorization techniques, speed reading, body language, NLP, motivation.
Study finance and economics. If you have some money to invest, look online for information on what would be the best solution for you.
You can also go further and send emails and make calls to start investing your savings.

Read a book or some blogs on topics related to your work. If there are new technologies or any kind of advancements in your field make sure you are informed when the doors open again.


Volunteer in your area with civil defense .
Fix something broken in your home or car.
Look for a video that explains how to do it.
Find out about different diets and eating regimens. See if there is anything that interests you and that you can experience right now.

In cleaning out your home decide what you want to sell and put it online. Take pictures, set a Price, ask friends if they are interested or put them on some bulletin boards.

If you are unhappy with your work or don’t know if you will have a job at the end of quarantine, update your cv and Linkedin page. Look for posts, mark the names of companies that interest you, and be prepared for when they resume business
Plant a vegetable garden in your backyard and grow food at home


Study languages. English, French, Spanish, whatever language you might need for work or passion. Buy yourself a kindle in the language, download an app, write a short story or email, watch a movie or cartoon if you’re new to it.
You can also look for a lecturer to give a conversation on skype.
Give private lessons online. Teach what you know or offer consulting services to those who may need them.

Change your closet and donate any clothes you no longer use.
Check out your fridge and cupboards and write a well-organized shopping list so you don’t have to go back to the supermarket for at least a week.

Make your life more sustainable. Eliminate plastic, look for reusable containers, examine how you can improve your life and have a smaller impact on the environment

Listen to a podcast
Create a file with your monthly budget to calculate expenses and savings
Check the water, oil, and window fluid in your car and start the car so you don’t drain the battery.
While you’re at it, fix it up however you can.

I’m bored- Conclusions on what to do when you’re bored

After reading this post you will have no excuses!
Dedicate yourself to something that gives you satisfaction and enjoy your quarantine.
Step out of your comfort zone